Best Places To Eat in Abu Dhabi

The best places to eat in Abu Dhabi are equally as magnetizing as its attractions. No doubt that this rich city is royal in every attribute but when it comes to dining options, it surpasses many of its competitors in the Emirates as the touch of tradition and glaze of newness makes it’s every dish inviting to be tested. Moreover, we are aware that no tour can be considered as a memorable break until we have memories of the food out there. Food is not just an energy source but an essence of life.  So, it is a must for any city to offer its visitors a menu full of amusement and taste.

Abu Dhabi without any doubt stands out when it comes to entertaining its guests with delicious food. It is decked up with yummy food service providers, be it street-side vendors or a Michelin star restaurant. For your convenience and saving up your life on figuring out which one should be your stop to satiate your taste buds, here is a list of the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi:

Best Places to Eat in Abu Dhabi

1. Marakesh Moroccan Restaurant

If you are a silent eater and want to just focus on what is served to you then this is the perfect place for you. The peaceful environment of the restaurant makes it a pleasant space to dine in and when it comes to food, it is the best Moroccan you can ever taste. They keep intact the traditional recipe of Moroccan dishes and add to them the pinch of modern cooking techniques. It allows you to relish an impeccable art of food. Apart from the food, the ambiance of the restaurant is also quite soothing. You can enjoy a relaxed dinner here blended with standard services from the staff. No wonder it is listed as one of the top Abu Dhabi food restaurants in the entire lot.

2. Li Beirut

If you are a strict Lebanese food lover then you must try this place at least once in your life as you can find some of the richest flavors of Lebanese cuisine here. You can easily figure out a European touch in the dishes and can inhale the aroma of exotic spices. The cherry on the cake on the menu of this restaurant is the variety of desserts they serve. The taste and presentation of the desserts provided here are a treat for all those having a sweet tooth. Maintaining the standard of the food, it is one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi that offers a scenic panorama of the sea. The view of the city while eating exponentially increases the joy of fine dining. In the list of the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi, this place is a must mark.

3. Shakespeare and co

To beautifully end a relaxed sleep and start a day full of thrill and fascination, all you need is a delicious breakfast. And in Abu Dhabi, no other place has so much potential to extend morning beautifying breakfast as Shakespeare and co. You don’t need to worry about its location as its branches are scattered all around the capital. Mere entrance in the restaurant fills you with ecstasy as the place is exquisitely decorated with floral prints and is marinated with rustic Victoria furniture. You can enjoy a variety of pastries here, each catching up with marvelous taste. The restaurant has a complete package of stupendous breakfast for you. Complementing the taste, the super-friendly staff tries the best to make your day start enthusiastically. When it comes to breakfast then this place definitely deserves a spot in the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi.

4. Sontaya

Your lunches are supposed to be the best as they are the chargers for your further expedition. In Abu Dhabi, if you want an exotic lunch in a beautiful location then the best place is Sontaya. Hiding in the island of St. Regis and incorporating enticing views of the island, the Sontaya serves you some of the most flavorful platters. You can’t get enough of this place as the beautiful views of the island make your lunch more ravishing and energizing. The place offers some of the best drinks in Abu Dhabi which complements the panorama of the sea. If you cannot resist the charm of this eatery then you can also enjoy dinner here. It is one of the new restaurants in Abu Dhabi which has received lots of attention from tourists in recent times.

5. Ramadan tent at Le Royal Meridien

During the month of Ramadan, the LeRoyal Meridian hosts special iftaar dinner which is something that knows no limit in variety and taste. After fasting for the entire day, the locals prefer to have their feast at this place only. Apart from the food, the hospitality you will witness here is worth experiencing. All in all, in the month of Ramadan, if you are lucky enough to be in the city then do try for dinner at this place.

6. Bord Eau

This is more of an art gallery of food than a restaurant. Highly acclaimed food station of Abu Dhabi, the Bord Eau has not garnered so much fame just out of air. Its dauntless service has fixed it to this reputed place. This restaurant is at the forefront of fine dining in every respect. From mouth-watering dishes to deconstructed traditional dishes and from top-class ambiance to great hospitality, the Bord Eau is literally the best. The USP of this place is the art they instill in every dish. Their platters impress you even before tasting. The staff here is of the utmost humility and offerings. The constant smile with a calm posture on their face makes your dining experience even better. When it comes to the most important factor- the taste, then it surpasses all other factors as the talented chefs of the place are capable of extracting out an overflow of flavors from each dish. No doubt that this place is a must-try in the list of best places to eat in Abu Dhabi.

7. Quest

Proudly landing on the 63rdfloor of Etihad Towers, the Quest is a restaurant that makes your dining experience a subtle and soothing affair. Creating magic out of flavors of complex cuisines from China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan, this place offers a bountiful dinner. The panorama of the Abu Dhabi city from the height adds thrill to your dining routine here. And not to forget the taste as this restaurant is one of the most reputed of all in Abu Dhabi just because of its sumptuous food. The interior of the restaurant is breathtaking and extends vibes of subtle modernism. The groupism of fantastic food, trendy interiors, and humble services sums up to a memorable dinner here.

8. Villa Toscana

Those who complete their appetite with Italian food cannot afford to miss it and in Abu Dhabi, you don’t need to worry about this point. Villa Toscana in the city is one of the best stations to have Italian food as they literally master the art of Italian food. Their dishes shout out the traditional flavors of Italy. The place is a soothing and sophisticated complex with the utmost manners and calmness. To relish the best of Italian food in the most pleasing ambiance, this place is the best. Villa Toscana is one of the top restaurants in Abu Dhabi that attracts foreign as well as local customers to satiate their cravings.

9. The Desert Safari Dinner

‘Classic in the world full of trends’, this one line precisely describes the desert safari dinner. After exhausting dune bashing and a fun-filled evening, authentic Emirati cuisine is perfect to complete a thrilling desert safari experience. The traditional Emirati ambiance and folk performances pass royal vibes to you. Must mention is the amazing taste of food they serve you with. Authentically prepared dishes take you down the memory lane of spice days. The bottom line is dining under the night sky in the presence of shimmering stars is something that deserves a try as this dinner will be remembered for life. So, on your trip to Abu Dhabi, don’t afford to avoid a desert safari dinner.

10. Cruise Dinner

Lavish in its own way, a cruise makes everything more enticing and plush. So, if we have an offer to make our dining experience extravagant then why to miss it? Yas Island has many options to enjoy a super luscious dinner on board. Gliding along the water while watching the magnificent skyline of the UAE capital is a fun one of its kind and to dine top-class buffet in this charming environment is beyond words. It would not be fair to add this amazing way of dining into the list of the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi.

11. Private dinner in Desert

Abu Dhabi has many customized options for an amazing treat. But the most preferred among all is a private dinner in the desert. It is the best for couples seeking for a special date dinner. A romantic treat on sand dunes under the moonlight is a dream of almost every lovebird duo. This offer is also nice for a family picnic or a get together of friends. What matters most is the delicacies you will be served and desert dinner never disappoints in this regard. If you are searching for a nice dinner party then this one is certainly a memorable one for you.

What’s next waiting for you?

Now you have all the information in hand and exactly know where to eat in Abu Dhabi. The list of the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi can go really long but these are some spots you can try on priority as food is something which can add extra stars to your junket. If you are looking for good Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi then you will find many of those. So, on your trip to Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to make your presence in these enigmatic food zones.

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