Best Places To Stay In Washington DC

There is so much to do when you visit Washington D.C.!! Sightseeing around this city is on top of every visitor who visits Washington D.C. The museums, monuments, and historical sites attract the most attention. But ‘where to stay in Washington DC?’ is a question that most visitors ask, and they want quick answers. Every neighborhood in Washington D.C. looks almost identical. But take a closer look and you will find out some obvious things you may have overlooked. So for more clarity, we have identified the major places and neighborhoods to stay on your trip to Washington D.C.

  • Downtown: Best for cultural attractions and first-time tourists.
  • Chinatown: The best area for laid-back time, food, and budget travelers.
  • Logan Circle: Best place to enjoy the nightlife of Washington D.C.
  • Georgetown: Best place for shopping and family.
  • Capitol Hill: Best place for foodies and political trips.
  • Dupont Circle: Best place for cultural attractions, museums, and art galleries.
  • Foggy Bottom: Best place for culture, restaurants, and student activity.
  • Northeast: Best for metro station connectivity, budget stays.
Places To Stay In Washington DC


Downtown Washington D.C. has all the best attractions for first-time visitors to Washington D.C. The biggest museums you must visit are the National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Museums, and other famous monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, National Mall, and others. Do not forget to visit the White House Visitor Center. The Potomac River flows right through Washington D.C. and there are river cruises that you can take here. You will get easy transportation by bus, metro, and bike-sharing system. Washington DC is a huge attraction for tourists, diplomats, and business professionals, and there are hotels, B&Bs, and also apartment homes to stay in. Prices can be high in some places though. Most luxury restaurants and bars are in Washington D.C.

Top Places to stay in Downtown Washington DC

  • Luxury: The St. Regis Hotel, Marriott Marquis Washington, DC
  • Mid-range: Hamilton Hotel – Washington DC, The Normandy
  • Budget: The Darcy Hotel, Washington Plaza Hotel


If you want to stay away from the touristy Downtown area, then you can stay in Chinatown. This is just near National Mall and is much more relaxed vibes to it. You will find many places to shop here in Chinatown, and many places to attend concerts. You will find the best Asian restaurants and quite a lot of cultural attractions like the International Spy Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. Chinatown is accessible via Red, Green, and Yellow metro lines, and many bus lines. Verizon Center and Convention Center are also within walking distance from Chinatown. You will find many backpacker accommodations here and hostels also. Needless to say, this is a budget-friendly place to stay, and getting an Airbnb is pretty much the preferred mode of stay.

Unique Places to stay in Chinatown Washington DC

  • Luxury: Willard InterContinental Hotel, Conrad Washington DC
  • Mid-range: Metro Suite DC., Motto by Hilton Washington DC City Center
  • Budget: Fairfield Inn & Suites, Hotel Harrington.

Logan Circle

You will find the best nightlife in Logan Circle. This neighborhood is named after the traffic circle at the place where Rhode Island Avenue, 13th Street, and Vermont Avenue meet. Logan Circle is the best place to stay in Washington D.C for families if you want to enjoy visiting cultural attractions during the day and nightlife in the wee hours. There are gay bars, restaurants, clubs, cafes, and hip boutique art galleries. Young teens will find the best bars and nightclubs here to hang out with friends. You can access Logan Circle via the Green and Red/Yellow metro lines. You can also walk and visit the White House, National Geographic Museum, or other landmarks of Washington D.C.

Amazing Places to stay in Logan Circle Washington DC

  • Luxury: The Jefferson Hotel, Liz by Black Swan
  • Mid-range: Washington Plaza Hotel
  • Budget: Cambria Hotel, Henley Park Hotel, Comfort Inn


For those who love historical attractions and do a little bit of family-friendly activities, the place to be in Georgetown. Families will love the friendly and touristy vibes of Georgetown. And there are quite a bit of cheap hotels, apartment houses, and Airbnbs here starting at $45. Georgetown University is in Georgetown and there are B&B establishments that will cater to students and budget tourists. This neighborhood in Washington D.C. is not as crowded as the other parts, but you will still be able to find commercial shopping centers, restaurants, and boutique shops here. Georgetown is close to the main metro lines too. You will find some famous bakeries too where you can hang out with friends and family. The best thing to do here is to take a quiet stroll on the banks of the Potomac River.

