Can you travel with an expired passport?

When you are traveling to a different country, one of the important factors you need is a valid passport. However, what if you have an expired passport? Can you still use it to traveling, or do you need to get a brand-new one? On this platform, we’ll answer this query and offer pointers on what to do in case your passport has expired. Is it possible to travel with expired passport to any country? Well, you need to check the rules of the country where you are traveling. Some countries expect the passport to be valid only while entering the country, while some may expect it till you stay in it. Some countries could also prefer travel with passport expiring in 6 months.

travel with expired passport

Are there some exceptional cases where you can travel with an expired passport?

Generally, most countries expect a valid passport while traveling there. However, there are some exceptional cases where you can travel with an almost expired passport.

Here are some exceptional cases for traveling in expired cases:

– When you are traveling back from another country.

– In a country like the US, you get 10 years of validity when you are below 16 years and after you cross 16 years, the validity is changed to 5 years. This case can be considered to travel when the passport expires.

– Some destinations allow traveling with expired passports.

– You have emergency travel with expired passport by completing a few formalities.

These are some of the exceptional cases where you can travel with expired passport. However, you need to consider all the related rules properly.

How to travel with an expired passport?

On entering India on an expired passport, it will be rather easier. However, with an expired passport it would be tough. So as to journey in/out of worldwide borders, you need a legitimate passport. If you are heading domestic and have evidence of this, then you can travel easily. You may even do this with an expired passport, but it’s as much ts the discretion of the airline which you are journeying on. Even in the event that you have a layover in another country, this could commonly be OK, so long as you don’t want some kind of transit visa to be there. All you want to enter your country is a need for original proof of citizenship, which an expired passport.

Can you travel internationally with expired passport?

Traveling internationally with an expired passport much depends on where exactly you are travelling. For example, if you are an Indian with an expired passport, you can travel to countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, etc. However, with an expired Indian passport you cannot travel in the countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. it is always advisable to check travelling with expired passport rules with the respective country rules. It will make your travelling much easier without any effort.

Can I travel with my passport expiring soon?

If you have a valid passport while boarding and it would be expiring soon while you are traveling, then you have to consider the rules of the country where you are traveling. The rules of some countries are drafted in a way that does not want travelers to stay longer than the expiry of their passports.

Some of rhw examples of passport validity requirements are:

  • Brazil — at least six months from arrival date
  • Thailand — at least six months from entry date
  • Malaysia — at least six months from entry date
  • China — at least six months from entry date
  • Hong Kong — at least one month from final day of travel

So, it is advisable to consider the rules regarding the travel with passport expiring soon while traveling. It will help you to take the necessary steps soon while traveling to any country.

What can be done when your passport is about to expire when you are going to travelling to other country?

Contact the closest embassy or consulate of your country. You may need to plan it earlier. There won’t be an embassy or consulate in the country. You could want to journey to some other country, where there’s a consulate or embassy of your country, to renew the passport. If that’s your case, plan it properly, due to the fact you could not tour with expired passport. Finally, it all depends on the travelling with expired passport rules where you are travelling from and where you are going. You have to check all the related aspects properly before travelling. It will give a proper guidance for you when you travel with passport expiring soon.

What is the expiry period of the passport?

Usually, a passport will expire 5 or 10 years beyond the date that it becomes issued, but this can range depending on the type of the passport. The expiry date of your passport could be written inside your passport, at the side of the date that it turned into issued, so you can test the date yourself. Check our desk which suggests the expiration length for every passport. Otherwise, you may have to travel with almost expired passport.

What can be done if you realize that the passport is about to expire at the last minute before travelling?

If you realize your passport has expired and you are wondering, how to travel with expired passport?, you should get in touch with the authorities of your country. As long as the date of travel is not too near, they might be able to set up an emergency passport to be issued to you earlier than you go away.

Is it possible to book a flight with the expired passport?

Mostly Yes, as many airline do not want passport while booking the flight. However, you’ll hit a wall if you have to check-in to your flight: whether you’re checking in on line or at the airport, for international travel, the airline will request your passport info, which include its expiration date. Also you won’t get a denied boarding reimbursement for that. By using the way, you received’t be allowed on a home flight with an expired passport both. As soon as it’s expired, the journey document is invalid. It is not possible to go further when your passport is expired.

What is the 6-month passport validity rule?

The 6-month passport validity rule is done by several nations global and suggests travelers ought to have at least 6 months of validity final on their passport when traveling the world over. This advice isn’t a time-honored requirement, and the unique passport validity needs can vary from one country to every other.

