Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia is a largest country in the world which allowed it to have an edge over other nations in several perspectives. Whether it is industrial development, defense, sports or tourism sector, the country has always left its mark in the competition.  The immense territory of Russia means it features something for every individual. From heritage sites to beaches and from historical museums to breathtaking parks, you will spot everything here. Go through following list of awesome places to visit in Russia to make your vacation worthy:

Key Highlights of Russia

  • Lake Baikal: It is recognized as a most serene and appealing spot in Russia which is known for its pristine ambience and charming landscapes.  It is one of the most secluded places in country where tourists gather to relax their mind as well as body. Moreover, Lake Baikal offers tremendous opportunities for adventure seekers to try skiing and ice skating here.
  • Volga River: Being recognized as a largest river in country, it has contributed to the growth of several tribes who live besides river banks. It had played vital role in the foreign trade of Russia since several decades. If you want to taste the beauty and magnificence of Volga River from close distance then simply cruise on a boat through crystal clear waters of river.
  • Anapa: It is one of the pristine towns in Russia that is known for its sunny weather and incredible beaches. Here you can also spot several unique species of flora and fauna which are difficult to find anywhere else. Besides, you can cover some other key destinations such as Town theatre, Archeological museum and Anapa Lighthouse.
  • Ekaterinburg: Whether you are a finicky traveler or a matured one, simply demand what you want and you will find it in Ekaterinburg. Here you can visit Deer Streams National Park to witness the lush landscapes of city. Moreover, you can also try downhill skiing and country skiing to make your day full of adventure. Don’t forget to explore some of the greatest cultural monuments during your visit to such a mesmerizing city.
  • Sochi: If you enjoy watching sports then you may have heard the name of Sochi which hosted Winter Olympics in year 2014. This destination is packed with lot of historical buildings, monuments and museums. If you want to experience thrill of mountains, caves, wildlife and waterfall at one place then Sochi is a place to be.
  • Kazan: It is a cosmopolitan place where you can spot integration of diverse culture and religions. Kazan Kremlin is also listed amongst UNESCO heritage site making it a must visit destination in Russia. Moreover, you can explore some other highlights in the vicinity including cathedrals, museums and watchtowers. You can also discover several bars, bookshops, boutiques and restaurants to keep yourself busy during the whole day.

If you are planning a trip to Russia in coming time then it is recommended to keep some extra days in buffer. Being such a delightful country, you will be tempted to extend your holiday here for at least couple of days.

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