Ibiza: Mediterranean Paradise for Party-Lovers

If you are a party addict and you are mad about exciting nightlife and luxury living, you are welcome to Ibiza. From a bird’s eye, this island looks like a marvellous piece of paradise lost in the Mediterranean Sea. Now it is perceived generally as a first-class party centre. The most famous and respected DJs from all over the world mix music here.

Clubs and Nightlife

Tourists head off to Ibiza for different reasons. Some people search for the historical background of the Spanish island. Others want to enjoy its Eden-like beaches with white sand coastline and turquoise waters. But everyone knows Ibiza as a perfect place for kicking up a party. Dance lovers adore the island for its far-famed beach clubs. Here is the list of them:


The iconic Ibiza nightclub is open all year round. Ibiza’s vibrant music festivals have been held here since the 70s. Recognized DJs play different kinds of music – house, techno beat, hip-hop, electric, classic compositions, and never-dying 80s and 90s hits. It is the oldest club on the island and the most expensive one. The average entrance price is 70€.

More information about the nightclub, charges, and the schedule of the forthcoming events read here.


Amnesia is officially recognized as the best club in the world. Nearly 4000 people can hit the dance floor at once here. It offers an array of parties with a great choice of music genres. The dancing parties begin closer to midnight and last till the dawn breaks. The area consists of:

  • two dance floors;
  • the Club Room;
  • a terrace with a glass dome.

Amnesia is the renowned meeting point for clubbers from all over the world. Theme parties, such as laser and foam throwdowns, are often held in the club. Performances in unique outdoor venues are accompanied by ice bursts coming out of the cannons. The cost of tickets ranges from 30€ to 60€.

Eden Ibiza

The club is well-known for its high-profile parties in the 90s. Today it offers the best sound system on the island. The main music genres you can hear here are techno bits and house. The inner space is divided into special areas. There are 2 DJ booths, 2 VIP spaces, and several levels to dance. Depending on the party the tickets are usually between 20€ and 30€.


Privilege is known as the largest nightclub in the globe. The impressive hall holds 10 000 people. The area of the club covers 6500 m2. The walls are 25 metres high, the floor-to-ceiling windows look into the island and club water pools. Techno and house music are usually played here. Dancing the night away to electrifying beats is possible inside or outside the club. The side rooms are meant for breaks after dancing. The entrance fee varies from 30€ to 50€.

Other famous nightclubs are Swag Ibiza Club, Ushuaia Ibiza, Pikes, Benimussa Park, and Underground Ibiza. All of them offer night dancing, bars with the craziest cocktails, the best sound ever, and the coolest dance floors in the world.

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UNESCO Declared Attractions

Ibiza is famous not only due to its vivid nightlife. The island’s sights are registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Tourists can get acquainted with them during their stay on the island. The fortified city of Dalt Vila is one of them. An ancient town was founded more than 2,500 years ago. It is located on the top of a slope and can be noticed from far away. There are many attractions on its territory. Tourists can visit an old catholic cathedral, 16th-century church, and archeological museums. Restaurants offer Mediterranean cuisine to visitors.

Besides the Dalt Vila, the Ibiza bucket list includes such UNESCO spots as the necropolis in Puig des Molins, Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza Old Town.

Leisure Activities

In summer an idling tourist can stroll along Santa Eulalia Street Market. It is open all day round and offers a wide range of souvenirs from local artisans. There is a great variety of activities on the coastline of Ibiza, such as:

  • guided kayaking and snorkelling tours;
  • trips to Formentera by catamaran;
  • sunset parties on board with drinks and DJ;
  • jeep safari island exploration.

If you’d like to preorder any trip from the list above, follow the link.

As you see, the island has much more to offer than nightclub fun. It is a perfect place for diving and snorkelling in the island’s vibrant waters. Nature is extremely fascinating here and the climate is mild almost all year round. The Island is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Are you ready to have an unforgettable party in the Mediterranean surrounding? Then, don’t miss a chance and go on an Ibiza tour.

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