Top Things To Do in Asia

Asia tour package offers a complete terrain on the globe including a huge variety of experiences. This land area serves all the purposes of life and being. From food and shelter to all other necessities, the real estate of God manages to facilitate all living creatures. Homo sapiens is the wisest of all have made his life more meaningful and lively. In adding this liveliness and entertainment in the life of human beings, the major role is played by their fondness towards exploring the unexplored. Our tendency to observe all the unseen destinations adds much fun to our lives and when it comes to explorers, their first choice is always grand Asia.

48 countries collaborate to form this largest piece of land. So to fix it into holiday days is a tough task. Being the largest continent, Asia has the most to pour down in your bucket. To make your choices slightly easy, here are some details about the best places to visit in Asia, where to go and what to do in Asia:

Top Things to Do In Asia
  • Explore the Indian subcontinent

It would certainly not be an exaggeration if we term this beautiful small Asia to be home of many heavens. From the serenity of snow-clad cliffs of Himalayas to hot and enticing Sri Lankan beaches, this trail of amusement goes long up to one of the seven wonders, the TajMahal. The cultural diversity and heritage of the Indian subcontinent leave you stunned and mesmerized both at the same time. This southern part of Asia ending up to the Indian Ocean is the perfect element for your bucket list and the reasons are many. With such a huge country, the list of top things to do in Asia will keep increasing during your tour to India.

  • Relax in the arms of Himalayas

If peace and the divine environment are your calls then the Himalayas is your stop. These splendid and surreal mountain ranges give your senses a vibrant exposure to nature’s art. Camping at the foothills of Everest and trekking the Alps are some over the top experiences you can demand in the Himalayas only. Don’t get scared if you encounter some silent monk meditating in the range. This is quite common in the Himalayas and is mystical. For the adrenaline junkie in you, riding a motorbike on the majestic pathways of this fairyland can prove to be really fun. Rafting down the wavy waters is also a great option to fill your days out with ecstasy and adventure. All the beautiful river cities along the Himalayan range welcome all the fun explorers for this amazing rafting experience. Getting a chance to delve into white peaks and green flushes is an experience for a lifetime and is a must on your junket to Asia. In fact, all the Asia tour packages from Dubai focus on a nice stay at the Himalayas.

  • Celebrate your sacred nerve

If you would ask me the second home of God other than heavens then that certainly would be the Indian subcontinent would be my answer. This area of globe welcomes the devotees of every religion as meritorious holy terminals of all the religions- from Pashupatinath temple of Nepal to Haji Ali Dargah of Mumbai, from Golden temple of Amritsar to churches of Goa. The Indian subcontinent is the best place to find the solemn stance of your heart. The Indian subcontinent is a mystical world and its richness cannot be delved into words. The divine aura of Kashmir, an extravaganza of Goa, the beauty of east India, the splendor of Bhutan, etc. are something you certainly cannot find in any other part of the world.

  • Discover the Charming Countries of Southeast Asia

When fun, life, ambiance and vibrancy commute, we get the southeast sector of Asia. This zone of the largest continent of the globe can be stated as the holiday hub in the world. Bracketed by Indian and Pacific Oceans, South East Asia gets you holidaying options quite comparable to the vastness of these oceans:

  1. Myanmar– This is an amazing country for spending some free days.  Major attractions of this country are Shwedagon Pagoda, Chaukhtatgyi Buddha, the sitting Buddha and the Golden Rock in the capital city Yangon. The highlight of Myanmar is its city Bagan also known as the city of thousand temples. You can relish this place with an amazing hot air balloon ride. Mandalay is also an awesome place with enigmatic sight scenes. All in all, Myanmar is a nice country to be addressed by your eyes.
  2. Thailand– This land of White elephants holds one of the top preferences in the list of backpackers. From young enthusiasts to retired relax seekers and from newlyweds to families, this place welcomes every visitor with equal platters. This land of beautiful beaches and mesmerizing islands provides over the top experiences to its visitors. From the ambiance of the capital city to the richness of the forested Krabi area, Thailand is matchless in its diversity of entertainment. The Phi Phi Islands, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, etc. add all the elements of a vacation worth remembering. Not only for Asia but this country always saves its space in all international tour packages from Dubai or any other country.
  3. Cambodia– Everyone is familiar with the mystical old land of Angkor Wat. Cambodia is home to many such fascinating destinations. Cambodia is quite famous for its museums which are brimming the history of the nation as well. The capital city Phnom Penh is also a nice stoppage for various site scenes such as the killing fields, the Royal Palace and Silver Cambodia. You can also enjoy stand up paddleboarding in Kampot town of Cambodia.
  4. Malaysia– As soon as the word Malaysia ring in our ears, our mind suddenly pops out the image of holidays. No matter what your interest is there is something or other to do here. No wonder Malaysia is also a vital part of places to visit and things to do in South East Asia without any doubt.
  5. Laos– If you desire an unanticipated pleasure then trail down the Mekong River drifting in the territory of Laos. And if you want to explore France in Laos it then don’t forget to unpack into UNESCO World Heritage Site Luang Prang, a small French town in the jungles of Laos.
  6. Vietnam– This country is also among the most deserved countries to pay a visit. The magical Ha Long Bay consisting of beautiful lines on mountains and clear Emerald waters refreshes your soul for long. The capital city, Hanoi is also answerable to your money spent on Vietnam and has many options to entertain you. Ho Chi Minh City and Hoi An are destinations full of fun and potential to be explored.
  • Rejuvenate yourself in the incredible surroundings of Arabian nights

