Treating Yourself Without a Special Occasion

Sometimes, when you see something that you really like or want, you might tell yourself that it’s better to wait for a special occasion that calls for it or maybe justifies it. This might be because of the cost or just because you feel that this is the only time that it’s appropriate to indulge in this way.

Fortunately, you don’t actually need a special occasion to treat yourself, and sometimes it can be rewarding to simply take some time to do something that makes you happy because you want to. You don’t need another reason other than that to make yourself happy and getting out of the habit of thinking you can only do things that you want on your birthday (for example), might be a beneficial route to take.


Just for the Day

Finding yourself with a day off, either because it’s the weekend or because you took a holiday, is an opportunity to do something memorable. Sure, it’s also an opportunity to simply relax and take some time for yourself if you feel as though that’s something that you would benefit from, but you can also use this time to have an experience you’ve always craved. You might think that a day isn’t enough time to do something like this but applying yourself towards your objective might show you that it absolutely is.

For example, what’s to stop you from exploring a luxury area in exotic, high-end vehicles that you simply rent, as to avoid any sense of permanent connection that could otherwise set you back? If so, you could visit in order to make that a realistic prospect. This is just one example; you could also visit museums or wildlife parks in order to increase your knowledge or understanding of any given topic.

As a Gift to Yourself

Perhaps you see something, online or in a shop, that you feel like you would like to buy. You might push this thought to the back of your mind, thinking that you’ll perhaps ask a loved one to consider buying it for you when such an event arises, but why wait? If you feel as though this is something you would want right now, and you’re in a financially secure enough position to do so, you might get more out of it now than you would by waiting.

As a Holiday

Taking one day off to recharge your batteries or do something fun that you’ve always wanted to do, is a great idea. That being said, it might be that the stresses provided by your work or other responsibilities are taxing enough as to demand a whole holiday. Taking a holiday can be good for you, and seizing the opportunity to see somewhere new and gain a broader perspective, is never something to turn your nose up at.

That being said, holidays are often expensive, and while spontaneously taking one can be fun, it’s not always viable. Thinking about the feasibility of this in the long-term is something that actually help you to relax while you’re there, as you won’t be worrying about the repercussions down the line.


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