How Many Islands in The Philippines? Here is the List

A host of about seven thousand islands, of which about two thousand are inhabited, the Philippines is the largest island nation that shares no land borders with other countries. About half of the population lives in Manila, the capital of the Philippines located in the Luzon region, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing travel destinations spread all over the country. Lying in the ring of fire, the Philippines is full of both natural and human-made wonders. If you pondering over how many islands in the Philippines then here is an entire list:

  1. Sagada Islands: Officially known as the Sagada province, it is home to breathtaking landscapes and architectural wonders. With rice fields, waterfalls and limestone caves, Sagada already becomes one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. The Sagada Hanging Coffins, a series of wooden coffins hanging from a cave, sheds light on the fascinating burial ritual that people of Sagada follow, where the elderly make their own coffins before death, and then, these are hung in the cave with the bodies of their ancestors, because of the belief that the higher the dead are hung, the higher their position in the afterlife would be.
  2. Siargao Island: Named after a mangrove species that grow on the island, Siargao is quite influenced by the uninterrupted  Pacific winds that it is subject to. It has several Islands, including Guyam Island Island, a tear-drop-shaped island, a popular spot for island hopping. It is also home to the aptly named Cloud 9, one of the best-known surfing spots in the Philippines. In fact, Siargao is often called the surfing capital of the Philippines and is well-deserving of the title.
  3. El Nido Island: With white sand beaches, waters blue as you can imagine and coral reefs, El Nido might fit your description of a stereotypical seaside vacation. But it is so much more. While it features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, El Nido is also home to numerous limestone caves and beautiful infrastructure. Another notable feature of El Nido is the Aberawan River’s mangrove tour, where tourists can watch egrets roost around mangrove trees.
  4. Calamianes Islands: Originally inhabited by three different tribes, today, these islands are home to the famous Coron town. The Calamianes Islands have an extensive fishing industry. In fact, fishing and tourism contribute to a huge chunk of its economy. In addition to it’s the fishing industry, Calamianes are quite popular for their beaches, dive spots, and around a dozen sunken Japanese Warships!
  5. Cebu Islands: Located in the Visayas region, Cebu proudly shows off the title of being the second-largest metropolitan area in the Philippines. Its capital, Cebu City, bears the name “the Queen City of the South,” and honestly, which one of us does not want to go to a place with such valor? The capital also serves as the center for trade, commerce, and education. Aside from the attractions, it presents now, Cebu also has a fascinating history that should be experienced through whatever means we can acquire.
  6. Boracay Islands: A part of the Western Visayas region, Boracay has a fascinating history of military and administration. However, if you are looking for something less educational and more fun, Boracay is perfect for you. With its sandy beaches and reputation as one of the best relaxation spots in the Philippines, Boracay is one of the most famous tourist spots in the country, and rightfully so.
  7. Luzon Island: Luzon is one of the biggest islands in the Philippines, and has the highest population in the county. Named after a tool used for husking rice, Luzon has a notable history regarding agriculture and many notable tourist spots, both natural and human-made. 
  8. Malapascua Island: Located to the north of Cebu, Malapascua is a small island with an astounding array of aquatic life. It also features wonderful dive destinations, including the Monad Shoal, a natural cleaning station for fish. Here, you can spot thresher sharks, devil rays, eagle rays, and seasonally, manta rays and hammerhead sharks. Unfortunately, a lot of the coral reef has been damaged by destructive fishing methods, but the is now protected and has a lot to offer.
  9. Palawan Island: The fifth-largest island in the country and the largest in the province, Palawan is home to a host of natural wonders, including forests, mountains, and beaches. It is also the habitat of a variety of animal species and is quite fascinating to archeologists because of the wide variety of fossils found around the place.
  10. Bohol Island: If you have ever wanted to visit hills made of chocolate, or at least look like they’re made of chocolate, Bohol Island is the place for you. They get this unique trait from the way the grass covering them turns brown during the dry season. Other than that, you can also spend your time getting acquainted with one of the smallest primates in the world with the help of the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, which aims to protect these adorable animals. You can also drop by The Sandugo Blood Compact Shrine, which has a lot of historical significance, or Hinagdanan Cave, which has an impressive collection of stalactites and stalactites.
  11. Dumaguete Island: This small is an island, like many wonders in the Philippines, is a protected area. There are numerous things you can do here, including visiting Mt. Kanlaon, which is an active volcano, dropping by Talabong Mangrove Park & Bird Sanctuary, Lake Balanan, or go dolphin watching on Tanin Strait.
  12. MoalBoal Island: Located a mere three hours from Cebu (yes, we are accounting for the terrible traffic), MoalBoal has breathtaking sunsets and beautiful reefs. If you want to explore the Philippines on a budget, this is the place for you.
  13. Bantayan Island: Whether you want to go cliff diving or explore less heartstopping water sports, Bantayan is the place for you. Snorkeling, Kayaking, or even simply going for a swim—the island has it all. All these reasons make it one of the top islands to visit in the Philippines.
