Best Places to Visit in Panama

Panama is one of the best places to visit in North America. Panama has the most beautiful beaches with white sand. Panama City welcomes you with its wanting climate, gorgeous islands and beautiful culture. Panama is the spring destination among people in the United States. Panama places to visit attracts people all over the world for its fantastic geographical features. Like Panama City, Panama Canal, wonderful beaches and National park that covers 25% of the Panama region.  

Panama has been mainly linked to international finance or shipping and it is less known for tourism. This is exactly where people get wrong as they miss one of the untouched travel destinations of North America in their itinerary. If you are done exploring similar sightseeing places across the continent, its time you should try something innovative. Here we have listed some of the most unique and best places to visit in Panama:

The Panama Canal

Panama Canal is being one of the top tourist attractions in Panama. This canal is a long waterway of 82kms which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. It takes about six to eight hours to travel along. In this canal, more than 12000 ocean vessels pass by per year. This canal has evergreen thick forests along its sides. This canal has beautiful views. It attracts most tourists all time. The best time to visit Panama Canal is winter or spring. In the months of February, March, September, and October Panama experiences the least rain.

If you are been at Panama but haven’t visited Panama Canal then you have missed a lot in your tour. It is more than 80km long that connects both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans together. At the banks of this extraordinary canal, you can spot a range of virgin forests that offers spectacular scenery you can capture in the camera.

Panama City

Panama City which the capital of the country. It is one of the largest and modern cities in America. To say in other words this city is the dupe of Dubai. It has skyscrapers, shopping malls, Star hotels with world-class amenities. The best way to roam around the city is to rent a cycle and enjoy the streets of Panama City. The Panamanian forest adds beauty to City’s view and it is one of the best places to visit in Panama City. It has a fantastic mixed culture. Panamanian foods is being infused with many flavors. It would be great to roam around the city and taste the foods and do shopping. Panama City comes to the second rank in the list of top places to visit in Panama.

Bocas Del Toro

Bocas Del Toro province is best-loved by scuba divers. The dives are shallow so it suits best for the beginners. The places to visit here are Zapatilla Island, the Bastimentos National Marine Park, Starfish Beach, Red Frog Beach, and Bluff Beach. The best time of visit here is from November to April which is the dry season so that can enjoy scuba diving and chill in the beach. You cannot find big hotels here so instead try out the boutique accommodation which gives the experience of staying in a treehouse. Then overwater bungalows to enjoy. The other things included here is water sports likes Scuba Diving, surfing. The places to add up are Bat Cave and Cacao farm tours. And the nightlife is best along the beaches and parties. This takes up a definite place in Panama dairies.

San Blas Island

These are a collection of the island and very beautiful tourist attractions in Panama to spend time with your loved ones. This stretches along the Caribbean coasts of Panama to the Colombian border. Few Islands are owned by the people called Kuna. These are a tribe that protects their culture and customs. These islands are inhabited by tribes called Kuna Indians. But they are allowing the visitor to spend a good time for one day at a nominal fee. These islands are located at the eastern Panama region. This could be the best place for taking sunbaths. Palm-lined beach shores well suited for diving, swimming and snorkeling. The place which has colorful vegetation and water with varieties of tropical fishes.

Santa Catalina

This Santa Catalina is the village at the pacific coast region. It’s known for fishing and other common stuff like swimming, diving, snorkeling and sportfishing. This place always lies among the top destinations to be visited in Panama. This has beaches list to be visited like Hicaco beach, Lagartero beach and Arrimadero beach. Some special thing here is the Hotel Hibiscus garden to enjoy nature and beauty from the back of a horse which is a unique experience like ancient kings or queens. Because this is a simple island with an undisturbed natural environment.

If you love surfing then you will never forget your trip to Santa Catalina. The beaches offer magnificent views of the sun setting down during the evening time. If you want to take a unique sailing experience then you can hire a private yacht and cruise through crystal clear waters of Santa Catalina. Peace lovers will find a lot of time for relaxation while sitting next to the black sand smeared by the volcano.


