Best Places To Eat in Chicago

Chicago has always been the hearty town for all foodies, especially known for its delicious meat and potatoes. Now, name anything in the food and you are going to get the grander taste here at Chicago! Chicago is considered to be a world-class food city with amazing diner and cheap eats places for satiating everyone’s tastes and choices. Potatoes dipped in butter, pizzas, hotdogs, customized black truffle, etc. are some of the things people love in Chicago. You will find some of the best prix fixe vegetarians’ meals also in this foodie city. Whether you are looking for some of the great places to eat in Chicago Illinois or top places to eat in downtown Chicago, the following list covers everything:

  • Pequod’s

Talking of pizza and here comes Pequod’s with its loaded cheese pizzas that look mouthwatering and taste heavenly. These pizzas slices are so thick you would need to eat them using a fork and knife. The base of pizzas at Pequod’s is focaccia styled crust baked using iron cast pans topped with lots of seasonings. Don’t let the cheesy journey detour you from having the whole pizza.

Their slices are so huge and cheesy that you can see the oozing towards the edges. The baking is caramelized with nutty goodness. Now, you can choose from a wide selection of toppings with the favorite’s being fresh sausage and sweet white onion. No wonder, it is recognized as one of the famous places to eat in Chicago any time during the year.

  • Hoosier Mama

If you are thinking of pies at the moment, take your steps to Hoosier Mama as their pies are damn good. They have pre window-shops during Christmas and Thanksgiving. Foodies love coming here for their intricate woven lattices, shattery pastries, glossy local fruit fillings, and the velvety citrus curds. 

The cheesecakes with its cream cheese variations cannot be missed in the world. Coming here is like entering a fairyland filled with candies and cream. It is one of the fun places to eat in Chicago with your entire family.

  • Do-Rite Donuts and Chicken

Nothing in the world is better than fried donuts and chicken but when combined, the taste is levitating to the other world. The fried chicken donut sandwich and the lemon glazed donuts with bacon topped crullers and pistachio crust. It is very cheap but the taste is something that will linger for quite a long time.

The filling is buttermilk and pickle flaky fried chicken breast made with lustrous amounts of aioli on top of sugar-crusted, old fashioned donut. It is handy and you can have it pretty easily. There are several reasons that make it one of the cheap places to eat in Chicago.

  • Haire’s Gulf Shrimp

Chicago is not near an ocean but Haire’s Gulf Shrimp offers some of the delicious shrimps you will ever taste in Chicago. Their fried shrimp stalls are crowded daily and these stalls can be seen serving thick under-salted flour laden clumps. Their Gulf Shrimps are so light, cooked till they are golden and crispy. 

These act like munchies or popcorns so you can have them anytime without any second thought. Also, their menu has other shrimp dishes which are equally delicious and worth trying. If you are searching for some of the good places to eat in Chicago then this restaurant is a great option.

  • Smoque

Chicago just loves great barbeques and can be found in the nook and corner of the city. Hand chopped beef or pork only makes the best barbeque with the right amount of barbeque sauce. Smoque is one such place making the yummiest barbeques and the best of smoky meats loved by people from far and wide.

It is one of the top restaurants in Chicago which is having its automated smoker and the meat is first rubbed with salt and pepper before putting it into the smoker. The toothsome ribs having a sweet bark and tender pulled pork are like the real deal. The pork ribs are cooked to perfection every time and you can enjoy these barbeques with the choicest drink on the menu.

  • Chiya Chai

You will find pizzas, burgers, or sushi everywhere but finding a good Nepalese restaurant is hard. Chicago didn’t have it either until the making of Chiya Chai popular for their Nepalese tea. Chai tea is syrup-based stuff normally found at coffee chains and is made from freshly ground spices and top-class leaves. Their potatoes are kind of sweet and spicy made with tangy vinegar and sweet honey. 

Also, included in a little bit of pepper. Another thing worth trying is this restaurant is chicken Balti pie made flaky with fillings of coriander and cumin slices of perfectly cooked chicken. Chicago places to eat are known for their uniqueness and you will come to know it when you visit Chiya Chai.

  • GT Prime

Having meat and potatoes in GT Prime is like culture in Chicago. It is a fine dining restaurant serving top meats. You will find classic top ribs, grass-fed bison along with a wide range of drinks. The beef portions are hugely made into arancini puffs dripping with mortadella cheese fondue and creamy risotto rice.

The fortified beef and pork made with Bolognese sauce are also a must-try from the menu. The prices here are reasonable with happy customers coming out of the restaurants. When in Chicago, do visit this fine dining restaurant.

  • Daisies

Daisies make the perfect kinds of pasta with hand-cut noodles glazed with butter and dusted with parmesan. It is simply a kid’s choice and children love visiting daisies for their variety of pasta menus. Frillman’s Pasta is wide-ranging and topped with clams and lemon saison broth.

  • North Pond

If you are looking for an upscale experience like Pigeon, Cashew Octopus, then North Pond will be the right place for you! The scenery is so gorgeous making the restaurant high in demand. You can go on exploring the zoo after having a hearty meal at this superb restaurant. Also, many people can be seen celebrating their special days in this restaurant with their friends and close ones.

  • Chicago Home of Chicken & Waffles

Now, who doesn’t love old fashion chicken and waffles? Chicago Home of Chicken & Waffles offers some of the best crispy waffles and chicken that you cannot miss out on any cost. The food is so good it comes straight from the heart of Chicago. Even though you don’t like waffles or chicken, then their menu has so many other things to try. The fried catfish dinner is another popular thing tried out by many here.

Also, in the drinks section, try out their strawberry lemonade which is surreal and sublime made with a generous amount of strawberries. Sundays are usually crowded here making you wait for long hours for your table.

  • Whimsical Candy

Whimsical Candy is a sweet shop and not a full meal restaurant but their sweets are extra relishing that you will end up coming here. You can try your samples before buying so that is the best thing about this shop. After having dinner, it is a great place for some dessert at a reasonable price.

On their menu, they have different varieties of handmade ice creams and the staff is so welcoming helping you with everything you need. The shop is located in the basement giving scenic views from it thereby becoming one of the best places to eat in Chicago.

  • Monti’s

It might be surprising to try out Philadelphia food while in Chicago but that is where Monti’s all started. Monti’s is famous for its world-famous Philly cheesesteak. It is a restaurant cum bar so many people come here for chilled beer, cheesesteak and a place to relax and enjoy a football match.

Also, don’t miss out on their hot wings that are spicy and dainty at the same time. Other items on the menu include soft pretzel nuggets and South Side Jhonny.

  • Oasis café

It is a café serving some healthy options in Mexico and it is known for its lentil soup, Napole stuffed chicken and Moroccan Chicken Special. This place is always busy with lunch or dinners with a lot of young crowd coming here. This café was a hidden gem for quite some time but has been gaining a lot of popularity now. The food is all fairly priced where you are getting large portions of food.

What’s next waiting for you?

These are some of the best vegan restaurants in Chicago Illinois or great places to eat in Chicago Illinois. The list also includes some of the cool places to eat in Downtown Chicago. Visit this city once and these restaurants are surely going to blow your minds off with its amazing delicacy and taste! If your planning to visit Chicago in the coming time then don’t forget to check out our Chicago travel guide to get all the information.

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