Best Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is a kind of country that makes you fall in love with it only after your first visit. It is a tourist destination you would like to explore again and again. From wonderful sightseeing locations, historical architecture, wineries, restaurants to art galleries, you can spot everything here. The list of destinations to see in Italy is such a long that it will take more than a week for you to discover everything. Here we have listed some of the best places to visit in Italy that you can always keep on your priority list:

Key Highlights of Italy

  • Naples: If you are food lover then you know the importance of this destination. It is home for pizza and became an inspiration for lot of chefs across the world to create some extraordinary cuisine from local ingredients. You can spot several UNSECO heritage sites here along with palaces and castles full of art.
  • Tuscany: Are you looking for extremely secluded place in Italy that will allow you to find out ultimate piece of your mind then Tuscany is a place to be. Here you can discover several romantic destinations, castles, villas and lush landscapes. It is an ideal place for people who don’t like staying at one location for longer time.
  • Lake Como: It is one of the most preferred destinations in Italy that features several key highlights which you haven’t seen before. This place is highly crowded with restaurants, hotels and villas along the seashore to make your stay extremely comfortable. You can also spot lot of speed boats and sailboats cruising through lake water which is an absolute treat to watch and try.
  • Cinque Terre: If you want to see the most lively and colorful side of Italy then come to Cinque Terre. It is one of the most vibrant places in country where you can view colorful towns settled at the bottom of scenic hills thereby creating a panorama perfect for doing photography. Most of the visitors prefer to come here to view sunrise and sunset which means they have a whole day to spend here.
  • Rome: It is a place where you can spot relics that dates back to the time of Roman Empire. It is recognized for several historical landscapes and cultural heritage locations which are one of its kinds. Rome is always crowded with foodies as you can spot some of the best restaurants of country that offer delicious food menu.
  • Amalfi Coast: If you are searching for a paradise on earth then come to Amalfi Coast. It is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and it covers large area under its territory. For trekkers, it is an absolute treat as it demands lot of challenges from your side to reach at this magnificent destination. Moreover, you can simply relax at the beach while enjoying your favorite cuisine.  

Italy brags about its picturesque scenery, culinary delights and extraordinary architecture which are difficult to find anywhere else. If you have visited the list of places discussed above then you have definitely covered maximum sightseeing locations in Italy.

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