Travel Tips for Bicycle Tour

When it comes to travelling, most of the people try to go any extreme to make their journey memorable. Though different individuals follow different ways of commute when it comes to travelling, every person wants to achieve something extraordinary during his travel. Many individuals choose a convenient travel via flight or bus while others try to check their stamina by opting for bicycle tour. If you are one of those exciting traveler who are planning bicycle tour then here are some important travel tips that will make your job easy:

  • Safety should be first priority?

Safety is most vital aspect of any bicycle tour and you need to carry all safety accessories with you during the tour. It mainly includes branded helmet and goggles that shouldn’t obstruct your view. If you are planning to travel during night, make sure you attach radium on your bicycle and helmet that will allow other drivers to notice you from a very long distance. While taking blind turns, you need to be very attentive as you are least powerful than all the vehicles running on the roads.

  • Keep track on weather conditions:

Weather is one of the few things that can make great difference to your bicycle tour. The only thing you can do is hope for the best but always prepare yourself for the worth case scenario. You need to make yourself physically and mentally prepared to face different kind of weather conditions such as snow, rain and heat. Sometimes, the weather becomes so unpredictable that your efforts look very less in front of extreme weather conditions. 

  • Learn to make repairs and maintenance:

Bicycle tour means you are going to spend maximum time running your bicycle and you definitely need to keep it in well maintained condition throughout your tour. Sometimes you won’t find a proper back up to repair your bicycle and in such a scenario you have to make few repairs on your own to keep your bicycle running. You can also consider carrying some spare tubes, wrenches and pump that will help you to run your bicycle safe and smoothly.

  • Water and Snacks:

Bicycle tour is going to take lot of energy out of your body and you need to keep yourself hydrated during your entire tour. At any moment during your journey, if you feel lethargic and depleted take some rest and revitalize yourself by having some energy drinks and energy bars. It is always recommended to carry some snacks that include fruits, biscuits, chocolates and peanuts to keep your energy levels high during the tour.

  • Know your itinerary:

A bicycle tour demands lot of advance planning from your side as a slight mismanagement may cause significant delay in your journey. At the beginning of day, you need to calculate how much distance you are going to cover in each of the sessions. You have to carry all the maps and follow the routes that will take you to the destination smoothly. Opt for shortcuts only if you are confident about the road conditions and time required for the journey.

During your bicycle tour, it is always recommended to join other bicycle travelers to make your journey convenient and safe. This way you can have a companion who can share his different experiences with you so that you can prepare yourself to face any kind of challenging situation.

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