Boquete village is located in the Chiriquí province and one of the top places to visit in Panama. This village is just filled with fresh air and blue-green mountains all over. Filled with lots of spas to relax. This has got a nickname of “The land of Eternal Springtime”. This is the place for adventures as you dare. Trek to rainforests, white water rafting and Baru volcano visit. You can just simply walk along with the coffee plantation and sip the mug of the best coffee.

Gulf of Chiriquí

This gulf lines up the pacific coastline, containing Marine Island and beaches with forests & coco palms. This Gulf encloses two National Parks, Golfa de Chiriquí National Park and Coiba National Park. These parks protect coral reefs and rich mangrove forest in Central America. The tourist offerings are seen on Cala Mia Island Resort, Isla Palenque and Isla Secas. Humpback whale watching is famous in cobia national park. And between November to May Galapagos seals can be witnessed near Montuosa island.

Baru volcano

This volcano is located at Chiriquí province and one of the highest peaks and one of the best places to see in Panama. It offers an amazing view of Costa Rica and the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. This mountain reached at dawn, so to enjoy the beautiful and enchanting sunrise at the top. There are two ways to reach the top. So pick the one that suits you to enjoy the fresh morning.

Pearl Island

As the name says the prominent industry here is pearl. This island featured heavily during the ‘survivor’ TV reality show with three seasons. This is one of the most beautiful island that everyone loves to stay and enjoy the beaches, fish and whale watching. Contadora Island is well developed and has two boosted luxury resorts for tourists. Here you can witness the old shipwrecks that is rusting on the beach shores of Contadora Islands.

It is located around 50km away from main Panama City and considered as a key destination for pearl mining. The island features several small islands and breathtaking beaches that offer tourists an opportunity to enjoy the best time of their life. Besides this, you can spot several private resorts that offer water sports activities such as snorkeling.

El Valle de Anton

This is a typical Panamanian village located in the Coclé province of central Panama, surrounded by ancient volcanic Caldera. This region is occupied continually volcanic site with more traditional method living.  Life is slower here as it is isolated from the rest of civilization. We can enjoy the place for its undisturbed nature and plenty of orchid conservatory which is home for strong plants and hundreds of amphibian species. This valley offers a set of fantastic waterfalls and bird watching and some rare golden frogs to be admired.

It is one of the natural jewels and amazing Panama tourist attractions, which is located very next to dead volcano. It is extremely popular for its forest ecosystem that is spread over a range of mountains. Here you can spot some of the rare species of flowers that include Panama Flor del Espiritu Santo and orchids. Moreover, you can enjoy swimming in natural hot waters which are developed on the virtue of geothermal activities.

Amador Causeway

This Amador Causeway connects the entrance of the Panama Canal to the mainland. This causeway gives the fantabulous view over the Panama City and the bridge of the Americas. This place is chilling places for Panamanians during weekend jogging, street foods and enjoying meals or drinks from the restaurants of the island.

Soberania National Park

If you want to experience the tropical forest of North America from a very close distance then this is a place to be. Here you can get an awesome bird watching experience from the radar towers which have got height equal to five floors. You will be lucky enough to spot some of the rare bird species such as the Sunbittern and Crested Eagle. It is also one of the famous destinations amongst adventure lovers as it offers them an opportunity to do hiking.

What’s next waiting for you?

There are few more tourist attractions in Panama, apart from the list above. They are Casco Viejo, The Biosmuseo, Panama Viejo, The Cathedral and Iglesia Del Carmen. Panama is a place where you can spend a wonderful vacation and retreat your eyes and hearts with the abundance of nature. Panama is like a coin having two sides, cities with modern amenities and another side with Virgin Island and forests. The country which attracts huge people with its beautiful geographical features. Panama is no lesser place to be visited than the other. So add beautiful Panama on your visit list. Panama has more interesting pieces of stuff that make your vogues memorable ever. 

The list of top places to visit in Panama mentioned above talk a lot about themselves and they have given a valid reason for tourists to choose Panama for the upcoming holiday tour. Simply visit this place once and you will fall in love with its beauty that will tempt you to visit it again and again. Now you know what to do in Panama, you can plan your journey with total enthusiasm.

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