Top Things To Do in Europe

One can do millions of things in Europe; it’s an experience of a lifetime. There is so much to do, you can watch the dolphins in Madeira, take a chocolate-making class with a master chocolatier in Brussels or be astounded by the northern lights in Iceland. Across the globe, Europe is the most voted travel destination; people have made endless lists of places, museums, walks and monuments to visit. Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Europe or top things to do in Europe in winter, you will discover everything here. We have created the list of top 15 best things to do in Europe that you must check out:

1. Fall in love again on a romantic cruise on the canals of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is among the top romantic destinations in Europe. Hence, it is flawless for lovers who want a break from the busy city life and looking for peace and tranquillity. It’s a one-stop destination for leisure, shopping, galleries, bike rides, and boat trips. We would highly recommend staying at the hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam facing the Canal, this extravagant and luxurious hotel and its finest restaurant will give the perfect high to a memorable stay in Amsterdam.

2. Feel revitalized in the Krka National Park at Sibenik in Croatia

The Krka Park is Croatia in all its distinctiveness and magnificence- no wonder it’s called the heaven on earth. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of experience! Spread across 110 square km park is probably one of the most striking wonders of the world. Opulent waterfalls pour into lakes of turquoise color sparkling water. The expedition is yours. The park is open so you can visit it at any time and the shuttle would drive you back to your car park (to your car).To get to Krka Park, the best way is to fly to Split or Zadar and hire a rental car or transfer to Krka Park. Book your holiday packages from Dubai to Europe at the best price guaranteed to discover this wonderful park.

3. Try Pirate Hunting Zakynthos Island in Greece

“Schmugglerbucht”- If that’s a tongue twister, you can always say “Navagio beach” the other name of this hidden gem. It is like going back to the pirates’ era. The transcendent Zakynthos Island can be discovered via a daylong boat trip. The electric blue water, the serene sea, white sand and the sunny days make it very picturesque. The beach also boasts of the wreck of the “Panagiotis” shipwrecked on this beach in 1980. Voted as one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe, it offers a holiday under the sun of one of the most gorgeous Greek islands.

4. Enjoy some English tea on the Thames London in the United Kingdom

London promises to offer a jackpot in fashion, history, music, architecture, nature or shopping, you name it and you will find your mojjo in London. London is a fast-paced city and moves constantly, persistently innovating. When was the last time you visited it? You bet it would have completely changed. Explore London like never before on a boat over the Thames enjoy an appetizing meal and end it with tea, the national drink, while getting lost in different shades of London. Book your airline ticket and hotel at the best holiday packages from Dubai to Europe.

5. Overhaul your Instagram account at Benagil Caves in Carvoeiro- Algarve

It is classified as one of the most striking beaches in Europe thereby listed in one of the ideal places to visit in Europe. The beach of Benagil Cave is a secret beach, which is accessible by the boat. While it is in close proximity to the city of Carvoeirobut you can also stay in Lagos, Vilamoura, Albufeira or Porches. No matter from what country you are traveling to Europe, a visit to Benagil Cave will make your Europe holiday truly memorable.

6. Experience a balloon voyage over the Dordogne Valley in France

One of the most beautiful regions in Europe tourist attractions is The Dordogne Valley.  The village of Rocamadour is ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, the Basilica of St. Sauveur, the medieval fortress of Castelnau-Bretenoux, the Castle of Montal is just one of the few places to visit. The Dordogne Valley offers a natural bonanza like the “Gouffre de Padirac”. You can visit the website of the Dordogne Valley Tourism Office to plan a brilliant trip.

Things to check off your bucket list is to fly in a hot air balloon to relish its transcendent landscapes as it’s ranked among the most stunning sceneries in Europe. You can also discover this region by boat or carriage or if you are more vigorous, go for a canoe ride, horseback ride, rock climbing or stand up paddle. Discover Dordogne as per your preference.

7. Take the magical ride with Santa’s reindeer Rovaniemi in Finland

Unleash the child in you or take your family, on the magical journey to meet Father Christmas, explore his workshop and visit the post office, which receives the letters from children across the world!  Don’t forget to meet his reindeer and enjoy a little sleigh ride or snowmobile drive in the snow. We advise you to stay at the Santa Claus Holiday Village located near the Arctic Circle, 10 minutes from the Santa Claus Village. This is one of the memorable Europe things to do with an amazing experience that will definitely make your Europe trip an epic one.

