Best Places to Visit in Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the highly popular and oldest cities in an incredible country of Australia. It boasts about rich cultural heritage and several sightseeing destinations that attract tourists from all corners of the world. From amusement parks and beaches to museums and gardens, there is a lot to explore in this mesmerizing city. If you are planning to visit Brisbane in the coming time then check out our exhaustive travel guide that covers the best places to visit in this fabulous city.

Thriving on the banks of the Brisbane River is one of the oldest cities in Australia and the capital of Queensland is Brisbane. A versatile city and popular tourist destination that proffers versatile escapades all year round, owing to the astounding climate. This city has countless tricks and tumbles under its hat consisting of bridges, museums, parks, mountains, art, music, history, fashion, markets and much more.

Brisbane tourism strikes a classic fusion between burgeoning city and wilderness of nature. TheRiverCity has a natural charisma that will dazzle your minds and hearts. Endearingly nicknamed as Brisvegas, the city is also well known for its booming nightlife. A tryst with the city would entail thrilling adventure, an architectural marvel, historical monuments, flourishing flora, spectacular views and delectable food. All in all, it has something for all. Here we bring to you a docket of some of the best places to visit in Brisbane to make your tumble to the city worthwhile.

  • Story Bridge

If you’re in Brisbane this has to be on the ‘must-do’ list. The adventure climb of the heritage-listed bridge that connects Fortitude Valley and Kangaroo Point will reward you with picturesque city views, tumultuous gushy air, bellowing river, and a spectacular horizon if you plan it around twilight. From the handful of bridge climbing conquests viable in the world, Story Bridge would definitely be a thrilling escapade in your travelogue.

It is one of the highly iconic tourist attractions in Brisbane Australia that connects three different points including Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley and Kangaroo Point. It is quite common to see this bridge in several Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies. Every year more than 50 million of bicycles and cars pass through this bridge which is also crowded with lot of pedestrians. If you are a photography lover then you will love taking pictures of this vibrant destination in Brisbane.

  • Wheel of Brisbane

The quintessential observational wheel of Brisbane bestows splendid panoramic views of the city and the river. The wheel is 60 meters tall and each gondolas are enclosed, which can facilitate up to six adults and two children. The trip can be scheduled for the daytime or at night. The audio systems inside will also give historical insight into various city landmarks. The gondolas can also be booked for sky-high dining and wine tasting packages or for celebrating special occasions. The safety measures taken are top-notch. The ride is not as treacherous as it may seem and there are several reasons why it is added in some of the offbeat Brisbane tourist attractions.

  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

The first and largest Koala Sanctuary recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records is located in the suburbs of Brisbane. To pass up, the chance to hug a Koala would be a blunder. The sanctuary is home for kangaroos, wild lorikeets, echidnas, and platypus as well. Experience holding a koala and hand-feeding free-roaming kangaroos. There are strict regulations in place to ensure that, no wildlife is harmed or exploited. One can relish a full daily schedule of keeper talks and activities, including a Sheep Dog Show and Free Flight Raptor Show. It doesn’t pique your interest yet, let’s just say two more words: ‘Free wi-fi’. All these reasons make this sanctuary one of the fun places to go in Brisbane with your kids and family.

  • Mount Coot-Tha

This is one of the most extraordinary tourist spots in Brisbane which is multifaceted. Located in the suburbs of the city, it shows a bird’s eye view of the city as well as regions near Moreton Bay. Various hiking trails are carved, and if not fascinated with the idea of walking, it even has mountain bike or horse trails. As you reach the hilltop, you can famish yourself with the food in a restaurant or café located on the top, or you can carry your own picnic. A stroll in the botanical gardens with cherry blossom and water lilies covered lagoon would be relaxing, if not in the mood for hiking. The adventure isn’t over yet. It holds Queensland’s largest Planetarium i.e. Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. Watch various shows such as the astronomical journey of Solar System or take a tour of the current night sky. Lastly, visit the alluring and heritage-listed Toowong cemetery. Take an eerie trail on its spooky hill, if a fan of haunted places.

  • Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

For all the nature lovers, this is an inevitable Brisbane places to visit. It is also known as Queen’s Park and is one of the most mature gardens, with many rare and unusual botanic species. The cycads, palms, figs, and bamboo are the highlights. Ornamental ponds, Water Hill Fountains, and sculptures adorn the park. Seize the moment to walk or cycle alongside the Brisbane River as the Garden is located by the banks of the river.

  • Fort Lytton National Park

The name may be a bit deceptive, as the park is actually a military exhibit and the largest military museum in Queensland. For those intrigued by war history and world politics, a trip to the park is requisite. It was used as a military base until after World War II. A night tour of Fort Lytton with interactive theatre that takes you back to World War I is awe-inspiring. There is a quarantine station established at the time of the Spanish Influenza epidemic.  A tour of that station after experiencing the current pandemic would be earnest and profound. Visit the fort on Sunday, to experience the frenzy of cannon shot fired live.

  • Museum of Brisbane

It is part of Brisbane City Hall and a vital part of Brisbane tourism. The museum is not just about portraying the history of the city. They even conduct exhibitions, workshops, walks, tours and children activities. They invite artists, designers, writers, historians and storytellers to create art inspired by the city. It relinquishes an authentic art, culture and history experience.

Featured in one of the top class heritage construction of Brisbane, this incredible museum was reopened in the year 2013. Though it is a compact museum, you will find a lot to explore here including several art exhibitions that cover everything from floods of Brisbane to its past history. Don’t forget to visit the clock tower to experience some of the most panoramic views of the city and capture those key moments in your camera.

  • Clock Tower

The tower is integral to the architecture of Brisbane City Hall. A tour to the top of the tower is inescapable thereby making it one fo the top Brisbane visiting places. The observation deck of the tower offers an insight of the erratic humdrum of Brisbane, as the city hall is located in the heart of the city.

  • Glass House Mountains

This natural haven located just a bit out of the city, this Brisbane places to visit shouldn’t be missed. It’s not just about hiking up a mountain trail of volcanic peaks for the glorious views, but a cultural experience in respect to the lifestyle ofGubbiGubbi people as well. Visit the Australian Zoo which is home for koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils and crocodiles. Serene accommodations with floor-to-ceiling walls of glass with ethereal views of the mountains will surely be tempting to spend a day or two in the wilderness.

It is another natural gem of Brisbane tourism where you can spot lush landscape with a group of volcanic hills coming together and creating a scintillating view. It is home for a diverse range of flora and fauna and no wonder it has been added in the list of National Heritage sites of Australia. It is open for public and adventure lovers can spend some quality time doing activities such as climbing and bushwalking.

  • Anzac Square and Memorial Galleries

It is a heritage-listed town square and war memorial located between Ann Street and Adelaide Street. At its heart is the spectacular Shrine of Remembrance and Eternal Flame burning, as permanent recognition for those who have served the nation. It portrays an interactive journey from World War One to today inside the Galleries. The exhibition helps delve deeper into Queensland’s war history, revealing stories of courage, resilience, and sacrifice.

  • Parklands

Visit South Bank Parklands and Kangaroo Point Cliff Park. Both are social, cultural and recreational precincts. They have walking and climbing tracks, licensed picnic areas, swimming facilities and much more. Art admirers will be blasted with Queensland Performance Arts Centre; Queensland Museum and Sciencentre; Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art; and State Library of Queensland, all at once on the South bank.

  • The Goodwill Bridge

A pedestrian and cyclist bridge connecting the South Bank Parklands to the garden point in Brisbane. It is an architectural marvel and shows new vistas of the city and has fabulous public art installations along its length. All these reasons make it one of the top places to visit in Brisbane Australia.

  • QUT Art Museum

For all the art fanatics, a stumble around the museum is imperative. It is a leading institution for visual arts. It is home to, one of Queensland’s most significant public collections including painting, sculptures, decorative arts and works on paper, mostly by Australian and Queensland artists.

  • Fortitude Valley

The Valley is known for its continuous activity hive and as an entertainment precinct. James St. in the valley is famous for laneway crawls. From fine dining to casual eats, from local designers to flagship boutiques the street is immersing. The art in the valley is striking, visit the Institute of Modern Art, Philip Bacon Gallery, Jan Murphy Gallery. Live music thrives on streets and international DJs are drawn to the clubs and chic bars. Go for a cocktail crawl around the valley. For the foodies, Brunswick St is home to multicultural dining options and Chinatown Mall is a center for exotic Chinese restaurants. Visit the Brisbane Powerhouse by the river banks, it was a tram power station repurposed as theatre, or catch a show live.

