Top Things To Do In Ireland

Ireland is located in the North Atlantic and is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is on the list of most travelers because of its rich cultural heritage, achievements, history, and economy. Apart from this, it also comprises various places that one must visit, explore, and experience. Whether you are looking for cool things to do in Limerick Ireland or unique things to do in Northern Ireland, the country hosts everything.

Here we have listed some of the top things to do in Ireland to make your tour all-inclusive:

1. Commence your Itinerary from Malin Head & Brow Head

It is a must-visit place for anyone who is planning a visit to the country. Malin Head is the extreme northern point, and Brow Head is the extreme southern one. You can stand at the extremist point of the country, and enjoy the terrific view it offers you. It will surely fill your gallery with 20-30 breathtaking scenic photos.

2. Discover nature at Muckross House and Gardens & Killarney National Park

When you love greenery, and you are deprived of seeing any in your urban world, you can’t miss this place by any chance. The widespread green pastures of land in the Killarney National Park is something that you should add to your bucket list. The first National Park was established in 1932 and stretches over 102.89 km square area. It comprises various mountain peaks, diverse ecology, stretches of oak and Yew trees. Inside the park, Muckross House is situated, a treat to see this, surrounded by Lake Muckross. The queen of England once visited it, and a big carnival was prepared for the same. It stands as a symbol of royalty for its people.

3. Experience Thrill at Moher’s Cliff

These cliffs are located in County Clare, about half an hour’s drive from Galway. With an 8 kilometer stretch and it rises about 214 m to its peak forms the most popular tourist attraction with over 1 million people visiting every year from around the globe. The majestic structure is a treat to watch, and the splendid craftsmanship of nature is a gem to mesmerize. No wonder it is one of the top things to do in Galway Ireland to add an element of adventure to your tour.

4. Fulfill your shopping cravings at Grafton Street

The heart for all the shoppers is in the capital city of Ireland. You can find a variety of shops here ranging from flower bouquets kiosks to motorcycle accessories stores. If you visit here to explore then you will be amazed by the street artists and their amazing performances. If you are tired of the walk, you can sit for a coffee at one of the cafes there.

5.  Don’t skip Trinity College and the Book of Kells

One of the most prestigious and oldest colleges in the world, Trinity College is situated in Dublin. In 1592, Queen Elizabeth I founded it. One can step away from the hustle of the city, and walk around the college, and observe the transition it offers. In the college, the Book of Kells, one of the treasures of ancient history is on exhibition permanently. A visit to Trinity College is one of the top things to do in Dublin Ireland.

6. Visit Northwest 200 to enjoy motorcycle racing

If you plan your holiday in May, you must not forget to attend the motorcycle race that happens in the north of the island. The public roads between Portrush in causeway coast & Portstewart are converted to form a triangular circuit of 8.90 miles, and it is fun to watch the race from the stands. People from around the world visit here to witness such an extravaganza.

7.  An offbeat tourist destination – The Rock of Cashel

The structure is carved of limestone and is situated in the Golden Vale, it includes Romanesque Chapel and High Cross. It also includes a round tower built in the 12th century, a Gothic cathedral built in the 13th century, and a castle built in the 15th century. People find this place appealing, and many visit the Cashel. Along with this, there is also an audio-visual show every day which keeps the visitors on their feet. Queen Elizabeth II also visited the place in 2011.

8.  Sip your favorite drink at Sean’s Bar

This is for all the alcohol lovers out there, this is the oldest bar in the world. It was built about 1100 years ago and is still running and serving its customers and foreign visitors. It is located on the 13th main street, Athlone. Sitting at the bar and sipping your favorite brand of beer will be a moment of a lifetime. There are written records of every owner of the place. Late in the 90s, during renovation, the wall was found to be made of wicker, and wattle. Also, various old coins were found in that period which is now in Ireland’s museum for display.

9. Unravel the mystery of Leap Castle

This is an attraction for all the people who fetish for creepy and haunted places. The castle is situated in County Offaly, 6 km north of the city of Roscrea, and 10 km south of the city of Kinnitty. A long history is associated with the Castle, and during restoration, people have found skeletons on the 8-inch wooden spikes. It is believed that a red lady haunts the castle, and is seen walking through the halls with a dagger in her hands. Many paranormal investigators visited the place, and many documentaries were made about the same. It is described as the world’s most haunted castle by the visitors to the castle.

