Top Things To Do in Panama

There is no dearth of adventure in Panama. Trust us, there are some top things to do in Panama than visit the Panama Canal. The interiors, for example, have volcanic mountains, which teem with wildlife. Beaches are aplenty, on both sides of Panama. You will get a distinct whiff of culture in the old towns and cities. As a country, Panama offers varied topographical features and diverse landscapes. Coastlines, tropical jungles, coffee plantations, waterfalls, the list goes on and on… You can do trekking here and soak in some sun at the beaches. But there is a lot to do in between, like strolling on the streets and exploring the mixture of cultures in the city. This, then, is a list of all the Panama things to do.

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Go surfing in Bocas del Toro

One of the fun things to do in Panama for free is to surf in the archipelago called Bocas del Toro. You can visit the islands here and take surfing lessons. Boat trips are one thing that you can do every day at Bocas del Toro. The beaches here are beautiful and so are the people. You can stay at beachside luxury resorts and have a fun time with friends and family. The waters here are crystal blue and the beaches have soft white sands. You can take a boat ride from Bocas town to the nearby islands.

Visit San Blas islands

Island hopping is one thing that you can do regularly in the city. But one of the most amazing things to do in Panama for couples is to visit the San Blas islands. The island is where an indigenous tribe lives, away from civilization and away from the modern world. The laid-back and easy vibes of this island are what will attract you in the first place. But you will discover so many attractions here. Go sunbathing, or swim in the azure blue waters. You can explore the tribe and learn about their ways and culture. Relish on juicy seafood and go for long beach walks.

Discover the Panama Canal

Perhaps, Panama is best known for the Panama Canal. This is where you can do the top things to do in Panama at this weekend. You can visit the museum and the Canal and see how it works. You can watch how ships navigate their way through the Panama Canal. If you are a first-time visitor to city, you should visit the Panama Canal. You can explore how locks work. There are locks such as Miraflores and Agua Clara locks which you should visit to understand how they work.

The hot springs of Caldera

Venture into the Chiriquí highlands of Panama, and you can visit the hot springs of Caldera. This is one of the famous things to do in Panama this week. The hot springs have a kind of relaxing effect on your body. The hot thermal springs are a cluster of hot pools, which are rich in minerals, and are the best natural remedy for body aches, fatigue, and body pain. You will not find many amenities here, but you can explore the pools for their rustic vibes.

Swim in a hidden water hole at Los Cangilones

One of the fun things to do in Panama for free is to swim in a water hole at Los Cangilones. This place is near Boquete, and the rivers here fall into a gorge and spread out again in various pools of water. You can splash about in the water and have a fun time. You can jump off the edges of these pools and swim about at leisure.

Go kitesurfing at Punta Chame

Punta Chame has some of the finest beaches in Panama. Kitesurfing is one adventurous activity that you can do at Punta Chame. The beach is a stretch of pure white sand. But the sea is ideal for kitesurfing. Several schools offer kitesurfing lessons. The winds are suitable for kitesurfing. Beginners can find their time in the water and collect enough courage to go kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is one of the unique things to do in Panama city beach.

Go rugged into Santa Fe

If you want to explore the wildlife of Panama, the best place would be to visit Santa Fe National Park. There are many trails here where you can go for jungle adventures. This is a mountainous region and is perfect if you want to explore the hidden wildlife trails. On the way, you can explore San Francisco, a little town, that has a very old church called Iglesia de San Francisco de la Montana. This trip is filled with excitement and adventure. A trip to Santa Fe National Park is among the amazing things to do in Panama for couples. You can find small water holes, which are secretive swimming spots. You can do hiking, river tubing, bird watching, and exploring the coffee plantations during your visit.

Spot a quetzal at Cerro Punta

One of the top things to do in Panama is to spot a quetzal. This is one of the most colorful birds in the world. You will find quetzals in the cloud forests at Cerro Punta. The bird, with its colorful plumage and long feathered tails, is s bird that you can only spot here in Panama. This is one of the finest bird-watching places in Panama. You can find many top national parks like the La Amistad International Park and Soberanía National Park. The wild trails here go deep into the jungle and you can spot so many other creatures of the jungle in the rainforests of city.

Enjoy the sunrise on the highest mountain peak of Panama

Volcan Baru is the highest mountain peak in Panama. The peak is the lonely place in the world from where you can have sweeping views of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. So, if you are wondering what is there to do in Panama, then this might be your best choice. A sunrise tour of Volcan Baru is one of the best things to do in Panama with friends. You can plan a sunrise tour so that you can reach the mountain top at the time of dawn. The hike up the mountain is exciting in its way, and you can come across farmlands, forests, and vegetation on the way. The craters on this volcano teem with wildlife, and you can spot many birds and animals here that are unique to this place. This mountain is in the Chiriquí Province, and you can find so many attractions here like waterfalls, cloud forests, indigenous people, river streams, and many others. Hiking trails can lead you to unexplored places, so it is advisable to take a guide or hike with a group.

