Best Places to Visit in Spain

Spain is considered as an undisputed travel destination in Europe, courtesy to its majestic landscapes and dynamic offerings. It will be real pleasure for you to discover hidden gems of Spain one by one. Visitors come here and they fall in love with this country without any doubt. Most of them even end up extending their vacation for longer time. Here we have highlighted best places to visit in Spain that you shouldn’t miss at all:

Key Highlights of Spain

  • Bilbao: Packed with lot of art and cultural heritage, it is perfect holiday destination for solo travelers, romantic couples and families. It gives you an idea about urbanization can create huge transformation to the overall development of city. Moreover, here you can witness diverse perspective of modern art as well as old customs.
  • Canary Islands: If you have ever visited Europe in lifetime, you may have heard this name before. Situated off the coast of Africa, this bunch of island has become ideal beach destination over the years. Here you can do lot of adventurous activities such as swimming and hiking. Moreover, the location boasts about several national parks that feature unique flora and fauna.
  • Sen Sebastian: A trip to Spain is definitely incomplete without visiting Sen Sebastian. Every year, thousands of visitors gather here to enjoy beauty of misty mountains, incredible shorelines and lush terrain. Besides, if you are real foodie then you can discover several extraordinary restaurants here offering mouth watering food menus at reasonable price.
  • Girona: It is a place where you can spot wide range of galleries, museums and churches. If you want to know everything about the history of Spain then plan a trip to Girona and explore everything about medieval architecture here. If you are a shopaholic person then you will love to visit local shops, malls and boutique offering handmade items.
  • Jerez: You can’t resist importance of visiting this wonderful location during your tour to Spain. It is destination where you can see perfect blend of old as well as modern life. Here you can also enjoy some of the amazing music shows and dance performances that you may have seen only in movies. Moreover, it is also considered as a home to some of the highly popular Sherries.
  • Salamanca: No matter from which corner of the world you are travelling, you will love the company of Salamanca’s residents. It is world famous for its serene ambience and unique culture. While on the go, you can spot several UNESCO world heritage sites here. It is a destination where you will not only indulge yourself with artistic offerings but you can also enjoy vibrant nightlife. If you want to see the colorful side of Salamanca then simply visit University area and explore some of the most unique restaurants and pubs here.

Above mentioned destinations will definitely give you a perfect glimpse of incredible culture and distinctive lifestyle of Spain. There are few locations where you can plan a short trip while others persuade you to think about extended stay. No matter what interests you, Spain is a kind of tourist destination that you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

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