Best Amusement Parks to Visit in the World

Amusement parks are always considered as a key attraction amongst travelers no matter where they are travelling. They are also connected to theme parks that allow us to relive our childhood memories by bringing our dream characters into the reality. Every year, amusement parks witness record number of visitors that include people of all ages. Here we have listed some of the best amusements parks in the world that will offer you extreme thrill along with high excitement:

  • Universal Studios: Located in Singapore, this amusement park boasts about several theme spots that cover more than 20 different electrifying attractions. Here you can enjoy several adventurous rides including transformers, Ancient Egypt and the lost world. Some other key attractions in the studio include Fly around wild, Treasure Hunters, Shrek 4D show and Madagascar ride. It will cost you SGD 71 for a one day tour to Universal Studios.
  • Port Aventura: It is one of the most sought after amusement parks you will come across in Europe that will allow you to enjoy extreme fun along with adventure. It gives perfect representation of old civilization of places such as Polynesia, China and Mexico. Port Aventura is considered as a most popular amusement park in Spain that you can consider visiting with your entire family. The price of one day visit starts from 40€ for a single person.
  • Essel World: Located in Mumbai, one of the busiest cities of India, this amusement park features largest water park of Asia. Here you can spot wide range of rides that are suitable for people of all ages. No matter what your interest is, you will definitely find something to enjoy here. It is recommended to plan your destinations in advance as it takes more than a single day to cover all the offerings of Essel World.
  • Everland: If you ever get an opportunity to visit South Korea then don’t forget to stop by at Everland. It is packed with several innovative adventures rides that will keep you busy throughout a day. Here you can enjoy thrilling roller coasters, steep ride and Eagle Fortress that will offer a memorable experience. Everland is spread over a long distance and you need to manage your journey wisely to cover maximum offerings in stipulated time.
  • Disneyland: It will give you an amazing opportunity to enjoy kingdom of Walt Disney thereby recalling all your old memories. It is one of the extraordinary amusement parks that will give you an opportunity to different themes ranging from Mystic Point, Fantasy, Toy Story Land and much more. Here you will have over 25 different attractions to cover and you definitely need lot of physical as well as mental stamina to cover everything in a single day.

Each of the amusement parks mentioned above is unique in its own and you will definitely get mesmerized by its creative offerings. They are open to tourists of all ages but it is recommended to check the offerings in advance that will match your interest. When you come out of the amusement park after a day full of happenings, you will definitely have a most satisfied smile of life on your face.

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