10. Take Irish Crafts as a souvenir

When in Ireland, you can’t miss out on visiting the Irish Crafts. Trading these artifacts is one of the top things to do in Dingle Ireland all season. They have a huge variety of Irish souvenirs and gift items that you can take back home to keep as a memory or even gift your closed ones. They deal with accessories, crafts, woolen products, and pottery. Apart from the products, the staff is friendly and helpful, and at your service whenever you call them out. They even provide hassle-free shipping of the products to your home so that you don’t have to carry them around with you. People who visited this place have posted positive reviews about it, and there hasn’t been even a single complaint about them. Pottery and woolen clothes are some of the best items that one can buy.

11. Make your tour memorable with Twelve Pubs of Christmas

When you travel to Ireland in December, you can’t miss out on 12 Pubs of Christmas, a tradition that is followed for over a decade now. It calls out for a group of friends to get together before Christmas. Each member of the group wears costumes, they visit different pubs, and it also involves too many drinks and rules that each member is asked to follow. Such a tradition makes your vacation memorable and compels you to visit the place once again. Without any doubt, it is considered as one of the best things to do in Belfast Ireland to make your tour epic.

12. Enjoy watching Hurling

If you are a sports enthusiast, then you can’t miss out on watching a Hurling match at Croke’s Park. It is a traditional sport of the state and is played with a wooden stick, called Hurley, and a small ball, Sliotar. The sport is played between two teams where each team consists of 15 players. The sport is thrilling, exciting, and pumps up your adrenaline. The game was first played in the Prehistoric age, and 1904, it was an unofficial sport at the Summer Olympics.

13. The highly recommended Rugby match at Thomond Park

Apart from Hurling, the Irish people are crazy about Rugby. Rugby is played between two teams each consisting of 15 players just like Hurling. The players need to kick, pass or carry the ball to the post to score points. The team with the most points at the end of the play wins the game. Ireland has an incredible national team and 4 smaller teams that represent the four provinces of the state. Among the teams, the Munster and the Red Army are the loudest, and most energetic which makes the experience unforgettable. If you are ever in the state while there’s a match of these teams at the Thomond Park, attend it and feel the excitement and emotions that the fans shower on the team.

14. Swimming at the Forty Foot

Apart from the “12 Pubs of Christmas”, the Irish follow another unique tradition on Christmas Day. People jump off rocks, cliffs, and piers, and dive into the cold water of beaches all around the country. This tradition is growing every year and attracts thousands of tourists and local people. People from across the world are now following the tradition and enjoying the free fall. The most popular spot is Forty Foot, it is located in Dublin which is to the south of Dun Laoghaire. Swimming is one of the top things to do in Dublin, Ireland with kids and spend some memorable moments with your dear ones.

15. Rejuvenate yourself with Live music session

If your love for music takes you places, then Doolin is the place you can’t miss out on your list. One can visit any bar or pub around this place, and enjoy the traditional Irish music here. You can get along with the artists, and bring your instruments, play with them or else you can sit with your food, and drinks, sing along with them or just clap. The session is heartwarming and relaxes your soul. So don’t forget to spare an evening to attend one of these live sessions which is considered as one of the best things to do in Clare and Doolin Ireland.

What’s next waiting for you?

Ireland seems like a must-visit now, with all the interesting places that it offers, it just feels irresistible. With beautiful castles, scenic places, adventure sports, old historic places, a prestigious university, and a haunted castle it must find a place in your next destination visit. Whether you are looking for fun things to do in Waterford Ireland, things to do in Donegal Ireland or the top 10 things to do in Kinsale Ireland, we have covered everything for you in this travel guide.

Apart from these unique Ireland things to do, there are also other places that offer you something extraordinary. These tourist destinations mainly include Aran Islands, English Market, St. Stephen’s Green, Blarney Castle, and the Blarney Stone. Now you know what to do in Ireland, you can plan your itinerary with total enthusiasm. If you are planning to visit few more popular countries in Europe then check our other travel guides to get all the information.

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