Elevate Your Flying Experience with GRAMS28’s New Bags

Allow intelligent carry to be part of your travel with GRAMS28’s new collection of sling bags.

Sling bags, otherwise known as crossbody bags, have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their convenience. They allow you to keep your hands free while traveling while also giving you easy access to your essentials whenever you need them. Even though they do not hold as much as a backpack might, they are great for things that you often need, like a phone or a wallet. They are great for various occasions – you’ve likely seen sling bags being worn by cyclists, office workers and influencers alike.  

When looking for a carry-on bag for a long flight, practicality and size are both very important concerns. The bag must be able to hold everything you need for a long journey, and ideally still be compact enough to fit under the seat – so you won’t have to constantly reach for the overhead compartment. GRAMS28’s 154 City Pack is a great option for a carry-on bag. From work to entertainment, it is roomy enough to house what you likely want to carry. Not only can it hold travel essentials like passports, travel cards, a water bottle and a compact camera, it also has a dedicated sleeve for an 11” iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard. There are mesh pockets for holding charging cables as well, so you won’t be running out of battery mid-flight. 

You also shouldn’t forget about durability when discussing travel gear. Although carry-on luggage often experience less wear and tear than those that get checked in, you will still be handling it frequently and moving around with it often. Having a bag that can withstand certain impact and won’t easily get scratched up is important; this is also why travelers would usually much rather opt for a sturdy tactical pouch than a luxury handbag when going somewhere new. 

GRAMS28’s 154 City Pack brings the best of both worlds. These bags are handcrafted with full-grain leather from Gruppo Mastrotto in Italy, ensuring its durability and rich texture. Since full-grain leather is made from the topmost layer of cowhide, it is tough and resistant to the elements. The interiors are lined with thick fabric that is soft and smooth to the touch. Innovative closures come in the form of galvanic-plated zippers and magnetic openings, allowing for both protection and easy access. With this bag, you can enjoy both top-of-the-line luxury workmanship alongside innovative functionality and practicality. 

First time travelers may be uncertain as to how much or how little they should bring onto a flight. It’s often advised – and rightfully so – that you should not bring things that you do not actually need. Bringing less bulk means that your carry becomes lighter. Essentials would include passports, pens and a phone, but what else? It definitely depends on the person. However, the organizational pockets of the 154 City Pack can give you a sense as to what you want in your bag. For instance, there’s a magnetic pouch for your sunglasses or regular eyeglasses, and there are pockets that offer a great fit for a notebook or a small charger. The key to having a comfortable flight is to carry enough, not too much.

Long flights are difficult to enjoy – if you have flown for 10 hours or more, we are sure that you share the same sentiment. Nevertheless, we want to make it as smooth and comfortable a journey as possible for you. Let GRAMS28 be part of your travels and give yourself the luxury of an elevated carry experience.

By Jocelyn from GRAMS28

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