Top 10 Things To Do in Moscow

The capital of Russia, Moscow is one of the historical places in Russian History. It is not only the political center of Russia but also an industrial, cultural, scientific, and popular tourist spot. It is renowned for its spirituality of the Orthodox church, cultural hot spots, tricky and gigantic restaurants and What NOT?! Let us explore the famous places that would take us to a different world altogether. Whether you are looking for free things to do in Moscow Idaho or fun things to do in Moscow with kids, the following travel guide covers everything. Ready to tour with us?

  • Explore the Breathtaking view at Moscow KREMLIN

This is one of the first sources of attraction when one sets their first step into Russia. Situated along the banks of the river Moskva, this is the official residence of the Russian Federation. There is an interior garden present which is famous for architectural monuments (Example: Flowerbeds) and an eternal flame glows in front of the Kremlin tower. It is also said to be the symbol of both Russian power authority. The Kremlin walls are a pretty combination of churches and palaces that are mostly open to the public. The Cathedral of Assumption is the oldest and has beautifully proportioned five domes. In 1990, the Kremlin and Red Square were awarded a UNESCO world heritage culture. Ready to witness the spectacular view of the marvelous architecture? Pack your bags and Get Set Go!

  • Witness the famous Russian Culture at Bolshoi Theatre

It is the symbol of Russia’s wealth I would say. It had got its honor due to the major art contribution and this history still ongoing and the theatre artists continue to always perform their best. The area is spread in a vast stretch where it has all kinds of theatre performances that traces its history. A new stage was initiated in the year 2002 to go ahead with the reconstruction part of the theatre. The Russian Ballet can get us a feel of the imperial culture and only the lucky ones get a chance to experience such events. Ready to tap your feet to the slow beats? Don’t forget to enjoy this one fo the fun things to do in Moscow Russia.

  • Experience the different view of Russia’s capital at the Red Square

It is one of the centres of attraction in Moscow which is situated east of the Kremlin building with a series of parades, speeches executions and various industrial exhibitions all the time. It is said that Prince Evan III had renamed it the Red Square as it has got a touch of Italian architecture as well. These are the formal meeting places for all the Muscovite masses. Though the fall of the Soviet Union had occurred, it remains an important place in Russia’s life. As far as the recent statistics are considered, few people can be seen loitering outside the tomb and the rest during the festive days.  Red square has also been a place for demonstrations, riots, and speeches. All through history,  this place was affected many times by wrong influences and at last, conquered by the right emperor. Under the right protection act, this place was framed as Moscow’s love and much more. Why wait to take a visit to this ancient sculpture?

  • Feel Blessed at Saint Basil’s Cathedral church

Situated at the Southern end of the red square, this is the combination of colours patterns and shapes which is unique to Russia’s culture. The main attraction of this place is off the FOUR domes which are OCTAGONAL and has four chapels in between them as well. This place is dedicated to protecting the Virgin early known as Vasily after Basil who got buried himself during the year 1548 – 98. Stories and history tell us that Ivan Prince II had bribed the Russian Architect for replicating the design of other famous churches elsewhere. The church original colour initially was white, and it is also said that the other colours were not added for over 200 years. The entrance costs are 700 rubbles for an adult and free for children. A bronze statue stands in honour of Minin and Dmitry who fought for the volunteers during the war and this place can be visited in the night lightning. In some of the chapels, we can see a choir singing carols for the visitors to grab attention to earn a penny or two. Once we are done checking this place, we can chill ourselves by relaxing in Zaryadye park behind this church which also has got a floating river over the Moskva River. This is a free entrance visit too that makes it one of the free things to do in Moscow. Ready with your pack bag guys?!!

  • Learn and have fun at the Moskvarium

Crazy about the sea animals and their aquatic life? This place will fulfil your desire to a great extent. It has got an excellent collection of sharks, octopus and dolphins which are a treat to our eyes. Both adults and kids will love the infrastructure and the way the animals are maintained. It is mainly described as the centre of oceanography and study of sea animals as this place is not adequate for just whales, sharks, sea fish and dolphins but seals, walruses, and other flora/fauna. The colour temperature is an important feature as it directly impacts the health of corals and must be maintained accurately. Get ready for a photoshoot?

  • Get an awestruck skyline view at Sparrow Hills

Previously known as Mount Lenin and located in the southwest part of Moscow, it is one of the high points and a famous one too where all the university pass outs have a joyful graduation day photoshoot here.It also gives us a panoramic view of Moscow and has a subway station bit far from the top. We can find plenty of outdoor activities like skating/bungee jumping and cycling. It is also an inspiration part for most of the Russian poets and artisans. The view is awesome during the day and night when the whole of the MOSCOW glitters with lights. It will maximum take 20 minutes to reach the hill and we can also opt to drive in my car. The famous Moscow university looks spectacular from this view. COME, Lets PICNIC together and enjoy these top things to do in Moscow Russia.

