Best Places to Visit in Munich

Being one of the largest cities in Germany, Munich boasts about several sightseeing destinations. Whether it is historical landmarks or natural jewels, you will discover everything in this mesmerizing city to make your tour memorable. No wonder, thousands of tourists from different parts of the country come to Munich to explore its traveling gems. Whether you are traveling to Munich from abroad or you are a native traveler, there are few destinations that you shouldn’t miss visiting in this city. Here is a most exhaustive Munich travel guide listing key highlights of the city that you must add to your itinerary. Check out these top things to do and best places to visit in Munich:

  • The New Town Hall: A magnificent shooting clock built 100 years ago is in the Town Hall. People are gathering here to listen to live chimes. Two marionettes, the Glockenspiel ring, and with it, the antique Bavarian instrumental music was made here. These 32 characters play an important part in the former Bavarian event in the middle of New Town Hall Boulevard in the 18th century. At the end of the show, the top of the glockenspiel is a golden bird chirping which is one of the fun-loving show you can enjoy at this tourist attraction in Munich
  • The Hofbräuhaus am Platzl: It’s a landmark and one of Munich’s best places to visit that is the most celebrated beer halls. This place gives a beautiful life and visitors are welcome as natives here. This site is quite popular. At the venue, there is an orchestral band. The eye is filled with spirit for people who hold a glass of drink and dance to the best music. Typical German atmosphere of Hofbrauhaus. A 500 ml glass of beer or a 1-liter mug of beer can be enjoyed with the local specialties. People in Munich adore their beer and you can see that at the palace for the beer. The place is reputed internationally and not for nothing.
  • BMW Welt: The BMW World is just around the Olympic Stadium. This customized BMW case is contained in a spiral-shaped glass and steel display. BMW Welt is a showroom for cars and individuals who like BMW Auto must go there. What to do here, still wondering? Well, you can steer the BMW motorcycle, have a wonderful time in the ‘style shop’ of car-packaging saloons. There is a lot to do here for people traveling with children. A guided tour is organized to enable children to learn about mobility, automobile engineering and participate in junior workshops.
  • The Frauenkirche: The city’s biggest church, the Catholic Church of Our Blessed Lady, is a monumental point of Munich. 20,000 people can stay in the church. The church was erected in the 15th century in a Late Gothic-Gothic architectural design of ancient brick. Discover the splendor of the church’s dome-style décor and then head to the top of the cathedral’s two twin towers. Tourists may enjoy the magnificent view of the Skyline of Munich which is one of the top things to do in Munich. Follow the steps to the tower and admire the magnificent Bavarian Alps around the town.
  • Dachau Concentration Camp: The title – Dachau Concentration Camp – will be recognized by anybody who knows the sad history of the Nazi dictatorship in Germany immediately. The government has retained the old complex, consisting of the cells of prisoners, baths, barracks, and cremation. The best method to see is to choose an audio tour or to designate a guide. There is a comprehensive structure to let tourists get through history that makes it one of the best tourist attractions of Munich.
  • Deutsches Museum: If you’re on a family tour, your children get captivated in the city center of Munich to this German museum. It is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world, and it is a museum of science and technology. The collection includes the first electric dynamo, exhibitions for astronomy, the first automotive, and much more. It has been amazing and listed amongst one of the top 10 places to visit in Munich.
  • Jüdisches Museum: The local people are not so proud of Jewish history or Germany’s grim Nazi past. Germans have maintained the Jewish property to express their sense of being a community that was so shamelessly thrashed out by the Hitler-led Nazi force. To gain an overview of Jewish history, the lives and art of Jews in Munich, visit the Jewish Museum in Munich, which opened in 2007. The display of current Jewish culture, contributing to the life of a source, is a unique element of this exhibition. The bunker-like church is part of the Jewish complex that makes it one of the top tourist attractions in Munich.
  • Theatinerkirche: Besides the Feldherrnhalle are the distinguishing towers at a height of 66 meters (216.5 feet) of the yellow Theatiner Church. A Bavarian aristocrat built this 17th-century catholic cathedral to honor the birth of a lengthy heir to the throne. His High Baroque style was brought to Munich by his Italian architect, Agostino Barelli. Step through the yellow Rococo outside into his extraordinarily gorgeous, elaborate interior, look up at the dome, 71 meters above sea level.
  • Asamkirche: Between 1733 and 1746 Asankirche was built with the official name of the church of Johann Nepomuk. It was made by the Cosmas Damian and Egid Quirin Asam brothers. Even before the church was built, it was intended as a private Chapelle but shortly, after the population’s vigorous urging, it was opened to the public. It depicted the structure of time, in which the level was separated in three and the King was above people. It has been a prime destination throughout the years in Munich’s list of things to visit.