8. Discover yourself in Meteora in Greece

One of the most remarkable religious sites, Meteora is also listed in extraordinary tourist places of Europe. Emanate and realize the traditional monasteries built on these incredible rocks. This extraordinary site is being classified as UNESCO World Heritage and the greatest way to enjoy it is by taking the hiking trail for a few hours to appreciate exclusive moments. If you are traveling in Europe for last few days then you will definitely hear a lot about this place from local tourists.

9. Climb to the summit of the Eiffel Tower Paris in France

How can you not visit France and not climb the top of the Eifel Tower? You know that’s a very touristy thing to do, yet one of the must-do things. Do not hesitate even for a second and pamper yourself to this pure moment of bliss and tranquillity. You will learn that Gustave Eiffel had even built an apartment for himself at the top of the tower, but above all, you will enjoy an incredible view over Paris. To avoid queues, buy your ticket online at the best price. You can even treat yourself to a dream holiday by booking online an Eiffel Tower Dinner; Cruise & Champagne at Moulin Rouge For best price book Europe tour packages from Dubai.

10. Cruise amid two continents at Istanbul in Turkey

One of the most unbelievable destinations in Europe is Istanbul. While you try and imagine the beauty of this city but unfortunately that’s nowhere near to the reality. The Bosphorus – the river makes it a livid dream. We can vouch that the finest way to uncover Istanbul is to delight yourself with a cruise amid the two continents and an enjoyable meal on a 3-hour cruise on the Bosphorus. Without any doubt, a visit to Istanbul will be considered as one of the cool things to do in Europe during your upcoming European vacation.

11. Relive your childhood days at Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna

Giant Ferris Wheel is one of the most beautiful and oldest Ferris wheels in Europe. Taking rid of Ferri is one of the best things to do in Europe with your family and kids. Uncover the Austrian hub at 65 meters high by reserving your tickets for the world-famous Wiener Prater. Erected in 1897, it prides itself as the largest wheel in the world. Your vacation in Vienna is incomplete without taking a ride in its legendary Ferris wheel. Book your airline ticket and hotel through holiday packages to Europe and include activities such as Mozart at the Golden Hall.

12. Delve into the most picturesque waterfalls at European Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

The Plitvice Lakes National Park located between two extraordinary cities, the city of Zagreb, voted Best Destination for Christmas and Zadar elected the best destination in Europe, this national park will sweep you off your feet. No wonder it has been voted as the most beautiful national park in Europe. The walk-in this national park is convenient for all audiences since you can choose the duration of your walk and exit at different points of the park. So treat yourself to a holiday in sunny Croatia, which has one of the most spectacular landscapes.

13. Seize the tower of Pisa Pisa in Italy

Since the millennium, it has been leaning! Logically as it is built on soft rather slightly loose soil hence it has been leaning. There was a point when it started leaning so much that it had to be closed for the public and was fixed to slightly straighten up; since then it has stayed bent but it is no longer likely to collapse. To discover the Tower of Pisa and try to capture it in your hands, book your Europe tour packages from Dubai to Pisa or Florence and schedule a guided tour.

14. Discern Porto by boat Porto at Portugal

Whether you are looking for the gift of a lifetime or for a wedding anniversary or just to have fun, Douro Azul offers cruises of several days. This fairy-tale cruise in fact stars smite people from all walks of life like Andy Mac Dowell, among others, is a regular (she even has a suite in her name). A good way to discover Porto and its 6 bridges, which are real architectural feats, is through the cruise. Book your airline ticket and hotel via holiday packages from Dubai to Europe at the best price guaranteed as well as your accommodation and your best activities in the Douro. We highly emphasize you to stay at the hotel Inter-continental Palacio das Cardosas, the best hotel in Porto.

15. Ascertain Slovenia’s most prominent Island Bled in Slovenia

Discover the petite but amiable Bled Island by taking a ride across Lake Bled in a traditional wooden Pletna. Treat yourself to a moment of pure leisure and innovation on this short cruise on the most celebrated lake in Slovenia. You will relish exclusive views of Bled Castle and visit Bled Island. Book your Europe tour packages from Dubai to Ljubljana as well as your hotel at the best price in Bled or Ljubljana and your best activities and go on mountain biking adventure from Bled.

What’s next waiting for you?

Now, you know what to do in Europe, pack your bags and get ready for a memorable Europe tour. Get indulge in a lifetime holiday for you, your friends or family and make lots of memories in Europe. If you are looking for information on incredible places to visit in Europe then don’t forget to check out our travel guides.

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