Top Things To Do in Switzerland

When you hear Switzerland, you probably think of so many things such as beauty, utopia, romance, dreamlike, and many more. The country is known for its unending snow-capped mountains and the illustrious blue sky that makes you wonder if you should really consider living here. It is an unending beautiful dream. Whether you are searching for unique things to do in Switzerland in summer or cool things to do in Basel Switzerland, the country will never disappoint even meticulous travelers.

Did you know that Switzerland has much more to it than the Alps? There are so many things you must do in Switzerland than just gawk at the skies and look across the mountains. Here we have curated a list of adventurous, beautiful and utmost romantic and thrilling things to do in Switzerland travel. If you are booking holiday packages from Dubai to Europe, especially Switzerland tourism, then this might come useful to you. If you are still thinking, it might make you complete the bookings.

For the Adventurer in You

If you are there for some thrills and equally exciting moments, then you ought to consider opting for these activities. Check out these best things to do in Switzerland if you are an adventure lover:

  • Boating along the Rhine Falls: While visiting the Rhine falls is a definite must, as part of your sightseeing list, the adventurer in you should take the boat to the middle of the rock. Not only do you get some adrenaline rush, but also enjoy some breath-taking views. The water does mesmerize you in many ways. Generally, the Northern banks are open throughout the year. However, the southern banks are more enjoyable during May. So, plan a visit to the Rhine falls during this time of the year to go boating. There is an entry ticket to the southern banks.
  • Paddle Boarding: You can live the Hawaiian life in Lake Geneva by booking holiday packages while traveling to Switzerland from Dubai. The famous paddle-boarding is here too. Standing up and paddle boarding may seem slightly risky but, it is fun if you get the hang of it. Apart from paddle boarding, you also get to windsurf and go wakeboarding on this lake. You cannot miss out on this amazing adventure
  • Ride the Cable Car: What’s there for adventure lovers in here, you may ask? Well, just the view from the top will make your adrenaline go high. It is the height and the beauty of the surroundings from the cable car that makes up for its brilliance. If you want to visit Matterhorn, you need to take the cable car. Once there, you can enjoy some real peaceful moments.
  • Skydiving in Interlaken: If you are a born adventurer, then skydiving is something you are always interested in. why not take the opportunity to live your dream? Not only is it going to give you the thrills, but also shares some impressive views with you. Imagine what you can see from the top. Do you really want to miss this experience?
  • Skiing: A visit to the Alps is incomplete without a hand at skiing. In fact, you should be skiing at least once a day during your stay, because you are not going to get another chance at it.
  • Sledding: If you don’t want to ski on the mountains, then you should definitely try sledding. It takes place from Faulhorn to Grindelwald. This route is a sledger’s paradise. You cannot miss out on this unique sport while in Switzerland for vacation.
  • Paragliding in the Alps: While there are obviously other places that allow you to paraglide, it is a different feeling altogether when you paraglide along the alps. It is thrilling and experiential, both at the same time. When enjoying Switzerland holiday, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

For the Tourists in You

There’s a whole load of history, romantic outings, and sightseeing in store for you if you plan to tour this country. It is definitely worth investing in the holiday packages to Switzerland trips from Dubai. Whether you are traveling to Switzerland for the first time or you are an experienced traveler, here are fun things to do in Switzerland:

