Best Friend Travel Bucket List Ideas

When you have a best friend to travel with, travel becomes all the more fun. You enjoy together, have fun together, and derive the maximum pleasure from your friendship. In a way, travel is that medium that brings more depth to your friendship. You can do so many exciting activities with your BFF. If it’s an adventure you like, or just wandering on the beach, you will have your best friend with you. So here are some of the best friend travel bucket list ideas that you can check out when traveling with your bestie.

Shop together

There is nothing that gives greater joy to wander in the local market and shop together. Shopping together can be incredibly therapeutic as well. The need to spend on something and explore the various options that are available in the market can be so very soothing. Go for outfits that you have always dreamt of and your BFF can provide some valuable input into some shops that they know. You can also recommend a shop to your best friend if they need some inspiration and no wonder it is one of the best bucket list travel ideas with friends.

Mani-Pedis together

The next idea in the travel bucket list for best friends You can check out a salon and get manicures or pedicures together. Maybe you can try the same design and shades. Or, let the professionals try different designs on both of you. Anyway, this is a very exciting way to spruce up your moments with so many wonderful memories. Show off your designs on Instagram and make friends jealous of you. Manicures and pedicures are cool activities that you two can do together. If you are making your list of travel bucket list ideas with best friends then add this to your list.

Volunteer together

Lending a helping hand at a farm or preparing for an event can be so very nourishing for your friendship. Volunteering gives you more time to be together. The energy that you get from the activity is very satisfying for both of you. While you are traveling, you can offer volunteering services and give back something valuable to society. Make your travel bucket lists with friends now to make your travel memorable.

Go skydiving together

Adrenaline-pumping activities like bungee jumping or sky diving can just add that little bit of zest. So while you may be new to bungee jumping, you can participate in a training class with your BFF and learn the essentials. Once both of you have the required info, go for skydiving adventures. The rush of adrenaline that you get by jumping from the airplane and soaring above the clouds is unparalleled.

Go on a sled pulled by husky dogs

Any adventure in Finland has to be epic, and riding on a husky sled is certainly on top of all things to do in the arctic snow in Finland. Your bestie will enjoy this adventure ride with you. Adventures don’t stop here though. You can prepare a bonfire and try new Finnish cuisine. Sledding on the tundra landscape is an adventure that is best enjoyed by friends.

Have fun at Disneyland

Disneyland is total fun and wild crazy entertainment. You will get to discover your wild side when you visit Disneyland. Ride on crazy-looking slides and laugh your way to sublime happiness. Disneyland should be right there somewhere on your bucket list of crazy things to do with your BFF. Grab the best seats on the roller coaster and have a blast. There are so many good things here and so many mouth-watering foods to eat.

Go for a wine tasting tour together

If you are a wine lover, and your BFF is also one of them, you go for a wine tasting tour in a vineyard. But even if you are not a lover of this smooth-looking beverage you should taste wine at least once in your lifetime. Many restaurants offer wine tasting. But there is nothing like a vineyard where you see the entire manufacturing process of wine. If you go in the right season, both of you can also grab the opportunity of grape stomping.

Go underwater and take a snap

There are so many places where you can go for scuba diving adventures with your best friend. Think of what amazing things lie in store for your bestie. Perhaps both of you can enroll in a scuba diving crash course. When you go underwater, you can take that snap of your BFF walking on the floor or swimming with marine creatures. The snap will freeze your moment and make the adventure even more exciting.

Sleep under the starry night

Take a break from city life and hit the wild trail and go camping. Trekking and camping trips are just the thing to kindle a spark and make things exciting. The wild and untamed nature can be so very wonderful when you are camping out there in the wild with your best friend to give you company. Sleep in the open and count the stars and just admire the forests and the mountains. Camping is something that every one of you should have on your bucket list.

Go on a wild safari tour together

Going on a wild safari together can be one of the most adventurous things to do with your best friend. Explore what it is to be wild at heart. You will have so many priceless moments together and every one of them is fit to be kept as your Instagram profile. Catch the big cats in action or perhaps, watch the birds as they swoop down for their prey.

Go for a backpacking adventure trip

If you crave rugged adventure with minimal necessities, then go for backpacking trips with your BFF. Your best friend will be the one person who can provide you with innumerable moments of joy and thrill on such trips. You will never become homesick and lonely. Backpacking can also teach you to admire nature and be one with it.

