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Germany has poured a lot into the pool of world history and, directly or indirectly it has been a significant part of chronicles of almost every part of the globe. Travelers particularly search for the best things to do in Berlin as the destination has never faded in the highlights of any scenario. It is too much devoted to tourism that it is one of the top preferences of travel buffs. The nation is completely decked up with all the elements to offer a perfect vacation to its visitors. Here we have brought for you an exclusive travel guide on Berlin to plan the itinerary of this amazing destination.

Being a capital city of Germany, Berlin boasts about a variety of tourist destinations that will make you stunned with its charm. It is also considered as a center for science, media, culture and politics. No matter from what corner of the world you are traveling to Berlin, the iconic structures and natural wonders will persuade you to extend your stay in the city. If you are still not sure about which places to visit in this incredible city then here is a comprehensive Berlin travel guide that will make your job easy

Though almost all the cities of Germany are acquainted with the touristic approach but the capital city Berlin always goes the extra mile to amaze the people on its way. This city has always been high on emotions due to overwhelming events. This storied city was once the party capital of the world and now it is burgeoning towards becoming cavalcade of tourism. If you have thoughts hovering over you for a decent vacation, then you might consider Berlin as your stop. If you resist, then here are some of the top things to do in Berlin which makes this place irresistible to visit:

1. Pamper your Historian Kid at Ancient Tourist Attractions of Berlin:

Berlin has seen almost a century of ups and downs and has an intense history recorded under its name. Strengthening its historical roots, Berlin has a series of monuments and buildings which lets us sneaked into the bold history of this graceful land:

  • Memorial of the Berlin Wall

The remains of Berlin Wall extending up to a 1.4km of border signifying partition is what commute to the Memorial of the Berlin Wall. Lying on the Bernauer Strasse, this memorial gives a deep insight into the division events held in those days. The museum depicts all the happenings of the separation and reminds of how tricky everything was. The information placards convey much about the lives of people in that era and on both sides of the wall. The death strip can send chills down your spine as it reminds of horrific events that this place has witnessed. You can also see a motion picture of this place here. This interesting site in Berlin poses you to think a lot about humanity and its attributes. So, on your visit to Berlin, do make a presence on this somber yet mystifying place.

  • Holocaust Memorial

This place is also one of the emotional destinations of Germany which brims the tragedies of the older times. It is basically a memorial to the European Jews murdered. You can walk around this complex and can feel the intensity of critical times that Berlin faced. You can also see the hiding place of Hitler here. It is one of the most historic places to visit in Berlin to make your tour epic.

  • East Side Gallery

This place is a perfect example of finding art in a tragedy. More than 100 paintings on the Berlin wall are quite thought-provoking and intellectual as well. More than a kilometer strip of exemplary paintings by famous artists of the world is something that deserves a drool. So, do make your eyes on the gallery.

2. Experience Tranquility at Tiergarten Spree

The most famous Garden of the city, Tiergarten is a place that accommodates almost everything in a 5 km circumference. You can conventionally use it as a jogger’s park or go out of the way and relish it as a tourist spot as it is studded with a museum, memorials, monuments and spots. The place becomes mesmerizing in summers and the crowd makes it even more exciting place to visit. It is one of the best Berlin holiday vacation destinations and here you can discover several fun things to do in Berlin with kids.

3. The Brandenburg Gate Visit

It is reputed as the most popular historical landmark in Berlin which symbolizes peace and unity amongst the people of Germany. The monument has a height of over 25 meters and its design is inspired by several other extraordinary landmarks across the world. In the vicinity, you will also spot several other sightseeing locations and it is worth spending your entire day here to get a glimpse of the history and culture of Berlin. Owing to its intricate architecture and mystic history, this neoclassical silhouette is a must-visit spot. In fact, it is also a perfect place to capture memories as it serves as the best background for the photo freak in you.

4. A Visit to Reichstag is highly Recommended

This 18th-century building is the parliamentary meeting place of Germany. The original silhouette was destroyed in the fires of 1933. Later on, it was re-constructed in a silhouette which became a masterpiece. The glass dome architecture of Reichstag is one-of-its-kinds and a big amusement of Berlin. The common public can watch the parliamentary happenings in this transparent chamber.

5. Explore the Museum Island

This UNESCO World Heritage site is a cloud of museums which opens up a door towards the rich and bold history of Germany. The positioning of the island in the middle of the Spree River makes it a picturesque destination already and the opportunity of soaking up a plethora of history, art, and chronicles, makes it a must-mark terminal of your junket. You can explore almost all forms of art like Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Etruscan, Byzantine, etc. in a number of museums in this complex. All-in-all, this place can be termed as a temple of art and all the art buffs will not want to leave this place sooner.

It is located on one of the picturesque sites of Berlin situated next to the long canal of 400 meters built over a river spree. It is recognized as a UNESCO heritage site and this is the reason why people traveling to Berlin from all across the world gather here to experience something unique. Here you will discover five different museums clustered together to create the most incredible sightseeing destination in Germany. While been here, you can take a glimpse of grand collections of historic masterpieces that are difficult to find anywhere else.

6. Span the city through your eyes from Berlin TV Tower

The tallest building of a place is always enjoyed by the visitors and so is the Berlin TV tower as this giant structure offers a circumventing vision of the Berlin city. Visiting the TV tower is more complementing during sunset as at this time you can experience some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Berlin TV tower houses a rotating restaurant and the experience are worth a try. So, do add it without any second thought to your list of best things to do in Berlin tonight.

