Best Places to Visit in Israel

Israel is recognized for its memorable history that makes it an extraordinary place to visit. Here you can spot everything from spiritual monuments, breathtaking landscapes to lush gardens. Israel has also created a strong reputation in the field of Agriculture. People from different parts of the world visit this country to get acquainted with their unique agriculture techniques. Whether you are visiting Israel for holiday or some other purpose, this country offers a lot to keep you busy during your tour. Here are some of the best places that you can add to your itinerary in Israel:

Key Highlights of Israel

  • The Dead Sea: Spread over a border of Jordan and Israel, The Dead Sea is considered as a lowest point on globe. It is very popular for its opulence in salt and mineral content. Tourists mainly visit this place to experience its buoyant and warm waters. You can get a unique experience of doing swimming on these turquoise waters and also relish yourself in an ultimate mud task.
  • Haifa: If you are at Haifa then brace yourself to enjoy an ultimate excitement of your life. It boasts about a strategic location that features restaurants, cafes, malls and several unique destinations to hang out. There are several monasteries, promenades, beaches and gardens that add real value to this place. Moreover, you can also plan a trip to sculptures garden and also visit several art galleries in the vicinity.
  • Eilat: It is one of the hottest tourist destinations that you will come across in Israel. Rich wildlife, exotic beaches and extraordinary marine life separates this place from rest of the sightseeing locations in country. If you are an adventure lover then you will enjoy several water sport activities including Red Sea, Scuba diving, Snorkeling and much more. Besides this, you can also plan several wildlife tours in the park area to make your tour memorable.
  • Tel Aviv: When it comes to things to do at Tel Aviv, the number is countless. During your visit, you can discover famous Carmel market, spot the beauty of sunset and plan a tour to Sharona. Here you can spot some of the famous beaches of Israel including Banana beach, Frishman beach and Gordon beach. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to experience the incredible nightlife of country at Tel Aviv.
  • Bethlehem: Recognized as a Jesus’s birthplace, Bethlehem is considered as a highly adorable destination to visit in country. Here you will come across numerous religious places including churches that date back to old centuries. Furthermore, you can explore several famous museums and galleries that will give you a glimpse of Israel’s amazing history.
  • Jerusalem: Your tour to Israel will be incomplete without visiting Jerusalem. It is home to biggest religion in world – Islam, Judaism and Christianity. While travelling through this amazing city, you will come across several UNESCO heritage sites that attract thousands of tourists each month. Besides this, the city boasts about several holy places which have an interesting history to explore.

If you are planning a tour to Middle-East Asian countries then don’t forget to add Israel in your list. In fact, you should keep it on the top of your list. If you are also looking for information on other nearby countries you can visit during your tour then here is a list – Middle East Asian countries to visit .

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