Backpacking Guide to Bali

The dream destination of Bali has a lot to offer. Bali truly caters to everyone’s needs, be it big or small. It has got endless options to choose from like surf spots, spiritual retreats, and challenging hiking trails among others. This makes Bali tour packages from India highly desirable. Bali is also a backpacker’s paradise. It offers all that appeals to the backpacking community – cheap accommodation, delicious food, and easy transport options among others. What adds to the allure of Bali as a prospective destination is its developed tourism infrastructure. So, keeping this in mind we have compiled a backpacking guide to Bali:

  1. Travel via Scooter
  2. Diverse diet
  3. Safety precautions
  4. Food and Accommodation
  5. Social circle

1. Travel via Scooter:

One slight inconvenience while travelling in Bali is the narrow widths of the roads. One can overcome this disadvantage by travelling via a scooter. This gives one significant advantage of having mobility. Two-wheelers also give you the chance to explore the road not taken, and with Bali, this might prove to be the best thing given its numerous undiscovered locations. Plus there is also another upside to renting a two-wheeler – savings. Yes, renting a two-wheeler is obviously much cheaper than renting a car. The rates for two-wheelers at Bali are fairly nominal and it is definitely a no-brainer for a backpacker. It is advised to take a small driving course from the rentals if you aren’t familiar with riding a two-wheeler. It shouldn’t take much of your time as two-wheelers are easy to pick up even for most novice drivers. Of course, one shouldn’t overlook safety while on the roads and always wear protective gear. Travel is an essential part of any journey and this makes it an important entry in our backpacking guide to Bali.

2. Diverse diet:

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The cuisine at Bali is famous all over the world. So much so that many stalls here sell packaged foods that the tourists can enjoy back home. In addition, one can also sign up for a variety of cooking classes and learn the craft of Balinese cooking themselves. Needless to say, Balinese cuisine is a treat not worth missing. This makes it a necessary addition to our backpacking guide to Bali. And as a backpacker, you are at an advantage as you get to enjoy the street food scene without taking much effort. You can choose from a variety of dishes – sweet and savoury and get your tastebuds singing. Some of the biggest hits of the region include ( and are not limited to )  – Sate Lilit, Nasi Jinggo, Pisang Rai etcetera. It is recommended that you try local “ Warungs ” or restaurants as they offer dishes that can rival those in the most high-end restaurants.

3. Safety precautions:

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Tourism is the pillar of the Balinese economy. This makes the safety of travellers something that is abundant. The local crowd here will welcome you with open arms and smiles. However, having said that one should always practice common travel practices and place common sense above everything else. It is advisable while staying at a hostel to take care of your belongings. This means that one shouldn’t leave their personal effects unattended. If that is not possible then make sure all these items are placed in the protection of a locker. While travelling, especially on two-wheelers it is advised you don’t wear cross-shoulder bags or purses. As we mentioned earlier, safety is paramount while traveling on a two-wheeler, so always wear protective gear. After all, prevention is better than cure. One should always keep a lookout for oncoming traffic no matter whether they are in a secluded or busy spot. Lastly, if you are in a crowded spot like at parties, keep a note of your belongings. Bali is also hailed as being a safe travel destination for women backpackers, but again, we encourage the use of common sense.

4. Accommodation:

If you are backpacking through Bali, then chances are that your preferred choice of accommodation is hostels. And that is great news as Bali has hostels in abundance. These stays are affordable and offer a lot for the money. For a mere 100 Indonesian Rupiahs, you can bunk with fellow travellers in a comfortable air-conditioned room. What’s more? Some of these accommodations also offer complimentary meals. So you can expect to be woken up by the smell of fresh juice, coffee, and the staple Banana pancakes here. Some of these accommodations go even a step further and offer a pool. In addition to hostels, there are plenty of homestay options available too. These cater to a variety of your needs as a traveller and are immensely flexible. Prices can range from 200 Indonesian Rupiahs and higher. The basic ones are equipped with a ceiling fan, but we recommend you spend a bit more and go for ones with an AC. Needless to say, these accommodation options are the best way to experience local culture.

5. Social circle:

The biggest upside to traveling as a backpacker is the connections that you make while on your travels. This makes the development of a social circle an important section in our backpacking guide to Bali. Bali is a treasure trove when it comes to the social aspect of being a backpacker. New connections can be forged literally anywhere in these beautiful lands. From owners of your hostel to the people you meet while surfing, it is advisable you socialize as much as possible. You may not know who can give you the best bit of travel wisdom that can go on to elevate your trip. We also recommend talking to the warm locals here as they know the lands better than any map or online site. They can point you to the best-hidden spots around and even offer you local wisdom. All these aspects make socialization a big recommendation in our books. Being a country whose economy is largely based on tourism, Bali has caught on to this trend. Many of the activities that you can engage in here are done in groups. So, go ahead and book that group hike to Mount Batur or raft down the tumultuous waters of the rivers here. It will only add to your Bali experience. Lastly, we recommend that you speak a little bit of the local dialect. Even small phrases go a long way in easing your journey in this magical land.

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