7. Enjoy Base flying

Adventure is always a very important facet of vacation and Berlin doesn’t compromise here. You can enjoy a very rare adventure sport, the base flying here. Some hotels like Park Inn Hotel offer this service. This sport seems like bungee jumping but differs evidently. It will let you experience a 150 meters fall. You can get a paid video recording of your jump from various angles to laugh at your excited facial expressions during your jump. You won’t get this activity commonly so, don’t miss the chance as it is one of the rarest things to do in Berlin Germany.

8. Appreciate nature at Berlin Botanical Garden

If you have a green thumb, then this place is definitely a dream place for you. Housing nearly 20,000 species of plants, this place leaves you gawking on the talent of almighty in creating diversity to such extent. In fact, you can also watch a huge variety of fauna here and that too exhibited in an amazing way. This immensely big garden takes quite a time to explore it fully but it is fun as the environment is fresh as heaven. A visit to this garden is one of the fun things to do in Berlin in December to get the best out of your tour.

9. Discover something unique at Gendarmenmarkt

This one destination can serve for 3 destinations as it is summed up by 3 historic buildings, the French Cathedral, the Konzerthaus and the German Cathedral. It is one of the largest squares of Berlin and one of the major attractions of this fascinating city. Konzerthaus is famous for the nation’s best orchestra and its intricate architecture. The cathedrals are not churches actually but museums depicting the history of the nation.

10. Visit the Jewish Museum of Berlin

Given its zinc railed exterior walls, this museum is one of the most magnificent buildings of Berlin. The museum showcases the lifestyle, struggle and sad end of Jewish Germans to date. The artifacts and historical elements here say a lot about that time and restored old photographs make old days livelier. To learn more about Germany’s past, a visit to this place is a must.

11. Applaud the Beauty of Charlottenburg Palace

This 3-century old architectural masterpiece is among the most-visited attractions of Berlin. The baroque palace acknowledges you to the richness of architecture and interior decorations of yesteryear’s Germany.

12. Experience the Thrill in the Topography of Terror

As the name suggests, this place showcases the atrocities by officials who resided in this place as it was headquartered of police in the conflict era. For in-depth information about the reasons for the Holocaust and World War, this place is an apt spot as it conveys almost all the happenings of that time in a museum passage.

13. Make a photo stop at Charlie Check-point

The Charlie checkpoint is a small but significant point in Berlin. Earlier it used to be a crossing spot only. It is the most common attraction of the city and rarely, any visitor misses the chance to capture at this historic background. A walking distance from this point leads you to the Charlie museum where you can get to know more about the rules and rights in Germany of Hitler.

14. Shop in the Flea markets

How can one miss shopping in a series of cool things to do in Berlin? Berlin has huge opportunities for you in this peculiarity. Flea markets are very common in Berlin and are a great opportunity to shop amazing souvenirs for lifetime memories. The best flea markets you can find are settled on Sundays. So, if you are lucky enough to enjoy a flea market on Sunday, don’t miss this amazing chance. If you thinking over what to do in Berlin in 3 days then spend some time shopping at flea markets of Berlin.

15. A memorable Tour to Berlin Cathedral:

Without any doubt, you will find this destination listed at the top of the Berlin visiting places and there are several reasons behind it. It is recognized as the most extraordinary architectural structure that dates back to the old centuries. It has witnessed several ups and downs over the historical period thereby becoming a must-visit landmark if you are a history lover. The church is demonstrating various tombs and sarcophagi that represent religious as well as political moments of Berlin.

16. Fall in Love with Charlottenburg Palace Gardens:

If you want to experience the blend of lush gardens and artistic sites of Berlin in a single visit then come to Charlottenburg Palace Gardens. Berlin is home to several amazing parks and this one is an example for all of them. The garden offers an ideal setting to enjoy an exciting holiday with your entire family where you will also get an opportunity to discover architectural wonders. The garden has a strong history that dates back to the 17th century. You will be surprised by the fact how every single offering of the garden is rightly preserved.

17. Alexanderplatz: An Offbeat Berlin Tourist Attraction worth exploring

If you believe that Berlin doesn’t have skyrocketing towers then come to Mitte District of the city where you will discover television towers bragging a height of over 350 meters. It attracts tourists in huge number and this is the key reason why it is part of every Berlin travel guide. Here you can spot World Time Clock, Alexa shopping mall and several other modern structures that offer you ample opportunity to do photography. It is one of the most offbeat tourist attractions of Berlin that you shouldn’t miss visiting.

18. Discover the Beauty of Zoological Gardens

Are you done exploring historical landmarks and artistic tourist attractions in Berlin? Then it’s time to discover natural gems within the city. Come to Zoologischer Garten Berlin where you will get an opportunity to view some of the rare wildlife species from a very close distance. The zoo features more than 20,000 different animals including African penguins, giant pandas and many more. Here you can also spot the biggest aviary of Europe and Aquarium where you will enjoy watching several marine creatures from a very close distance.

What’s next Waiting for you?

The above-mentioned Berlin places to visit are some of the key highlights of the city and there is huge scope to discover more. Whether you are searching for the best things to do in Berlin at night or free things to do Ohio in Berlin, the above list covers everything. All you want is sufficient time and little planning to make your tour comprehensive.

Some other tourist attractions of Berlin you can consider visiting include The Reichstag, Charlottenburg Palace, The Gendarmenmarkt, Jewish Museum Berlin, Pergamon Museum and much more. If you are planning to visit other popular cities such as Munich then check out our other Germany travel guides.

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