  • Enjoy an enthralling experience at Victory Park

This Park is famously known as “Russia’s victory”. As per history, travellers Who used to visit this place from the west would climb onto this park hill toget an awe somatic panoramic view of the city. It has got open weapon architecture spots for the tourists to view its age-old history and a collection of monuments, rides, boats, catamaran rides and much more. Even the winter rides are joyful such as cross-country skiing. It has got a huge row of fountains, a large forest, a mosque, and an orthodox church. For elderly people, there is an option to hire a roller or group rider vehicle to experience a comfy ride. If we have hired a guide, we can request them to show the park at night. This Park is also dedicated o to the heroes of the war with their victory symbol. We can also have a relaxed stroll / walk with your loved ones to the victory museum and have great photoshoots too. We can also enjoy thriller rides packed with fun and fear.  Pack your bags and choose a camera for yourself to capture the great moments. If you are searching for some of the fun things to do in Moscow this weekend with kids then come to this amazing park.

  • Try a visit to Ostankino Television Tower

One of Moscow’s unitary panoramic enterprise and network treat from 337 metres of the capital in one glance. One can get to experience the “Moscow City” like miniature photographs entangled with a 360-degree view. Every day during the afternoons, one can take a fresh walk and sip a cup of chai too. The world’s famous cafe is situated on the seventh floor of the tower. The recent update from the Russian government is that anyone can use the option of gift certificates to visit the topmost tower for their friends, family and special ones and it costs 3000 rubles for all the age groups to avail this premium offer. Ready for a quick panoramic view trip?

  • Check out the beautiful artistry at the Hermitage Museum

One of the most prestigious museums and a must-watch list when we visit Moscow for the first time. Also known as the Winter Palace, the building is made up mostly of green, white, and gold with approximately 3 million masterpieces. According to history, it is said that Empress Catherine had commanded artisans over the world to bring out the best artistries they could ever create. Only some of the masterpieces are displayed at the specified time and one will take a minimum of three hours to check out the entire art set. It was previously a collection of private souvenirs and then grew into a cultural heritage all over the globe. Some of the famous collections are European art collections, Arts, and culture of Eastern and Central Asia, Armoury, Treasure Galleries and the rooms of heritage. Other buildings surrounding this are the general staff building, winter palace of Peter, Menshikov Palace, Staraya Derevnya Restoration and Storage centre. The ticket price is 600 roubles per head and reduces to 300/- during the winter season. The entrance fees are free during the third Thursday of every month and always free to Preschool children, school children and students. The state hermitage museum has five inter-connected buildings(winter palace, little hermitage, great hermitage, hew hermitage and the hermitage theatre is the largest of them. The pavilion hall is placed as a part of the hermitage museum which has a beautiful and ornate peacock clock.

  • Explore the fine architecture at the Tretyakov Gallery

One of the national treasuries of Russian Fine art and great museums which is listed amongst best places to visit in Moscow. It has two buildings; one is the old building of the Tretyakov gallery which consists of old Russian coins and sculptures while the other buildings have 20th-century paintings and souvenirs. One can find all the artworks of the great artisans from the 14th century. It also has recent Russian paintings, sculptures, statues of great people who have sacrificed their lives in World War. The main exhibit of this gallery is everyone visits the place more often as it’s just 20 – minute walk from the red square and other happening places. The famous paintings are Novogrod, Pskov, Rostov Suzdal and Tver schools. We can see unofficial artworks like Boris Orlov, Viktor pivoravov that brings back nostalgic moments of the ancient USSR. The new gallery occupies a huge pavilion on Russia’s most complete Apart from the gallery displaying, the main branches hostguest’s conferences, lectures, concerts, theatre films, workshops, and daily film screenings. The famous places nearby are Red square which is a couple of kilometres walk from the Tretyakov Gallery, Muzeon park of arts which is home to 700 sculptures and a little mile distance to the gallery and Gorky park which is just a few miles away from the gallery. It is said that this building was designed by the architect Alexander Kaminsky and Vasnetov due to their interests in arts and sculpturing. Near this gallery, there is a sculpture garden called the “graveyard of fallen monuments “that displays the status of the former union members and assembly chairpersons. Cannot wait to visit this place, right?

What’s next waiting for you?

The most ideal time to visit Moscow is during the spring season (March and April) where the snow starts to meltdown and the city gets covered with colourful flowers and bushes and it is all greenery around. Also, one can visit around September as well where northern Moscow experiences the Autumn season and it’s completely warm. Other famous attractions of Moscow are: Dazzling fashion boutiques, Mountain treks, Awesome monuments, delicious eateries, enthralling parks, enjoyable night culture, cost-effective short drive trips and the list goes on. One can avail either short trip (3 days) or long trips (10 days) as well based on our budget list. Don’t forget the famous Russian shawls, chocolates, ceramics, honey and western wear as well. You can take a walk at the Alexander Garden, attend a concert at the Conservatory and participate in the Moscow free tour for FREE. Now you know where to go and what to din Moscow, you can plan your itinerary with ultimate zeal.

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