Best Places to Visit in Miami

Miami is the most famous vacation destination in North America and you can feel it when you actually visit this mesmerizing city. Whether it is pristine beaches, serene weather, nightlife, culture or history, the city boasts about several exceptional things to do. From top places to visit in Miami beach to the best places to see in Miami Florida, you will find everything in this incredible city. The number of tourists visits this spectacular destination in Florida is truly amazing. There is a huge variety of sightseeing locations you will find in this unbelievable city. Here is an exhaustive travel guide which talks about best places to visit in Miami Florida to make your tour memorable:

Top Tourist Attractions of Miami

  • Miami Beach
  • Everglades National Park
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  • Bayfront park
  • Wynwood Wall Street Art
  • World Erotic Art Museum
  • Zoo Miami
  • Coral Castle
  • Miami Children’s Museum
  • Jungle Island
  • Miami Design District

Why you must-visit these travel destinations?

  • Miami Beach

Without any doubt, it is listed amongst the must-visit places of Florida. No matter what your interest is the zeal and ambiance of Miami Beach will help you get rid of all monotony. The beach is a perfect blend of long stretches and outstanding neighborhood that will make your holiday truly memorable. While been here, don’t forget to visit Ocean Drive where you can spot several artistic buildings thereby creating spectacular scenes you would love to capture in your camera. Without any doubt, Miami Beach is considered as a preferred choice of tourist amongst all highly recommended Miami visit places.

  • Everglades National Park:

It is situated only few km away from Miami and recognized as a must-visit destination in Florida. The park covers land of more than 1.5 million acres where you can discover several wildlife creatures. Here you can spot crocodiles, snakes, alligators and several unique bird species that are hard to find anywhere else. You can simply follow the trails or opt for an airboat tour to cover all the offerings of the park in a short time. It is one of the most tranquil and top places to visit in Miami Florida that attracts tourists in immense numbers.

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens:

If you are on a mission of exploring key highlights of Miami then Vizcaya Museum and Gardens will be there in your list without any doubt. The entire structure is spread over an area of more than 25 acres which was resident of James Deering. In this grand villa, you will discover the Italian Renaissance along with European style furniture that belongs to the 15th century. In the vicinity, you will spot a garden that features several pools and fountains designed in European style. No wonder, museums and gardens are recognized as one of the top places to go in Miami Florida.

  • Bayfront park:

If you are a history lover then you will love exploring several historical landmarks and monuments of Miami. It is also spread over an immense area of 32 acres that features several sculptures and monuments from historical time. The Pepper Fountain is considered as a key highlight of Bayfront Park that grabs the attention of several local as well as foreign tourists. Here you can also spot Light Tower which is a unique amphitheater used for several musical performances. 

  • Wynwood Wall Street Art

If you want to witness how the imagination of artists can transform a scrap property into a creative one then check out Wynwood Wall Street Art. It is a wall of Warehouse that has been adorned with graffiti paintings that receive admiration from all the visitors. Since the establishment of the wall, more than 8,000 Sq. Ft of wall has been painted with creative figures and pictures.

  • World Erotic Art Museum

If you are searching for one of the offbeat tourist attractions in Miami then World Erotic Art Museum is a place to be. This place features a lot about human sexuality and you will discover several unique things here that you may have not come across in your entire life. The museum features several historical artifacts and masterpieces that date back to the old centuries. It is one of the ideal places to visit in Miami if you want to make yourself educated with erotic art and unique collection from Dali, Picasso and Rembrandt.

  • Zoo Miami:

If you are done visiting historical landmarks and serene beaches of Miami, it’s time to explore the natural tourist attractions of Miami. Zoo Miami is one of the family-friendly travel destinations which is a vital part of Miami tourism. Here you will come across more than 3000 diverse kinds of animals of 40 different wildlife species. The zoo also boasts a unique flora that enhances its beauty to a significant extent. It is definitely a memorable experience for visitors to take a stroll through narrow trails of the park while getting close to such an incredible flora and fauna of the park.

  • Coral Castle:

It is one of the extraordinary places to go in Miami which you must add in your itinerary. It is a destination where you will witness amazing carvings done by a highly talented artist from homemade tools. It is created by Edward Leedskalnin from Limestone material during the period of 1923-1951. Tourists are allowed to take a tour of this property that features a giant stone gate that is famous for its opening pattern. Moreover, you can spot several extraordinary figures such as chairs and tables that are carved in a peerless way.  

  • Miami Children’s Museum:

If you are planning a trip to Miami with kids then it is worth adding Miami Children’s Museum to your journey. The museum is popular for its highly innovative and vibrant design that covers an area of over 50,000 square feet. Exhibitions and educational programs are also organized here making it one of the best places to visit in Miami for students. The museum features several theme galleries that revolve around culture and art. Outdoor displays allow kids to participate in some creative activities to have the best time of their life during Miami vacations.

  • Jungle Island:

Miami tourist attractions are known for their natural reserve and Jungle Island is another addition in this list. It is a place where you will spot everything from the botanical garden, wildlife creatures to the bird sanctuary. Animal shows are also conducted here which is considered as one of the key attractions during your Miami trip. Some of the unique wildlife creatures you will spot here include monkeys, tortoises, alligators, baboons, tigers and many more. The garden brags more than 2,000 unique species of exotic plants such as bromeliads, orchids and bananas.

  • Miami Design District:

If you are done exploring all the natural and artificial tourist attractions in Miami then it’s time to spend quality time doing shopping. Come to Miami Design Distinct which is recommended as one of the most popular Miami places to visit for the unique shopping experience. It is an ideal spot for doing window shopping during a nice sunny day. In the vicinity, you can spot several famous stores and boutiques where you can purchase some branded items. After a whole day of shopping, you can stop by at local restaurants to satiate your food cravings. You can enter at some of the famous restaurants in Miami Design Distinct to enjoy some national as well as international dishes.

What’s next waiting for you?

Most of the visitors believe that Miami tourism is only about beaches and they end up spending all their vacation time along the beachside. However, this amazing city offers too many other sightseeing locations that are recognized for their unique offerings. The above-mentioned best places to visit in Miami will definitely help you to plan your itinerary in the most effective way. If you are planning to visit some more travel destinations in North America then check out our other travel guides.

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