Most Popular Places to stay in Georgetown Washington DC

  • Luxury: Four Seasons Washington DC, The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown.
  • Mid-range: Georgetown Inn, The Graham Georgetown.
  • Budget: The Georgetown House Inn, ARC Hotel

Capitol Hill

The neighborhood of Capitol Hill is one of the best areas to stay in Washington DC today. Originally called Jenkins Hills, it is now popular as Capitol Hill as the US Capitol is situated on top of the hill. Capitol Hill is famous for its government buildings such as the National Mall, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Senate, House of Representatives. You will find many famous tourist sightseeing places on Capitol Hill such as the United States Botanic Garden, and Folger Shakespeare Library among others. Capitol Hill Visitor Center is open the whole year. Capitol Hill might not be the cheapest neighborhood in Washington D.C. and you will high-end hotels here. If you love to watch a live baseball match, then you can visit Nationals Park and watch a game in action. Capitol Hill might not appeal to those who don’t want to mingle with the crowds. So, if you like some solitude and relaxed visits, then you can stay at some other place in Washington D.C. such as Georgetown, or Chinatown. But the food scene is one of the best in Capitol Hill. Visit Barracks Row, where you can have a range of exciting foods to eat such as artisanal cheese, baked goodies, ice creams, meats and so much more. Pubs and oyster houses are other places where you can expect happy hours to down that drink.

Highly Recommended Places to stay in Capitol Hill Washington DC

  • Luxury: Trump International Washington DC, Capitol Hill Hotel
  • Mid-range: Hilton Washington DC, Sonder Callisto
  • Budget: Holiday Inn, Phoenix Park Hotel

Dupont Circle

One of the unique places to stay in Washington island is Dupont Circle. This neighborhood in Washington DC has a rich cultural life. Dupont Circle is the name of the traffic circle where Massachusetts Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue and Connecticut Avenue meet and intersect. Dupont Circle is also one of the cheap places to stay in the Washington coast. One of the best attractions of Dupont Circle is the nightlife and farmers’ markets. Local businesses and farmers gather during weekends to sell their stuff and it is a great time for social gatherings and family meets and get-togethers. There are famous restaurants here like Duke’s Grocery, which is famous all over Washington D.C. Dupont Circle is a neighborhood with a friendly vibe. Tourists find easy access via the Red Metro line to visit tourist spots. They also get easy transport to Union Station where they get Amtrak and buses. Dupont Circle is a safe place to stay in Washington DC for couples as there are many residential areas nearby such as Woodley Park, and Kalorama which have rows of houses and shaded walking paths. Dupont Circle has some famous institutions such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Center for Global Development, the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins, the National Museum of American Jewish Military History, and others. Dupont Circle is one of the best areas to stay in Washington DC today.

Famous Places to stay in Dupont Circle Washington DC

  • Luxury: The Dupont Circle Hotel, The Mansion on O Street
  • Mid-range: The Line Hotel, Residence Inn Washington DC.
  • Budget: The Churchill Hotel, Hotel Madera

Foggy Bottom

Foggy Bottom might just be the best places to stay in Washington DC for young adults. Foggy Bottom is named due to the fog that appears to linger at all times. Foggy Bottom is a neighborhood in Washington DC, which is bordered by Constitution Avenue, 17th Street, the Rock Creek Parkway, and Pennsylvania Avenue. Foggy Bottom is largely defined by the Potomac River and National Mall. There are big universities like George Washington University. Georgetown University is also located at a close distance. This is also the reason why Foggy Bottom is one of the cheapest places to stay in Washington DC. The hip student scene is bustling and vibrant in its culture. There is a casual vibe to the entire neighborhood of Foggy Bottom with pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants offering a relaxing place for student activities. You will find some cheap hotels and B&Bs and of course, cheap apartment homes and hostels. Rates are not expensive and they are cheaper than most places in Washington D.C for sightseeing. Among the places to visit are the cultural attractions and historic monuments. The best among these is the Washington National Opera, the U.S. Department of State, the National Symphony Orchestra, the Kennedy Center, the DAR Constitution Hall, and the Watergate Complex.

