Best Places To Eat in Paris

Have you ever been to ‘The city of love’?  If you are planning to see France, make your wish list ready to see some important places and explore their culinary culture. We feel that Paris is a city where there is something more than just love and ‘Wine n cheese.’ Apart from posing near the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame castle, and the Bateaux over the river Seine, there should be some more ‘must do’s’ in your list of you are a foodie and want to explore some famous spots known for excellent French cuisine.

While there is a pile of some more information discussed in my next article about foods to cherish in Paris, let’s discuss some great places to eat in Paris where you can enjoy sumptuous food while in the city.

Whether you are looking for top places to eat in Disneyland Paris or romantic restaurants in Paris, the following travel guide covers everything:

  • Girafe:

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Paris with a view? Tucked aside the left-wing of Trocaredo, around the Eiffel Tower, you will see this open-air terrace restaurant whose gothic style will take you back to the 1930s. You will have the most sensational views of the Grande dame and will be taken aback, irrespective of how many times you came here. Every time you will be ecstatic to see a new Paris. The interior, décor, and the art spirit will be calling the talented designer Joseph Dirand, the man behind this charming place. Food is not worth an excellent quality, but you will find various food ranges like lobster, urchins, Sologne caviar, crayfish, even cockles, and whole grilled fish. You can have a dinner date with your loved one or hang around with friends and family. This place will always give your goosebumps, irrespective of the number of times you visit. Enjoy dining along with the killer views of the Eiffel Tower.

  • L’ Abysse:

This is where French and the Japanese talent come near champs Elyse and find their favorite place. When you step inside the pavilion of L’ Abysse, it will be like stepping back to time. L’ Abysse is a Michelin star restaurant, and you’ll possibly face one of the best dining experiences. The ground floor is tucked with the seventeenth-century style décor, like a Japanese haven thereby making it one of the nice places to eat in Paris France. While you climb upstairs, you’ll find the French Chef’s restaurant. Once you step out of the pavilion, it will be like taken aback by the Naoshima fantasy, sporting undulating surface molded like the giant’s shell. 80,000 wooden baguette and sea urchins are used to create the entrance. You can experience artichoke tofu, smoked pike egg, sake jelly with syari cream, cuttlefish, sesame lobster, melt in mouth tuna, etc.

  • Lassere:

Thi landmark place is one of the most famous restaurants in Paris situated next to the Grand Palais museum.  This restaurant can be said as the pillar of French gastronomy, and the new Chef carries on the mammoth task of steering the old ship back to the water. The chief Chef Nicholas le Tirrand has spruced up the old recipes by giving it a new twist. The restaurant has a yellow gold dining room with rows of white orchids, white tablecloths, summer drawing-room whose roof opens up to the skies. Try the signature dishes like the truffle macaroni, heather stewed grouse, crepes suzette dessert, and delicate thon pancakes.

  • Taillevent:

As you head from the Arc De Triomphe, you will find this restaurant which is run by Chef David Bizet. The Norman chef has an excellent caliber of turning every object of passion, from the land or the sea to the most sumptuous dish. Experience the intricate langoustine, caviar cluster with full flavor lobster, mimosa egg and young tender leeks cooked in truffle salt, grouse, heather stewed beef, and shaved chanterelle mushroom.  Bizet is an award-winning Chef and adds a lightweight to the French culinary heritage. No wonder it is listed amongst one of the top places to eat in Paris that you can consider visiting with your entire family.

  • Froufrou:

This is a restaurant, a tranquil hidden spot, inside the theatre near the Opera, and suitable as a perfect pre or after show dinner but can be a destination of full vigor.  Your experience will be like dining behind the curtain theatre, as the rich blue velvet drapes line the windowless dining room, and glints of some brass reflect in the mirrors. The plush carpets add to the glamor aesthetics of the Parisian twenties. Meet the Colombian Insta- generation chef Juan Arbelaez, who is the main attraction of the place. Try some signature dish like the buttery Seared garlicky cuttlefish, OuefMeurette with button mushrooms, slow-cooked lamb shoulder, crunchy fresh vegetable, and roasted roe be pasta shell. Try the Paris- Brest for the ultimate cooking experience.

  • Bateaux Mouche Seine Paris: 

This experience of France is unique. While you can avail of a ride over the Seine river, you will enjoy the scenic beauty and dinner at the same time. There are separate bookings for lunch and dinner. The menu differs, although but slightly. You’ll admire the city’s major architectural landmarks as you pass the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower and cathedral. You will enjoy a 4-course meal being soaked up in the view of Parisian monuments and also enchanting music. You will start with a glass of Castel Mouche, and then opt for appetizers like toasted baguette and Duck foie gras. You will be given free rein chicken supreme with roasted potatoes and mushroom crème. Select your favorites among two seasonal French cheese varieties. Enjoy Yuzu passion fruit crème pastry ice cream pastry.

  • The Grilled Cheese factory:

If you want to taste American food, you’ll have to feature market-fresh French produce instead of Parisian comfort food. The thick-cut American style bread will be fluffed with caramelized onions, mac, cheese, smoked turkey, pepper sauce, goat cheese, fig jam, and spinach. If you want to skip the main and go for some great dessert, try the grilled Nutella and Mascarpone sandwich. If you are on a low budget and looking for cheap places to eat in Paris France then this one is an ideal choice.

  • Ippudo, Paris:

All From New York to Paris, if you want to taste ramen, drop in to Ippudo restaurant. Here in Paris, you will find the restaurant where a steaming bowl of freshly stretched noodles will be the best in the city, but not necessarily the best. You will find other options that are healthy and affordable like raijin wings, soy protein and hirata buns. Raijin wings is all about crispy chicken wings served in the sweet soya sauce and hirata buns is sweet buns stuffed in marinated porks, assorted legumes  and fried chicken. 

  • OuiGalette:

This is a tiny Lebanese bakery specializing for arayes (pita sandwich) having stuffing of favorite filling. The base includes garlic paste with a layer of meat and finely chopped tomatoes. The pick of the day here will be sojok (a mince of spicy lamb sausage) and curry chicken, lemon chicken, and cheese. When you order, you’ll find the food cooked and served on a hot plate. The sizzling smell merely is mind-boggling. If you are still fond of dessert, you can order a variety of Lebanese pastries as well.

  • L’ As du Fellafel:

This is a Middle Eastern restaurant, and you can’t visit Paris without sopping here. Although small, the restaurant is renowned for falafel wraps. The mouthwatering chickpea fritters are cooked fresh and then wrapped inside the soft pita bread, accompanied with requisite hummus. You will love the crunchy taste of crudités and a touch of spice harissa. People love to go around the narrow Marais street while enjoying the wrap and walking down the roads.

Whether you are searching for top restaurants in Disneyland Paris, vegan restaurants in Paris or the best French restaurants in Paris France, the above travel guide covers everything. Paris is the ultimate tourist attraction where you’ll find historic landmarks, love on the roads, and some exciting gastronomic pleasures- all that will attract you towards the city again and again. Now you know where to eat in Paris and what to eat in Paris, prepare yourself to taste some mouth-watering cuisine. If you are searching for the best Indian, Italian or French restaurants in Paris then you will find many of those here.

The Paris places to eat discussed above is a combination of luxury and mediocre category Paris restaurants that will be your most suitable guide.

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