Best Amusement Parks to Visit in the World

Amusement is what everyone looks forward to while going on vacation. Amusement parks stay in the to-do list in the itineraries of people. Be it a child or an adult, amusement parks help one in relieving their childhood memories and experiencing the fun all over again. These parks are a perfect combination of fun, excitement, and thrills that you look forward to in life. From watersports to thrilling rides, you will get everything here. Vacations are meant to be cheerful and amazing which can be fulfilled only with the best amusement parks in the world.

Amusement parks are always considered as a key attraction amongst travelers no matter where they are traveling. They are also connected to theme parks that allow us to relive our childhood memories by bringing our dream characters into reality. Every year, amusement parks witness a record number of visitors that include people of all ages. Here we have listed some of the best amusements parks in the world that will offer you extreme thrill along with high excitement:

  • Gardaland, Italy

It is considered to be one of the top 10 amusement parks in the world located in Northeastern Italy and is a fun journey for all. Get on this adventure thrilling experience of themed water well, and all other jaw-dropping rides like Oblivion, Blue Tornado, Magic Mountain, The Black Hole and so many more. In this amusement park, you will not have any boring moments even for once. The Blue Tornado is the most loved ride in the park.

  • Disneyland, Paris

Now, in Paris and dreaming of Disneyland? You are doing exactly the right thing. It is one of the classic attractions in the world with some theme rides like Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and filled with so many surprises that you won’t seem to be missing on them. It has shopping centers, roller coaster rides, amazing delicacies, and what not! The Sleeping beauty castle cannot be missed even for once. There are many hotels inside the park for spending the night.

It will give you an amazing opportunity to enjoy the kingdom of Walt Disney thereby recalling all your old memories. It is one of the biggest amusement parks in the world that will give you an opportunity to different themes ranging from Mystic Point, Fantasy, Toy Story Land and much more. Here you will have over 25 different attractions to cover and you definitely need lot of physical as well as mental stamina to cover everything in a single day.

  • BetoCarrero World, Brazil

It is the largest themed park located in Latin America. It is spread across 14 km and the park has been divided into 9 segments each. Each segment has its thrilling rides and entertainment shows loved by people. There is also a zoo for children and animal lovers all together where they can get close to the animals and have the time of their lives. Do check out the horse show for sure. In 2012, certain entertainment shows started such as the Madagascar circus show and you will find your most favorite cartoon characters like Kung Fu Panda and Shrek making its way for you to click pictures with them.

  • Hershey Park, Pennsylvania

Now, this is one of the best theme parks for adults even and they seem to be loving it. It has some of the delicious chocolates in the world. The rides are set up very high for a unique experience with the lanes kept so tidy all the time. There are rollercoasters and an astounding waterpark for kids to enjoy. Also, the chocolate paraphernalia keeps you engrossed throughout the day. There is the LaffTrakk taking families through a fun colored modern funhouse in a car speeding at 40mph. As a bonus, you will get free admission to the ZOOAMERICA which must be checked out which is worthwhile. 

  • Kings Island, Ohio

This adventure park is known all because of its record-breaking rides and it as a controversy of being the most thrilling parks in the world. It has one of the best parks for kids, having a total of 18 themed parks in the name of peanuts. It also has the best-inverted roller coaster with the longest roller coaster for all the adrenaline junkies.  But one of the wooden coasters were shut down in 2012. Visitors also come here to witness the Live dinosaurs, having almost 65 life-sized dinosaurs in the park. The park has been newly renovated with over 80 rides and having the best family activities to try on.

  • Universal Studios, Florida

Universal Studios have been famous for its fascinating rides and attractions that are growing bigger and better with every passing year. You can find Harry Potter, The Simpsons, and Men in Black shows in 3D full of entertainment. It has the tallest ride called the Rip Ride Rocket. It’s the world’s first non-inverting loop where you can select your music as per your tastes. You can go on exploring the park for days on the same ticket and it has two themed parks taking days for covering it.

  • Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Florida

The Walt Disney Magic Kingdom is so famous in Florida and it is one of the largest amusement parks in the world located on the Bay lake. You can meet your favorite Disney characters out there like the Frontierland, Fantasyland, Liberty Square, Tomorrowland, etc. The best is the Cinderella castle where you can go on magical rides for dreams to come true. The park is open from 9 am to 10 pm and the famous ride is Space Mountain. 

