Best Places to Visit in Panama

Panama has been mainly linked to international finance or shipping and it is less known for tourism. This is exactly where people get wrong as they miss one of the untouched travel destinations of North America in their itinerary. If you are done exploring similar sightseeing places across the continent, its time you should try something innovative. Here we have listed some of them most unique and best places you can visit in Panama:

Key Highlights of Panama

  • El Valle de Anton: It is one of the natural jewels, which is located very next to dead volcano. It is extremely popular for its forest ecosystem that is spread over range of mountains. Here you can spot some of the rare species of flowers that include Panama Flor del Espiritu Santo and orchids. Moreover, you can enjoy swimming in natural hot waters which are developed on the virtue of geothermal activities.
  • Pearl Islands: It is located around 50km away from main Panama City and considered as a key destination for pearl mining. The island features several small islands and breathtaking beaches that offer tourists an opportunity to enjoy best time of their life. Beside this, you can spot several private resorts that offer water sports activities such as snorkeling.
  • Soberania National Park: If you want to experience tropical forest of North America from a very close distance then this is a place to be. Here you can get awesome bird watching experience from the radar towers which have got height equal to five floors. You will be lucky enough to spot some of the rare bird species such as Sunbittern and Crested Eagle. It is also one of the famous destinations amongst adventure lovers as it offers them an opportunity to do hiking.
  • Panama Canal: If you are been at Panama but haven’t visited Panama Canal then you have missed a lot in your tour. It is more than 80km long that connects both Pacific and Atlantic oceans together. At the banks of this extraordinary canal, you can spot a range of virgin forests that offers spectacular scenery you can capture in camera.
  • Santa Catalina: If you love surfing then you will never forget your trip to Santa Catalina. The beaches offer magnificent views of sun setting down during evening time. If you want to take a unique sailing experience then you can hire a private yacht and cruise through crystal clear waters of Santa Catalina. Peace lovers will find lot of time for relaxation while sitting next to the black sand smeared by the volcano.

The list of destinations mentioned above talk a lot about themselves and they have given a valid reason for tourists to choose Panama for upcoming holiday tour. Simply visit this place once and you will fall in love with its beauty that will tempt you to visit it again and again.

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