Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal is one of the highly underrated travel destinations in Asia and this is the reason why it doesn’t receive recognition which it truly deserves. There are several reasons that separate this incredible nation from other countries and it is a place equal to heaven for nature lovers. Whether it is tranquil mountains of Himalaya or extraordinary culture, Nepal is calling you to discover its hidden jewels. If you have made your mind to visit this spectacular country then here is a travel guide on Nepal that will make your job easy:

  • Nagarkot:

If you want to capture some of the breathtaking views of Himalaya and Mount Everest then come to Nagarkot. It is situated next to Kathmandu Valley making it easy for travelers to cover multiple destinations in one go. Here you can take an overnight halt to enjoy sunrise views which is a rare site to watch when sun rises from misty mountain ranges. If you can’t catch sunrise, don’t worry as you can wait for sunset which is also an extraordinary site to witness.

  • Boudhanath Stupa:

Also recognized as a Bodhnath, it is one of the unique stupas, which is reputed as a largest in its category. The history of this masterpiece dates back to 6th century and it is reputed as a UNESCO heritage site. During earthquake of 2015, this Stupa has received small form of damage but it has successfully held its original beauty. It is perfect symbol of enlightenment and each of its shape represent different elements such as sphere, air, fire, water and earth.

  • Pokhra Valley:

It is settled next to Annapurna Himalayan Range and recognized as a second biggest valley in country. Tourists who want to experience real magic of nature from very close distance come to this place to enjoy its ultimate charm. It is one of the most visited destinations in Nepal which offers several opportunities to adventure activities for travelers. You can try hiking, trekking, water rafting and river boating in cold waters to experience ultimate thrill of your life.

  • Chitwan National Park:

Nepal is blessed with so many natural offerings and Chitwan National Park is a perfect example of this fact. If you want to see some of the extraordinary wildlife creatures of Asia then come to this park which is recognized as an idea family vacation destination. You have an option to do entire tour on feet or opt for an elephant ride that will take you through the park slowly. Here you can discover sloth bears, leopards, rhinos, gaur deer, Bengal tigers and more than 450 different species of birds.

  • Pashupatinath Temple:

Your tour to Nepal will be only complete when you visit this sacred place at least once in your itinerary. The very famous Bagmati River also flows close to temple thereby creating it an absolute rare site to watch. Photography lovers will love to capture some of the most scintillating moments of this destination in their camera. It is also listed on UNESCO heritage site and this is the key reason why it attracts foreign tourists in such a huge number. This immense temple features several other small temples along with inscriptions and ashrams which are considered as a resident of devotees.

Nepal is such a magical country which has always recovered from any difficult challenge thrown to it by destiny. The credit goes to courage and hard working ability of Nepalese people who welcome tourists with open hands. So don’t forget to add Nepal in your itinerary in your upcoming tour to Asia. Once you visit this serene travel destination, you will love to visit it again and again.

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