Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt has a history of strong civilization that dates back to old centuries. It is an ideal destination for people looking to explore some of the fabulous landmarks and archaeological units. The pristine Nile River and Sahara desert has added an extra charm to this wonderful country. Are you searching for list of places to visit in Egypt? Then here is a comprehensive guide that will take you through all the highlights of this incredible country:

Key Highlights of Egypt

  • Luxor: Known as a valley of kings, it features several historical tombs that boast about their unique architecture. The destination has more than 60 tombs in its collection but only few of them are made available to see for tourists. Over the years, Luxor has maintained its reputation of being a most excited place in the Egypt.
  • Ras Muhammad National Park: It is not only a popular national park in Egypt but also rated as most famous diving site in the country. The water here is extremely crystal clear that lets you to enjoy lively corals and marine species from very close distance. Besides, all these natural jewels the park also features White Storks in huge number.
  • Islamic Cairo: This amazing historic center in Egypt brags about several madrassas, monuments and mosques. It reminds you of great Islamic heritage thereby making it a famous tourist attraction. Furthermore, in the vicinity you can also find several artisan families and workshops portraying their unique creation which is difficult to find anywhere else in the world.
  • Egyptian Museum: If you wish to get glimpse of most historic places of Egypt anywhere in the country then Egyptian Museum is a place to be. Here you can find everything from tombs, palaces, temples to historic architecture. Moreover, the museum also brags about several old book, artifacts and jewelry which are an absolute treat to watch. Here you can also spot tomb of Tutankhamun which is a rare site to explore in Egypt.
  • Bahariya Oasis: This amazing site came into focus in year 1996 when more than 30 tombs found here. Bahariya Oasis features more than 200 tombs that date back to long timeline of old centuries. Besides the destination of mummies, it is also referred as a famous agricultural hub where wine production has been done till today.
  • Aswan: If you are done exploring history of Egypt then it’s time to sit in the lap of Aswan to relax and rejuvenate yourself for further journey.  Here you can catch some of the spectacular views of Nile River and desert dunes. Moreover, Elephantine Islands is your ideal gateway here to enjoy family vacation. You can also consider strolling through Nubian villages to discover taste of traditional culture of Egypt.

It is always recommended to discover variety of places while being such a wonderful country of Egypt. It is one of the versatile travel destinations that serve tourists of different age and interests. No wonder, it has become a most preferred filming destination of several popular holywood movies.

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