Best Places to Visit in France

France is one of the incredible countries in Europe that brags about unique culture, delicious cuisine, amazing topography, and cordial people. There are several picturesque places in this country that have inspired many poets and artists to produce one of the finest arts of all time. You can consider a stopover of a complete week to explore this wonderful country during any time of the year. Through every month is considered as the best time to visit France, tourists prefer to visit this marvelous country during festival time. Go through following list of best places to visit in France that you should always keep on your priority list:

Top Tourist Attractions of France

  • Bordeaux
  • Lille
  • Mont Saint-Michel
  • French Riviera
  • Normandy
  • Strasbourg
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Nice
  • Riquewihr
  • Fontainebleau
  • Annecy
  • Palais Garnier Opera House

Why you must-visit these travel destinations?

  • Bordeaux

It is one of the best tourist attractions of France which is also recognized as a wine capital. If you are a food lover and wine connoisseur then you will definitely have a lot to discover here. The city also features several historical landmarks and monuments which are worth adding in your list of best places to visit in France. Bordeaux also boasts several shopping markets where you can enjoy the ultimate shopping experience. Some of the key highlights worth visiting in the city include Pey-Berland Tower and Baillardran.

  • Lille:

Located extremely nearby Belgian Border, it is part of France tourism for several years. If you are pondering over what is the best time to visit France then the answer is the month of September. It is a period when Grande Braderie de Lille takes place. It is the time when markets add an extra exuberance to the city for more than 2 days. If you love French fries, mussels and waffles then you must come to Lille. Another important attraction you can consider visiting in the city includes Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille. The museum features several unique masterpieces that date back to old centuries.

  • Mont Saint-Michel:

It is one of the most sought tourist attractions in France where you can experience mesmerizing views that you only see in the postcards. Located very close to the Couesnon River, this masterpiece is blessed with natural scenery which is worth capturing in your camera. Tourists spend some quality time capturing selfies while having such a fabulous architecture in the background. The island also features an old monastery and it is the key reason why this destination is named Mont Saint-Michel. In the vicinity, you can also spot The Parish Church, Eglise Saint Pierre, Tidal Island and The Abbey which are vital part of every France vacation.

  • French Riviera:

Without any doubt, it is recognized as one of the most visited France tourist attractions. It is nestled very close to the Mediterranean coast of the country which is popular for health resorts, vacation retreats, breathtaking shorelines, and picturesque beauty. French Riviera is also world-famous for potters, glass blowers, perfumeries and much more. It is a place where the Cannes Film Festival is organized thereby becoming a hub for the entertainment. Some other key attractions you can consider here include La Colline du Chateau, Monaco and Grasse which included in every trip to France.

  • Normandy:

If you are searching for a highly versatile tourist attraction in France then a visit to Normandy will make your France trip truly memorable. While been here, you can enjoy incredible architecture, stunning beaches and busy streets that are packed with local stores. If you are a foodie then you can stop by at any of the restaurants in the vicinity to enjoy local as well as international cuisine. Seafood is listed in one of the highly recommended dishes that you will remember for several years to come. There are several reasons that separate Normandy from other places to visit in France and you will come to those only when you personally explore this fantastic destination.

  • Strasbourg:

It is located very close to the Germany border and also features several political landmarks that are worth exploring at least once in a lifetime. Here you will observe several ancient buildings and structures created in German as well as French style. Some of the key attractions you can add in your France vacation holiday include Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art, Strasbourg cathedral, Eglise de Saint-Thomas, and Maison Kammerzell. The cathedral features everyday show which is one of its kind and this is the reason why it is listed in top things to do in France.

  • Eiffel Tower: 

Most of the tourists have dreamt of visiting Eiffel tower in their life. Many consider it as a perfect romantic place to express their feelings to partner while others consider it as an ideal picnic spot for a family vacation. While being here, you can also consider exploring fashion, food, architecture, culture, and art of Paris. Moreover, you can discover museums, galleries and several historical monuments in the vicinity. Check out any France vacation package and you will find Eiffel Tower is added as a priority holiday destination.

  • Nice: 

As the name suggests, it is recognized as the nicest place in France. It is packed with lots of beaches where you can enjoy sunbath before jumping into the crystal clear waters of the sea. Moreover, you can also consider a visit to the nearby location called St Jean Cap Ferrat which is packed with so many historical landmarks that dates back to old centuries. While traveling in France, you will hear a lot about Nice and once you come here you will realize your every single moment worth spending here.

  • Riquewihr: 

If you are searching for a vibrant and colorful place in entire France then come to Riquewihr. This tempting village has got lots of appeal and you can find several timbered houses that belong to the 18th century. Every house here is painted in a bright color which is an absolute treat to watch. The shops here are painted according to the profession thereby making it easy for customers to identify a specific shop they are looking for. It is one of the most offbeat places to visit in France that attracts local as well as foreign tourists in huge numbers.

  • Fontainebleau: 

Situated around 50km from Paris, it is one of the famous holiday destinations in France. It is covered with lush green landscapes and offer tourists enough opportunity for rock climbing and trekking. Moreover, don’t forget to visit the very popular Chateau while being here. Check out your list of things to do in France and you will find most of those activities in Fontainebleau. This is the key reason why this incredible tourist attraction in France is always crowded with adventure travelers from different corners of the world.

  • Annecy: 

It is located at a point where River Lac d’Annecy and Thiou merge with each other. Here you can spot several heritage sites such as canals, streets, architectures, and creatively constructed houses. The well-recognized museum here features lots of sculptures, arts, furniture and paintings that belong to medieval time. If you are a real history lover then you will definitely love spending maximum time in this stunning France vacation destination.

  • Palais Garnier Opera House:

If you have given a visit to France and didn’t listen to its breathtaking music then you missed a lot in your tour. Besides, this venue gives you enough exposure to know about typical music, poetry, drama, songs, dance and recitation of France. The opera house organizes several programs on regular basis and it holds a capacity of more than 2,000 people. If you want to experience diverse aspects of France holidays then a visit to Palais Garnier Opera House is must.

What’s next waiting for you?

The culture of France is so diverse that you will always end up discovering one or other extraordinary things here. Furthermore, it is a perfect blend of old little villages along with modern cities that offer ultimate amusement to visitors. France is a country where you can always get more than what you have anticipated. The list of best places to visit in France mentioned is sufficient enough to make your France tour all-inclusive. If you are planning to explore few more countries in Europe then go through our travel guides to get detail information.

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