Book a spa and pamper your BFF

There is nothing as rejuvenating as a spa and it could be so exciting when you book one for your BFF. You can join in the fun as both can get pampered with the best spa in town. It is total girly fun and it can comfort your BFF to the highest pleasures. The masseurs can give you so many options from Ayurvedic or Himalayan to more exotic Aromatherapy, Hot stone massage, etc.

Go on an epic road trip

You and your BFF can go on an epic road trip. Road trips are fun and exciting. Road trips allow you to be free and embrace the joys of being in the wild. You can camp together, swim together, and the road takes you to some of the most exciting places. Right from planning the road trip itinerary to renting a camper van, everything in between is just a thing to remember.

Watch the sunrise together

When you are with your bestie, watching the sun rise over the mountains or from a beach, it gives you the joy of being together. There is something in sunrises that bounds you to your BFF. Plan your day early, call your friend, jot down the entire trip itinerary for the day and you can watch the crimson sunsets as well. The joys of being around your BFF the entire day give everlasting memories to cherish.

Face your fear

They say there’s life beyond fear, and when you have your best friend by your side, you can brush aside fear in the most exciting ways. You can enroll for a ghost tour or go on a roller coaster ride. Perhaps, you can also overcome your fear of heights by dining in one of the restaurants at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Your friend will just make this so much easy.

Go for a drive-in movie theatre

Watching a drive-in movie can be one of the best things to do when you are in a big city and have nothing better to do. Your BFF and you can sit beside each other and enjoy the movie from your car. Take some snacks to munch while you watch the movie. Watching a movie at home might not be that good an idea compared to a drive-in theatre.

Go for a picnic

Parks and gardens, even beaches are great for a picnic. Maybe your best friend can suggest you a lovely spot where you can spread the mat and arrange your lunch. The rocks on the beach are also some places where you can go for a picnic. Friends find picnics very exciting. Playing some music while you sit, or gossiping about something is also a good idea. Picnics can be a very rewarding activity that can rekindle your friendship.

Watch a music festival

Music concerts are something that your BFF will surely enjoy. Particularly, music concerts in outdoor venues are a hit with young people. You are surrounded by natural beauty and soothing music. You can pack everything that you need and camp on the grounds and listen to your favorite music band or artists perform. It is like attending a festival and it can be so very entertaining to watch the artists play.

Go for a karaoke night

Impromptu karaoke sessions always bring that extra bit of fun and thrill. Find a restaurant with live music and you can also grab the microphone and exercise your vocal cords. Your BFF will love the instantaneous performance. You can also give a big surprise if you have a good voice. Karaoke nights are fun ways that bring that surprise element to your friendship. It always never fails to make people smile and laugh.

Plan a beach vacation

Beaches are the most happening places on earth. But when you have a BFF by your side, beaches can turn super exciting and downright insane. The freedom is there of course. You can pitch a tent on the beach, play Frisbee, do sightseeing around, or just sit and admire the sunsets. Beach are great places to get creative at building sand castles thereby making it your preferred choice in Best Friend Travel Bucket List Ideas.

Go for a bowling session

Almost every city has its very own bowling spot. So why not plan a round of bowling? Your BFF can be very good at it. But you can surprise them with your accuracy too. You can even plan to take on a team and give your best shot at bowling. Who knows you two can be champions.

Get some serious arts and crafts therapy

Sightseeing around can become even more creative if you enroll in an arts and crafts workshop. You can get creative with shells or bake an excellent pastry all by yourself. Try your hand at pottery or learn how to make origami. These days every beach or tourist attraction has its local workshops which organize craft workshops. This is your chance to be creative and try your hand at making something. So make it a part of your Best Friend Travel Bucket List Ideas.

Run a marathon

You may not have thought about running a marathon in your hometown. But when these things do get organized, you should be with your bestie and go for it. Running a marathon is not only about running, it is also about meeting new people and having physical exercise. Marathons do not have to be very lengthy, but you can also go for half marathons.

Go someplace where you have never been before

When you think of Best Friend Travel Bucket List Ideas, you will surely get to know about a place that you have never visited before. Maybe, it is a city, or a national park, or that odd beach that you have heard of, but not visited. It can also be the quaint restaurant at the end of the street. It can also be the museum or that department store. When you visit any place for the first time, it is always so very exciting.

Explore a new city

Cities always tend to throw up pleasant surprises. You can plan a visit to a city with your best friend. It does not have to be a famous city. It can be a small town. It will have its share of wild surprising moments. You can party in a discotheque, visit famous monuments, visit the museum and stare at the historical relics. Shopping is also a great thing to do here. But do, travel by the local bus to savor the city vibes.

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