Best Places to Visit in Hamilton

Hamilton is one of the not so popular travel destinations in New Zealand. The city doesn’t have much to boast about on paper but when you actually visit it, you will come to know its real charm. From surf friendly beaches to black sand and limestone caves to green hills, there is a lot to explore here. If you are searching for best places to visit in Hamilton then here is an all inclusive travel guide:

Key Highlights of Hamilton

  • Hamilton Gardens:

When it comes to New Zealand travelling, the first thing that comes to mind is dense gardens. Hamilton Gardens is one such an innovative destination which boasts about its unique concept. Some of the key highlights of gardens include Italian Renaissance Garden, Chinoiserie Garden and Victorian Flower Garden which are known for their unique style. If you are planning to visit Hamilton with your entire family then it is worth visiting this series of gardens.

  • Waikato Museum:

After taking even a small walk from ArtsPost, you will come across this magnificent museum. It was established in year 1987 and since then visited by millions of travelers who come from different corners of the world. Some of the key features of museum include Waikato WWI Story exhibit, Te Winika waka and range of science galleries especially dedicated to children. The museum features more than ten different galleries that organize events on regular basis. National Contemporary Art Award is one such function featured at this museum since year 2000.

  • Hamilton Zoo:

New Zealand boasts about its unique flora and fauna and Hamilton Zoo is one such destination where you can experience unique wildlife of country. It features more than 600 different animal species which have made their residents in local plants along with dense forest of zoo. Here you can spot several exotic animals along with amphibian of Nation known as Hochstetter’s frog. Follow the instructions of guide to get best out of your tour in the zoo.

  • Hamilton Night Market:

If you are done exploring natural wonders of Hamilton, it’s time to indulge in its vibrant nightlife market. It is an underground market which is must visit destination for shopaholic people especially during weekends. Here you can spot several local shop selling art pieces which you can consider buying as a sovereign. The market opens at 5PM and closes at late night. In the vicinity, you can also spot several restaurants serving mouth watering dishes made from local ingredients.

  • ArtsPost Galleries:

It is situated in one of the luxurious heritage buildings of Hamilton. It is a destination that promotes creative work of artists all across the country. Here you can spot three different exhibition centers that feature amazing art collection. The gallery shop also offers fantastic collection of arts and crafts that you can take home as a souvenir. The gallery features so many creative things that will make you stunned. No matter what your age is, this place will never make you bore.

Apart from some of the key highlights of Hamilton discussed above, you will find out several other important travel destinations to explore in city. The choice completely depends upon the amount of time you have and the way you plan your journey. If you are planning to visit some more cities in the New Zealand then check out our other travel guides to get all details.

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