Best Places to Visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the worth visiting travel destinations in World which boasts about several hidden gems that you may have not seen before. Being a capital of Japan, the city attracts influx of local as well as foreign tourists. When it comes to creative design and innovative architecture, there is hardly any place on this earth that can match the standards of Tokyo. If you want to know what makes this city such an ideal vacation destination then here is our travel guide that covers key highlights of Tokyo:

Key Highlights of Tokyo

  • National Museum of Nature and Science

If you want to experience perfect blend of science and nature then come to this extraordinary museum in Tokyo. It is situated in Ueno Park and recognized as an oldest museum of country. It has been renovated recently and features huge collection of materials related with nuclear energy and space development that give you glimpse of latest advancement in technology world. Some other highlights of museum include vintage vehicles, robotics, modern gadgets and technology displays.

  • The Imperial Palace:

It is one of the key attractions of city featuring parks of 17th century which are surrounded by several moats and walls. The palace is a unique masterpiece which is worth exploring even though you have less interest in art. If you are looking for an exhaustive tour of palace then you need to do registration in advance. The key highlights covered in tour mainly include Fujimi-yagura, Kikyo-mon Gate, Imperial Household Agency Building and Seimon-tetsubashi Bridge.

  • Ginza:

Most of the tourists come to Japan for the shopping purpose and there can’t be a better place than Ginza to fulfill all your shopping cravings. Since long time, it has been considered as a commercial centre and it is a place where different ancient roads meet each other at single point. During evening time, you will find pedestrians in huge number exploring diverse range of shops selling incredible products. While been here, you can also consider visiting Shinbashi Enbujō Theatre and Kabuki-za Theatre where you can enjoy live performances.

  • Ueno Park:

Tokyo is not just about glamour and shopping destinations. This fantastic travel destination also boasts about several natural jewels such as Ueno Park. It features largest green landscape of city where people come in search of peace. Within the park, you will also find several temples and museums which are worth exploring. The park also features some other key highlights including Toshogu Shrine, Aqua-Zoo and Shinobazu pond.

  • The Tokyo Skytree:

It is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo that is situated in the Sumida district. With a height of 634 meters, the skyscraper offers spectacular views of city from its observatory decks. The base of the building is constructed in tripod shape featuring several cylindrical observation zones along with spiral walkway. While been here, don’t forget to explore the very famous Tokyo Tower constructed in year 1958 and considered as a tallest structure of Tokyo.

Apart from the key destinations discussed above, there is a lot to explore in bustling city of Tokyo. All you need is sufficient amount of time to plan your journey judiciously and make best out of your itinerary. Check out our other travel guides to get information on other best cities you can visit in Japan.

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