Ride some of the world’s highest waves at Santa Catalina

It is at Santa Catalina that you will find spectacular big waves. The waves are irresistible for surfers and it is the one thing that makes Santa Catalina one of the best places to visit in Panama. The huge surging waves are some of the biggest in the world. They reach their highest from August to February. They can reach a height of 30 feet at their highest. If you are new to surfing, you can avoid this place, as this is only for highly experienced surfers, who know how to maneuver their surfboards and ride the waves.

Wander through the narrow town of Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo happens to be the original place where the oldest settlement lives here, in what is now Panama City. Exploring Casco Viejo is one of the top things to do in Panama at this weekend. There are old ruins to explore and streets lined up with heritage architecture. This is the original site where there was the original settlement of City. Today, this is a popular sightseeing spot in Panama. You will find hotels that date back to the 18th century. You can explore art galleries, cafes, and restaurants and have a grab at the delicious food here. Don’t miss out on visiting the historic church of San José, which has vintage architecture and interiors.

Observe the wildlife at Darien National Park

Just close to the Panama-Columbia border is a magnificent national park called Darien National Park. The park has diverse landscapes which makes this one of the most perfect places to visit on your trip to city. Hiking through the rainforests of Darien National Park is one of the famous things to do in Panama this week. There are tropical jungles that teem with wildlife, rocky mountain cliffs, mangrove forests, and swamps, that make up the fascinating features of this national park. You should take your DSLR cameras and binoculars with you so that you can spot the incredible wildlife that exists in this national park. There are spider monkeys, jaguars, giant anteaters, and the rare American Tapirs and other creatures that you can spot in the national park.

Enjoy the beaches in Panama

Perhaps no other thing attracts more people to visit Panama than the beaches. Some of the beaches here are the best places to surf the waves, and some are best to spot aquatic creatures that wash onto the shore. Red Frog Beach is on Bastimentos Island, and this is one of the best beaches in Panama. You can find sloths, crabs, and of course, red frogs on this beach. Starfish Beach is another spectacular beach, where you can spot starfish on the sands. Don’t touch it though, as it can cause pain. But you can, of course, photograph one. The Island of Taboga has many beaches that are attractive to tourists. You can bask in the sun, or walk on the sand. You can swim on this beach, and play some beach games. This is one of the fun things to do in Panama city beach for adults.

Swim with turtles at Coiba Island

One of the famous things to do in Panama this week is to go scuba diving and snorkeling. Fortunately, there are many places in Panama where you can do this. Coiba Island is one such place in Panama, and it lies on the northwest coast of Panama. The sea is rich in corals and abundant aquatic life. You can swim with dolphins, turtles, marlins, humpback whales, and so many other creatures of the sea. You will also love fishing here. Coiba Island also has some pristine beaches that are almost uninhabited.

Escape into the wilderness of El Valle

If you want to do some more jungle adventures in Panama, then you might just want to escape into the rustic and wild El Valle. This is an extinct volcano that has not erupted in the last 200,000 years. But the tropical jungles around this volcanic mountain are best for jungle hiking and spotting wildlife. El Valle lies in the Coclé Province and is just a 2-3 hours’ drive from Panama City. The place is in the heart of Panama, and there are some fun things to do in Panama for free. You can do hiking through the tropical jungles, hike the mountain, do horseback riding, or just walk and explore the place. El Valle de Anton is very popular with tourists. You can do some sightseeing here such as the butterfly house, geological museum, and farmer’s market.

Sip on some coffee at a coffee estate in Chiriquí

Coffee lovers will love Panama, as this country produces its distinct coffee. A sip of coffee is one of the most popular things to do in Panama with teens today. Chiriquí produces some of the finest coffee in Panama. You can visit a coffee estate and sip on a cup of this hot beverage. The hills, the soil, the temperature, climate of Chiriquí are best suited for producing coffee beans. You can find hiking trails through the forests and spot some bird life.

Final Words:

We hope you just found the answers to the one question that puzzled you – what is there to do in Panama? These were some of the top things to do in Panama for you. Sure you will find others too if you are planning to visit Panama on your next holiday. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and beach hopping are just some of the most popular things to do in Panama with teens today. But you will also find amazing things to do in Panama for couples on your honeymoon trip to Panama. The famous things to do in Panama this week range from thrilling ones to more relaxed ones. You can also discover the best things to do in Boquete Panama at night. With so many activities and best places to visit in Panama, this amazing place will surely to surprise you with its richness.

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