Relocation Tips: How to Move Your Dog Abroad

A dog is a loyal companion for life, and if the time has finally arrived for you to take your journey in an exhilarating new direction, there is no need to worry about leaving your canine pal behind, as they too can join your adventure!

Moving anywhere can be an almighty test, and that’s without any pets involved. It is important to prepare yourself (and your pet) as much as possible if hope to ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible.

To help you get off to the best start possible in your new home abroad, here are some tips on how to safely take your dog with you.

Source the Right Moving Company

From pallet shipping to moving your pet abroad, some of the very best companies can cover it all.

To make sure that you find the perfect movers for your personal situations, keeping yourself open to regular communication is essential.

Opting for a transparent, well-reviewed, reliable, and experienced moving company should ensure that you do not go too far wrong.

It is also worth thinking about what kind of transportation the movers will be using for your belongings (sea freight, air freight, etc.), how long they estimate the move to be, and of course, how much the overall cost is estimated to be.

Pet Import Laws

Before you think about taking your dog anywhere abroad, research into pet import laws in your destination country is imperative.

This can point you in a number of exceptionally helpful directions, such as:

  • Which Vaccinations Your Dog Needs – Sometimes, the vaccination requirements will differ based on a country’s regulations, so making sure you have proof of your pet’s jabs and medical needs is a must.
  • The Cost – You may need to pay an extra import tax when your pet arrives, so checking this out beforehand could save you an unwelcome and expensive surprise.
  • The Local Attitude Toward Dogs – Cultures differ and make life interesting. This sometimes means that attitude shifts widely between subjects based on location, so finding out whether your dog will be welcome is to its quality of life.
  • The Legality – Some parts of the world, like the Maldives, will not allow you to bring dogs into the country whatsoever, so to avoid landing in a spot of bother, it is worth looking ahead at the legality of bringing your pet.

Preparing Your Pet

To make sure your furry buddy is as looked after and as well-prepared as possible, it is worth taking a trip to the vet, even if your dog insists otherwise.

Your vet should be able to advise you on the best course of action, which medication to take, how your dog needs to be looked after in the days leading up to the move, and hopefully, what to do when you are first reunited (just think how good that will be)!

This might mean buying some extra tasty treats and toys for your dog, as they will likely need presents after being so well behaved on their adventure. Know you know how to you move your dog abroad, check our other travel tips to get more such useful information.

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