Countries observing the 6-month passport validity rule

Some countries which observe the 6-month passport validity rule are Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bhutan, Cambodia, Canada, Fiji, India, Iran, etc.

Countries that do not observe the 6-month passport validity rule

Some countries which do not observe the 6-month passport validity rule areAlbania, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, etc.

What can we do if the passport is expired?

Even after receiving your new, legitimate passport, you want to be careful with that vintage, expired one. First, recognize that even expired, your passport may additionally serve as a proof of citizenship in most nations. Then, and possibly most significantly, your vintage passport can also still include legitimate visas. If that’s a case, whilst traveling, ensure that you carry both the valid passport and the expired one with this visa stamp. Now, if your antique expired passport now does not hold any value, don’t without a doubt move ahead and put it in the trash. Know all the travelling with expired passport rules properly. To get rid of your passport, shred or burn it first. This can prevent ill-intentioned humans from making fraudulent use of it.

Things To Know if you have an Indian passport

What can be done if the Indian passport is expired?

The validity of Indian passport is up to 10 years from the issuance date. But, the validity of the passport may be reduced depending on the age of the passport holder. For instance, passports issued to minors aged 15 and under are valid for five years. In addition, the ones elderly 16 and 17 are issued passports legitimate for seven years. After the passport expires, it can be renewed via applying for a brand new passport. Icao (worldwide civil aviation organization) calls for India passport validity to make sure the protection of international air journey. Icao calls for India to make certain that each one tourists getting into or leaving the country have valid passports that meet icao standards. This facilitates making certain that travelers have valid documents and that their identities can be proven with the aid of airport employees. The mea (ministry of outside affairs) currently troubles device readable passports (mrp). Holders holding these passports are required to obtain a new device-readable passport. Also, people’s addresses change regularly, and the home deal with on passports turns into invalid. Human beings’s facial functions vary as well. Bearing this in thought, it’s most effective that the validity term be limited to 10 years.

Steps to follow for renewing the passport:

– Create a passport seva account online on the portal.

– Enter all the credentials of the login to enter the portal.

– Select the link of “Apply for a New Passport/Reissue a Passport”.

– Fill-up all the information and submit the relevant form.

– Click on ‘View Saved/Submitted Applications’ and then select ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’.

– Take a print of the application receipt by clicking “Print Application Receipt”, it will contain Application Reference Number (ARN)/Appointment Number.

– When you go for the appointment at Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)/Regional Passport Office (RPO), take all the required documents properly.

Renewal fees for the passport:

Renewing an Indian passport is much more time-consuming and tedious task than getting the new one. The renewal charges for the Indian passport actually depends on the type of the passport and period of validity it has.

Overview of the renewing charges for the Indian passport:

– For 10 years validity ordinary passport, the renewal fees is Rs.1500/- for about 10 years.

– For 5 years validity ordinary passport, the renewal fees is Rs.1000/- for about 5 years.

– For 5 years validity diplomatic passport, the renewal fees is Rs.2000/-.

– For emergency certificate, the renewal fees is Rs.500/-.     

– For travel document, the renewal fees is Rs.500/-.

– For special passport, the renewal fees is Rs.3000/-.

– For official passport, the renewal fees is Rs.2000/-.

What is Tatkal passport?

Tatkal passport is the faster method for getting the Indian passport. As the passport application process is quite a long process, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has made special provisions for getting the quicker passport with “Tatkal plan”.

How to Apply for Tatkal Passport through Online mode?

You can get the tatkal passport through offline mode. However, getting Tatkal passport through online mode is rather simple.

Here are few easy steps to apply online for Tatkal Passport:

– Make registration to Passport Seva’s official website.

– Choose whether you want ‘Fresh passport’ or ‘Re-issue paasport’.

– Select the ‘Tatkal’ scheme type.

– Fill-up all the necessary information & make the online payments.

– Make the appointment Passport Seva Kendra which is closer to you.

Tatkal Passport Charges:

Age LimitTatkal passport price
Below 15 years with the (36 pages)₹ 3,000
15 to 18 years with the  (36 pages and 10 years validity)₹ 3,500
15 to 18 years with the (60 pages and 10 years validity)₹ 4,000
18 years and above with the (36 pages)₹ 3,500
18 years and above with the (60 pages)₹ 4,000

Final Words:

Overall, getting a passport is a little tedious task that can be time-consuming. So, if you are planning to travel abroad, then you have to plan ahead. Also, if your passport is getting expired, then you need to check travelling with expired passport rules properly. Hope you got all the relevant information about the expiring passport properly to make your journey pleasant.

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