The charm and royalty of Arabian countries are tempting the visitors for ages. The Al-Habibi countries of the Arabian plate welcome the tourists from all ages and segments with open arms.

  1. Kuwait– Kuwait offers not just the cheapest of gases but also days full of adventure and thrill complemented with chronicles. Some of its must not miss attractions are the Grand Mosque, Sadu House, Kuwait Towers, Kuwait City Waterfronts and Kubbar Island. These are also recognized as some of the best places to see in Asia all around the year.
  2. Dubai– It would be quite an understatement to mention Dubai in this list and convince people to spend their leisurely days in the city as no one is oblivious to what this city can offer to its visitors. From the height of BurjKhalifa to the magnificence of Burj Al Arab, this camel city leaves you gawking. You can enjoy uncountable adventures and activities in this city. Smashing the sand dunes, drooling the city in hot air balloons and major water sports in Palm Beach are mere examples. This city of skyscrapers always welcomes you with its entire heritage and luxury. Asia tour packages from Dubai get you going with this very amazing place.
  3. Qatar– Only a few places in this world are a perfect blend of old school cultures and modern age technologies. And one of those must-visit destinations is the biggest flight transit spot ‘Qatar’.  Many people would have stayed in the nation while waiting for their next flight but not all know that the place itself is one of the best places to invest your vacation savings. From historical heritages to skyscrapers, exquisite museums to astounding malls, Qatar has it all.
  • Witness the magic of FarEast Asian Countries:
  1. China: The largest country in the world in the area has an equal share in the tourism of the world.  There are no bounds to the beauty of this city as well as the terminals worth drooling. From metropolitan like Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong to the culturally rich cities like Tibet and all the majestic mountains, valleys and forests, China trenches your soul with all elements. Counting down the stairs of one of the seven wonders; The Great Wall of China is an awesome experience. Wandering the Forbidden City will also that you encounter mysterious census combined with amusement. Don’t afford to miss visiting Tiananmen Square with the giant Mao Portrait. To appreciate the beauty of China marks your steps in the northern Sichuan. The impeccable crystal clear lakes and rivers mesmerize you to another level. Another masterpiece of China’s splendor is the fairyland, Huang Long. Horse trekking in Songpan is also an adventure that certainly doesn’t deserve to be missed as it is one of the top things to do in Asia. The most unique element of China tourism is the Panda Reserve. The bliss of watching cute pandas chewing on bamboo sticks is above all explanations. The imperial Temple of Heaven is also a major destination in Beijing that is waiting to be stepped. China will never disappoint you in any terms. So put in as many free days in this mainland as much you can.
  2. Japan: Japan is considered to be the country of pioneers. With the same essence, the country is also not lagging in its contribution to the world’s bucket of tourist sites.  The place has always been on the top of the lists of backpackers. The very first destination to embark upon in Japan is the most sought after city of the world, Tokyo. The capital city of Japan never ceases to amaze you with its amazing combination of front foot architecture to heart numbing sceneries. In fact, this place is also famous among the kids because of its gaming city Akihabara and Tokyo Disneyland. Mount Fuji which is quite known to the world is proudly standing tall and welcoming its admirers. The Matsumoto Castle, Takayama, Gokoyama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa and the most amazing Kyoto are among the charmers of this country with brains. So it would be quite insane to miss out on Japan on your route to Asia. All the Asia tour packages from Dubai distinctly mention Japan in their itineraries.

What’s next waiting for you?

The supercontinent Asia cannot be visually soaked in few days but need an ample of your time. But freeing yourself for an Asian junket will never make you regret your decision. This awesome sector of the globe is always ready to take you on a ride full of fun, pleasure and dauntless experiences. Now you have got a perfect list of best things to do in Asia simply pack your bags and jump on an adventure trail to Asia. If you are planning an extended stay in Asia then go through all our Asian travel guides to plan your journey judiciously.

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