A Guide to Spending Time in Manila –What you Should Know

The Philippines is an exciting place and the capital Manila is an assault on the senses, with a vibrant and bustling ambience. If you are planning to spend a few weeks in the Philippines, Manila should be on your list of places to explore. Most tourists simply want to get out of the capital and enjoy the many islands, which we think is a big mistake; there is much to see and do in the capital.

Where to stay in Manila

The Admiral Hotel Manila is both affordable and very comfortable; you can book online via their website, which ensures you have a nice suite in the centre of the city. Makati is a popular place, as is Malate, where the Admiral Hotel is situated. Online booking saves you money, as it is cheaper than a walk-in booking.

Easy going dress code

Manila is not like some Asian cities in as much as there are no dress codes; aside from high-end restaurants and hotels, you can pretty much wear what you like. If you are thinking to pack lots of T-shirts and shorts, clothing is so cheap in Manila, you are better off buying locally.


You may have heard that Manila is a very dangerous place and while there are areas to avoid at night, the city is relatively safe. Of course, there are pickpocket gangs, so you should order a travel bag online, one that you wear on your torso, under your shirt. When in crowded places, hang on to your smartphone, camera and any other possessions you might have on your person. Click here for top destinations in the Philippines.

Getting around

There are many taxis that you can hail at the side of the road, while Grab is popular in Manila; an app similar to Uber, which is popular among expats and locals alike. The locals are very tech-savvy and all are glued to their smartphones, not unlike any other 21st-century city.

When to visit Manila

The best time is from September to December, which is the cool season and a time when you can expect some rain. The dry season is from January to April, which is also the hottest time of the year; make sure you carry a water bottle as you travel around the city. Of course, there are no language issues in Manila; everyone can speak English, which is refreshing in Asia.

Explore the walled city

This was destroyed in 1945 in the Battle of Manila, yet successive governments have invested in renovation and this site is well worth a visit. You can hire a tricycle rider to take you on a 30-minute tour of the area, which would cost around 5 dollars.

We hope that the above information helps you to plan your stay in Manila and that you have a memorable experience.

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