  • Efteling, The Netherlands

It is a very uniquely themed amusement park for reliving your childhood memories. It has everything so fun and fantastic keeping the magic of childhood alive. Some of the characters you can find here are Polka Marina, half-moon, Pinocchio, Flying Dutchman, Baron 1898, Ravelin, etc. It also hosts one of the biggest waters shows in Europe here.

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando

Drawing inspiration from the 1930s and 40s from Hollywood, this amusement park has been built which is one of its kind. It has themed regarding all the classic films of Hollywood. Some of the themes are the Toy Storyland, Pixar Place offer, Echo lake, Hollywood Boulevard, Animation Courtyard, etc. The 3D motion space flights have given amazing dining experiences making it one of the top places to visit.

  • Universal Island of Adventure, Florida

This theme park is based on the world-famous book of Harry Potter started way back in 2010 and prevalent even today. This theme park lists Number 1 among all the fans where fans can jump from various rides and also sip in butterbeer in the tavern present there. It has so many rides and attractions in the park. The 3D swings above the streets of Superman, jaws of T Rex, etc. are some attractions enlivening the magic in the park. Try out the water rides and get a chance of riding in the famous Hogwarts Express for having the time of your life dipped in creativity and adventure. If you are searching for one of the top 10 amusement parks in the USA then this one is an ideal option.

  • Wonderla, India

Now, Wonderla in Bangalore is yet another exciting amusement park located in India. It creates a striking balance between wildlife, fun, thrill, food and it holds a special place in the hearts of all the roller coaster lovers. The ferry wheels and the virtual reality rides make it worth visiting. The tickets start at Rs. 1,300 per adult and for kids, it is Rs. 1,050 per day. The Water Splash is a wonderful thing to try out here. 

  • Pleasure Beach, United Kingdom

Exploring Pleasure beach in the UK is one of the most anticipated things you can do when on a vacation here. It hosts some of the legendary shows like Craig Cristian Ken, the Webster, Hot Ice, and head-spinning roller coasters are the way to go. Most of the shows here come with discounts for everyone to explore. It is one of the best places for spending some memorable time with family. 

  • Universal Studios, Singapore

 Located in Singapore, this amusement park boasts about several theme spots that cover more than 20 different electrifying attractions. Here you can enjoy several adventurous rides including transformers, Ancient Egypt and the lost world. Some other key attractions in the studio include Fly around wild, Treasure Hunters, Shrek 4D show and Madagascar ride. It will cost you SGD 71 for a one day tour to Universal Studios.

  • Port Aventura, Spain

It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world that you will come across in Europe that will allow you to enjoy extreme fun along with adventure. It gives a perfect representation of the old civilization of places such as Polynesia, China and Mexico. Port Aventura is considered as the most popular amusement park in Spain that you can consider visiting with your entire family. The price of a day visit starts at 40€ for a single person.

  • Essel World, India

Located in Mumbai, one of the busiest cities of India, this amusement park features the largest water park of Asia. Here you can spot a wide range of rides that are suitable for people of all ages. No matter what your interest is, you will definitely find something to enjoy here. It is recommended to plan your destinations in advance as it takes more than a single day to cover all the offerings of Essel World.

  • Everland, South Korea

If you ever get an opportunity to visit South Korea then don’t forget to stop by at Everland. It is packed with several innovative adventure rides that will keep you busy throughout a day. Here you can enjoy thrilling roller coasters, steep ride and Eagle Fortress that will offer a memorable experience. Everland is spread over a long distance and you need to manage your journey wisely to cover maximum offerings in stipulated time.

What’s next waiting for you?

Excited to try on a roller coaster in life? Plan for any of these amusement parks and you will be thrilled on the beauty and adventure of these best theme parks in the world.

Each of the amusement parks mentioned above is unique in its own and you will definitely get mesmerized by its creative offerings. They are open to tourists of all ages but it is recommended to check the offerings in advance that will match your interest. When you come out of the amusement park after a day full of happenings, you will definitely have the most satisfied smile of life on your face.

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