  • If you are a born romantic, and you want to spend some quality time with your partner or, you just want to give an experiential moment to your family, then sky-dining in Switzerland is a must. You will find that the views and the food go along very well. In fact, you won’t feel like leaving your plate here, and going back home
  • If you love animals and are particularly fond of bears, then there is a special place for you in this country. Bear Park in the old Bern’s town is where you will find real friendly and cute bears that you can meet. They are pretty harmless, and they are sure to make your day worthy. It is one of the fun things to do in Bern Switzerland with family or kids.
  • Cruising in the lakes of Switzerland is definitely romantic and experiential. You get to visit many cities and towns. At the same time, you get the amazing experience of a cruise. What more can you ask for? River Rhine is where the cruises are run mostly, and you should pay a visit to this part
  • For the nature lover, there are plenty of activities that you cannot miss out on. Lakeside Promenade is an excellent place to visit. You can simply take a stroll here or just be there for a while, sitting and absorbing the views. If you plan your trip around summer, you can even take a dip in here
  • A visit to the Chillon castle is a must if you are planning a trip here. It is located between the Alps and Lake Geneva and is a spectacle. No wonder, it is one of the top things to do in Geneva Switzerland . Built-in the medieval ages, you can get an audio guide and visit all the rooms in here. It will be an enjoyable experience for sure.
  • If you want some amazing views and wish to click some incredible moments, then you should visit Lucerne. A small town with some extraordinary stuff to buy. You will find yourself surrounded by the old, medieval era footbridges, which is clearly a scene from a novel
  • If you want to check out some captivating views and scenes that are dangerously adventurous, then you should visit Lauterbrunnen. Among other things, you get to see close to 72 waterfalls in this region, which makes it even more beautiful. Among these, there are 10 waterfalls that are said to be hidden. You should check out the Staubbachfall from the hanging valley. After all, you don’t get to spend your days checking water falling from 3000 feet height every day.
  • If you are a romantic at heart, then you ought to check out this classic palace from the 12th century. The Oberhofen castle is where you will meet the many “just married” couples. It is an excellent place to conduct a complete photoshoot.
  • If you want to tour the entire country, then try taking the Bernina express ride. With its slow speed and spectacular coverage, it manages to give you an excellent tour of Switzerland.
  • A visit to the Nestle factory and hogging onto the chocolates that are produced in this land is a must if you are traveling in Switzerland. Once you have tasted this variety, it will be difficult for you to try any other chocolate.
  • If you are a wine lover, you should not miss out on the wine tasting that happens in Vaud. They have some of the finest wines in here, and you definitely won’t be able to sample them elsewhere. You will find yourself amidst a 12 kilometer stretch of vineyards, doing justice to your wine tasting interests
  • Cheese lovers will find themselves busy if they visit Gruyeres. You can have a peek into the art of cheese making. You can even enjoy some of the finest cheese and get some back home too.

If you are searching for the best places to visit in Switzerland, you cannot miss out on the shopping experience. It should definitely top your list. Soak in the culture while you are here.

As with every city or country, there are questions you tend to have before booking holiday packages from Dubai to Europe. Here we have answered a few questions.

  • What is the best way to travel in Switzerland?

You can either choose a road trip to get around key Switzerland things to do. You can even choose to travel by train. In some cases, it is a good choice to travel by public transportation, as they reach remote places, are clean and generally on time

If you love walking, exploring comes easier. You should try to walk some parts as it is easy to enjoy that way

  • What are some of the things I should keep in mind while paying a visit to Switzerland?

Always keep your passport handy. This is a caution you should keep even when visiting other places. Exploring Switzerland tourist attractions can get quite expensive, so you need to keep in mind how best to save money. Probably planning your trip in advance and making some bookings beforehand can help. You should be very careful when drinking water in Switzerland. Do not drink the tap water. You can always drink water from the water fountains provided.

What’s next waiting for you?

When booking holiday packages to Switzerland vacation from any country across the world, make sure you have answers ready for what to do in Switzerland. There are quite a few costs that you need to consider. If you have a cable car ride that can be pre-booked on a particular website, do so. Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Zurich Switzerland or the best things to do in Lucerne Switzerland, the above guide will definitely make your tour memorable.

You can even book some of the events and cultural programs as well as adventure sports beforehand. The list of top things to do in Switzerland mentioned above will not only save you some money but also help plan your trip. If you are working out top things to do in Switzerland then don’t forget to check out our other travel guides on this incredible country.

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