  • South Bank:

It is one of the buzzing tourist attractions in Brisbane which is packed with promenades, plazas, parklands and a variety of restaurants. The human-made lagoon offers you a tremendous opportunity for swimming which you shouldn’t miss at all. Apart from this, you can do stroll along the trails, do biking, visit Epicurious Garden and attend fitness classes in the locality. The giant ferry wheel is a key attraction here that offers you Bird’s Eye View in a ride of 10 minutes.

  • MacArthur Museum

This place is bliss for all the history nerds, as the museum unfolds the part, Brisbane played in World War II and a developing alliance between Australia and the US that was due to cooperation during the period of war. Brisbane places to visit are recognized for their historical touch and this museum is a perfect example of this fact.

  • Queen Street Mall

It is a shopping and lifestyle vicinity in the heart of Brisbane City. It has Queensland’s largest selection of fashion, along the open-air pedestrian mall. Furthermore, it has spots for park picnics, rooftop cocktails, galleries and it even hosts film festivals. There are two historic arcades – the three-level Brisbane Arcade and the elegant Tattersall’s Arcade, so visit the mall with your game faces on.

If you have spent sufficient time exploring the tourist attractions of Brisbane, it’s time to discover some glamorous places within the city. Come to Queen Street Mall where you can spot over 700 retailers demonstrating international as well as national designs. On every Wednesday, the entire area around the mall is transformed into the vibrant Farmers market where you can purchase several items ranging from artisans, flowers and local produce.

  • Hot Air Balloon

You read it right, a hot air balloon ride over the city of Brisbane. The quest in the air will leave you exhilarating. The Brisbane Hinterland’s scenic views are mesmerizing as well. It will be one of those precious experiences, cherished for life. Do book a ride and add it to Brisbane places to visit.

  • Streets Beach:

It is situated in Queensland and recognized as an only inner-city beach of the country that features several tropicals as well as sub-tropical plants. Nature doesn’t charge you for its offerings and Streets Beach is a perfect example of it. There is something unique about this beach and you will come to know about it only when you visit is personally.

  • Other Beaches

There are a handful of other beaches in the city and in the outskirts of the city to go for surfing, shopping, strolling, lounging, picnic, and swim in the waters of the river. From kids to adults everyone would love time by the beach. Suttons beach, Streets Beach, Nudgee Beach, Radcliffe Beach are few of the favorites amongst people

What’s next waiting for you?

Go for laneway crawls to admire street art or food crawls and wine crawls across the city and gobble on Brisbane’s popular The bombe, gnocchi, cheeseburger, and seafood. Hop on a cruise of Brisbane River and unwind the city from the water. The city will never stop to astound you.

Just as the city has an abundance of adventure to cater, so does its surroundings. The location of Brissy is a bonus as it offers many opportunities for a one day trip outside the city. There’s an ocean of possibilities to choose from. Here’s a list of few of those escapades:

  • Camp, hike and explore six different national parks on the Scenic Rim
  • Hike up to the top of the lighthouse at Old Cleveland Lighthouse
  • Explore a marine mammal themed park and oceanarium at the Sea World
  • Scout the Somerset Dam
  • Go for wine tasting at vineyards around the city
  • Enjoy a free water park with amazing water play activities in Darlington Parklands
  • Get to swim beneath a waterfall, tour Warner Bros. Movie World and beach traversing at Gold Coast
  • Go snorkelinga group of sunken boats called TangaloomaWrecks, feed dolphins and look at Humpback Whales at Morton Island
  • A long list of beaches to lounge at just outside of the city.

When you roam around Brisbane city, you will get mesmerized by its plush and cleanliness. The city has given a lot of emphasis on gardens and green parklands that add an element of magic to its landscape. The above mentioned best places to visit in Brisbane will definitely make your tour epic. If you are planning to visit some other popular cities in Australia then check out our other travel guides.

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