Top Places to stay in Foggy Bottom Washington DC

  • Luxury: The Watergate Hotel Georgetown, Four Seasons
  • Mid-range: State Plaza Hotel, Washington Marriott Georgetown
  • Budget: Hotel Hive, The River Inn, State Plaza Hotel


The neighborhood called Northeast in Washington D.C. is one of the unique places to stay on Washington island. The area that is Northeast covers the northern part of East Capitol Street and the eastern part of North Capitol Street. There are innumerable churches and cathedrals here and this is also the reason why Northeast is popularly called Little Rome or Little Vatican. The northeast neighborhood is also one of the safest places to stay in Washington DC for couples. There is a high concentration of various educational institutions and catholic institutions like Gallaudet University, the headquarters of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, the Saint John Paul II National Shrine, The Catholic University of America and Trinity Washington University. Northeast is a quiet sort of neighborhood with a lot of public gardens which will attract romantic couples to stay here. The popular gardens are Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and the United States National Arboretum. The more popular institutions like The Heritage Foundation and The Washington Times are also located in the Northeast. Washington Metro connects all six lines of metro services in the Northeast. Union Station is one of the most easily identifiable places in the Northeast. This gives tremendous access via Amtrak, Metrorail system, MARC, and Virginia Railway Express. Union Station is also best for taking bus services of Greyhound, Trailways, Peter Pan, Megabus, and several other services. You can look to the Northeast if you want to stay in one of the best areas to stay in Washington DC today. This is a cheaper place than in most other areas in Washington D.C. This makes Northeast one of the cheapest places to stay in Washington DC.

Places to stay in Northeast Washington DC

  • Luxury: Kimpton George Hotel, an IHG Hotel
  • Mid-range: Phoenix Park Hotel
  • Budget: Homewood Suites by Hilton Washington DC NoMa Union Station

Navy Yard

Navy Yard is an upcoming neighborhood in Washington D.C. it is also one of the best places to stay in Washington DC. Navy Yard is very close to Nationals Stadium. This neighborhood has a very local type of vibe. Young professionals can find some of the cheapest hotels to stay in Washington D.C. in Navy Yard. This is also the reason why this is one of the best places to stay in Washington DC for young adults. There are pubs, bars, restaurants, and breweries that attract young ones to hang out with friends on the waterfront. Navy Yard is a very accessible place and the Green Metro line and buses operate here and connect it to other parts of the city. You will find cheap apartment complexes and affordable hotels and B&Bs here in Navy Yard.

Best places to stay in Navy Yard Washington DC

  • Luxury: Thompson Washington DC, Waldorf Astoria Washington DC.
  • Mid-range: Hampton Inn and Suites Navy Yard
  • Budget: Duo Nomad, Navy Lodge

Final Words on Most Popular Places To Stay in Washington DC:

You will not find any difficulty in finding your hotel, or B&B, to suit your budget. All the neighborhoods in Washington D.C. have some of the best areas to stay in Washington DC today. You can check out one that will be appropriate for you. You will also find cheap transport everywhere in Washington D.C. Whether it is the Amtrak or the Greyhound, you will have plenty of options to move around the city. Washington D.C. has some of the cheapest places to stay on the Washington coast and also some high-end luxury hotels. Stay safe and do sightseeing by day, and you will also have unlimited options for dining, and socializing at bars and restaurants.

Now you got a complete list of famous hotels and resorts to stay in Washington DC, you can check our other travel guides to know the best places to visit in Washington DC.

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