  • Nymphenburg Palace: The Summit Home of the Royal Wittelsbach Family is located over 5 km, and one of Munich’s most beautiful attractions to explore. The interior of this mansion is luxuriantly furnished with the best form of architectural style. The museum consists of two Beauty Galleries, a Max EmanuelÍs and a Ludwig one. You can see the painting of Irish Lola Montez, Ludwig’s partnership with her provoked by the 1848 revolution, the narrative of horse-drawn cars in the museum of Marstall in the palace’s south wing, and more.
  • Hellabrunn Zoo: The Bavarian capital of Munich is a spectacular zoological garden that covers an area of 40 hectares. It is recognized for reproducing endangered species, therefore resembling the natural habitats of animals. The Przewalski horse and the 4,500 other examples of 580 kinds are worth a visit, which is thought to have been extinct in the 1620s and worthy of mention in Munich. The zoo was established in 1928 and supported by the town’s citizens. Many people also call it “Geo- Zoo” since animals are grouped by continent of origin.
  • St. Michael’s Church: The church of St. Michael is the biggest Renaissance church in the north of the Alps. It is influenced by the early baroque Southern German. It has amazing yet attractive imagery, cast out in bronze, all of which are in the shape of a family tree, by Duke Wilhelm and other Bavarian Wittelsbach kings. During the Second World War, it sustained great damage but was rebuilt between 1946 and 1948. The church interior represents the victory of Catholics in the counter-reformation as real Christianity. If you are searching for some of the historic places to visit in Munich then you must explore this church.
  • Marien Square: It is one of the most vibrant places to see in Munich where you will come across diverse sightseeing locations. Marien Square features everything from historical landmarks, churches, pubs, shops to restaurants. If you are a photography lover then you will surely wish to spend maximum time here. Simply take a stroll through the streets and you will get an opportunity to discover several incredible things that symbolizes history of Munich. It is one of the highly recommended places to visit in Munich travel guides and you must visit it without any excuse.
  • Olympiapark: It is one more exciting tourist places to visit in Munich where several festivals, events and sports are organized on a frequent basis. If you are an adventure lover then you will love spending time at ice-skating rink and swimming hall. If clouds are clear, you will get an opportunity to view spectacular views of Bavarian Alps adjacent to stadium. If you are traveling to Munich for the first time then you can opt for Munich travel guides who will leave no stone unturned to make your tour memorable.
  • The Munich Residenz: If you are willing to experience charming architecture of Bavarian Monarch palace then there can’t be a better place than The Munich Residenz. Here you will get a chance to feel the appeal of European royalty from a very close distance. Tourists who visit this place for the first time get mesmerized by the extraordinary interior and tempting décor of the palace. Here you will discover several artifacts and ceramics that date back to old centuries. 
  • Viktualienmarkt: It is one of the most vibrant and bustling destinations you will come across in Munich. For shopaholic people and food lovers, this place is next to heaven and no wonder it is recommended in every Munich travel blog. The outdoor market of Viktualienmarkt is highly tempting that features food items, conventional pieces and several other adorable masterpieces. If you want to taste local cuisine made from local delicacies then you can stop by at any of the restaurants. Check out few local shops and stores where you can discover several items that can be purchased as a souvenir.
  • English Garden: If you are done exploring the man-made and artificial sights of Munich then it’s time to discover natural wonders within the city. English Garden also known as Englischer Garten and it is one of the most tranquil locations in city that will allow you to spend some peaceful time with your loved ones. Here you will get an opportunity to do paddle boating and take a short tour to beer gardens. If you are traveling to Munich with your family then English garden is a most ideal vacation destination.

What’s next waiting for you?

The list of destinations mentioned in this Munich travel guide are mainly key highlights and there is a lot to explore in the city. Some other highly recommended tourist spots in Munich include BMW Welt, The Frauenkirche, Deutsches Museum, Asamkirche,  Nymphenburg Palace, Cuvilliés Theater and much more. The above list of best things to do and top places to visit in Munich will give you a complete idea of what to do in Munich.

No matter from what part of the world you are traveling to Munich, you will definitely like to add this city in your tour to Germany. Once you visit this spectacular city, you would like to visit it again and again. If you are planning to visit few more popular cities of Germany then check our other travel guides in Europe.  

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