Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is undoubtedly the most dazzling country in Europe and there is something incredible about the people of Switzerland that you will find unique. Whether it is natural scenery or adventurous destinations, there is hardly any other place in the world that can beat Switzerland. Tourists visit this place to experience picturesque landscapes but they always end up exploring something extra. It makes you feel like been at multiple countries even staying at one place. Here we have listed best places to visit in Switzerland:

Key Highlights of Switzerland

  • Lucerne: Do you want to visit a versatile travel destination that can give you glimpse of entire country at one spot then Lucerne is an ideal place. Here you will find everything from historic buildings, sparkling fountains, old bridges and lush gardens. Moreover, you can spot Swiss Transport Museum, Lion Monument and Chapel Bridge in the vicinity.
  • St. Moritz: There are several reasons that make St. Moritz a preferred mountain destination in entire country. Here you can experience alpine forests, jagged peaks, glaciers and pristine lakes. If you are planning to visit this spot during summer season then you will get an opportunity to enjoy biking, hiking and several other watersports activities at quite affordable price.
  • Zurich: It is one of the largest transportation hubs and considered as a key point from where travelers can start their journey. Considered as a banking capital, it also brags about several cultural gems to explore. If you have cravings for shopping then you can explore several famous galleries, shops, malls, stores, boutique and cafes in the locality.
  • Swiss National Park: This highly popular travel destination in Switzerland attracts natural lovers from all the corners of world. It was established in year 1914 and features several unique wildlife species such as fox, ibex, chamois, red deer and marmot. It is spread over a massive area of 170 that feature limestone crags, shrubs and pine-forests.
  • Chateau de Chillon: If you are looking for a place that will give boost to your imagination and thoughts then come at Chateau de Chillon. Till today, it has inspired several famous writers and artists to get best out of their creativity. Besides, here you can spot some other important highlights including the Chapel, Great Halls, Camera Domini and much more.
  • Bern: If you want to explore history of Switzerland then come to the charming city Bern that features several UNESCO heritage sites. Here you can spot old century fountains and Rose Garden that offer panoramic views you may have not seen before. If you are an art lover then you will appreciate Zentrum Paul Klee where you can spot creative collection of popular artists.

Switzerland is a destination that you can consider visiting during any month of the year. However, it is highly recommended to visit this country during summer season to make most out of your itinerary. Travelers who come here take some great memories with them and recommend other people to visit this magnificent country at least once in lifetime. Be a part of same team by visiting such a great creation of nature on this earth.

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