  14. Coron Island: If you’re a history fanatic, Coron is the place for you. No, we are not talking about museums, although the place has plenty of those. Coron is special in its own way, with shipwrecks from the era of the second world war and accommodations to dive into the waters and take a look at them yourself.
  15. Siquijor Island: Siquijor Island is perhaps one of the most unique islands on the list. It isn’t just famous for its beaches or forests, but for its magic. The idea of magic is deeply interwoven in Siquijor’s culture, and the people here have been making potions for healing ailments, practicing witchcraft and dispelling ghosts for years. Whether you need an exorcism or to study a culture with a distinct spiritual past, Siquijor has you covered. The beautiful beaches certainly add to the charm of the Island.
  16. Guimaras Island: Located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines, Guimaras is most famous for its beaches and delicious mangoes. But the island has more to offer. In its diverse collection of natural wonders, the Philippines also shows off the Ambakan falls, a great place for a swim just 3 kilometers off Jordan, the capital city of the Island. Another amazing place to drop by is the Trappist Monastery, a spot of tranquility in the hustle of the city.
  17. Calaguas Islands: With its azure waters and bursting marine life, the Calaguas Islands is the perfect destination for a seaside vacation. Be mindful of the local community’s efforts to preserve the tranquility of the Island, though, and have a wonderful time enjoying the peace and quiet.
  18. Batan Island: Shaped like a dumbbell, this island is full of farming plots and rice fields. While you’re here, drop by the Honesty Coffee Shop, always open and unattended, trusting the customers to pay for the services they used. The idea behind the coffee shop pretty much reflects the values of the whole Island, which boasts an almost non-existent crime rate.
  19. Malalison Island: Mararison Island provides one of the best spots for stargazing in the Philippines. The skies are cleaner than the cities, and you can actually spot the constellations spread across the sky. The island also offers breathtaking sunsets. So set off in the evening, lay on the beach, and enjoy the sky putting up a show.
  20. Panay Island: The fourth most populous island in the country, Panay hosts more than four percent of the Philippines’ population. It is known for its distinctive triangular shape and an abundance of beaches with warm waters and sandy coves. Panay also has a diverse range of seafood that you might never get to taste elsewhere.
  21. Corregidor Island: Corregidor Island has quite some historical significance for the Philippines, as it marked the national landmark for the battle fought between the United States and the Filipino people. The Malinta Tunnel, a tunnel system built by the United States, the Japanese garden of peace, a war museum, and the ruins of the Mile-Long Barracks, all mark the importance of this island as a National Memorial.
  22. Great Santa Cruz Islands: Located in the Basilian Strait, one of the two islands has been reserved as a military campsite. The other, however, hosts some of the most well-known Filipino beaches in the world. The feature that makes them unique is the beautiful pink color of the sand, acquired from crushed red corals.
  23. Tawi-Tawi islands: Lying in the middle of the Sulu sea, Tawi-Tawi is also known as the Pearl of the South. Tawi-Tawi is the largest seaweed producer in the entire country, and most people earn a living through seaweed farming.
  24. Britannia Islands: Most of the part of the island of Britannia are uninhabited, and have a very small amount of vegetation. However, the remarkable thing about these islands is that the waters near them are so clear that you can see the shadow of your boat on the seabed.
  25. Bucas Grande Island: Located in the far eastern part of Surigao del Norte, Bucas Grande has a lot to offer. Whether you want to explore seaside coves, swim with jellyfish in the jellyfish sanctuary, or go boating over blue lagoons, Bucas Grande has you covered. The island also has a set of underground caves that are just waiting to be explored.
  26. Culion Island: Culion provides serenity like no other place. If you want to distance yourself from the city and just lay back and feel the sun, Culion is definitely worth a visit. The island is small and remote and provides the much-needed reprieve from the hustle of the city.
  27. Calauit Island: Just a bit off the north-western coast of Busuanga, the entire island of Calauit has been declared a wildlife sanctuary. Originally created in  1976, the island houses many different species of animals, including the Reticulated giraffe, Grévy’s zebra and the Calamian deer, among others. The Calauit Safari is one of the most fun safaris in the world.
  28. Miniloc Island: It is one of the unique islands in the Philippines like a Wonderland with its lagoons and kayaks. Biscuit bay, with more than thirty dive spots, is often called one of the world’s best scuba diving destinations.
  29. Talikud Island: With beautiful water and sandy shores, this island is one of the best places to both relax and click pictures that are effortlessly good. It is one of the best islands in the Philippines that offers you amazing exposure to enjoy your vacation.
  30. Cambari Island: Located in the province of Palawan, Cambari has amazing rock formations, soothing sea breezes, and clear turquoise waters. The abundance of coral reefs just adds to the beauty of the island, as does the diverse marine life of the place.

What’s next waiting for you?

Now you got an answer to your question – how many islands in the Philippines? The above list includes the best of those. But with its diverse cultures, natural wonders, and beautiful architecture, there’s only so much justice that can be done to the Philippines here. No matter how well its wonders are described, they’re simply breathtaking when you see them in person. So if you’re thinking of packing your bags and setting off on an adventure to the Philippines, we can offer you a trip that helps you make the best of your time there. Until then, keep up the wanderlust. If you are planning to explore more islands near the Philippines then check out our Islands travel guide.

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