Best Places to Visit in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world which allowed it to have an edge over other nations in several perspectives. Whether it is industrial development, defense, sports or tourism sector, the country has always left its mark in the competition. The immense territory of Russia means it features something for every individual. There is no such best time to visit Russia as you can visit this extraordinary country anytime during the year. From heritage sites to beaches and from historical museums to breathtaking parks, you will spot everything here. Go through the following list of best places to visit in Russia to make your vacation worthy:

Top Tourist Attractions of Russia

  • Moscow
  • Lake Baikal
  • Volga River
  • Anapa
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Sochi
  • Kazan
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Golden Ring
  • Olkhon Island
  • Vladivostok
  • Yekaterinburg

Why you must-visit these travel destinations?

  • Moscow:

Some of the most popular places to see in Russia and this is the reason why Moscow has received such a high admiration in the history of Russia tourism. Some of the key highlights to cover in Moscow include Res Square and historical dome-shaped churches. If you are a hardcore art lover then you will love spending time while enjoying symphonies and ballet shows. If you want to discover the past, present and future of Moscow then you can visit Gulag and Cold War museums. Moscow is more than a political city and you will experience it while exploring every single travel gem with this fantastic city.

  • Lake Baikal:

It is recognized as one of the most unique places to visit in Russia which is known for its pristine ambiance and charming landscapes.  It is one of the most secluded places in the country where tourists gather to relax their mind as well as the body. Moreover, Lake Baikal offers tremendous opportunities for adventure seekers to try skiing and ice skating here. If you are searching for Russia tourist attractions which are packed with lots of thrill then Lake Baikal is an ideal choice.

  • Volga River:

Being recognized as the largest river in the country, it has contributed to the growth of several tribes who live beside river banks. It is one of the top Russia places to visit had played a vital role in the foreign trade of Russia for several decades. If you want to taste the beauty and magnificence of Volga River from a close distance then simply cruise on a boat through crystal clear waters of the river. It is one of the best Russia holiday destinations that you can visit with your entire family.

  • Anapa:

It is one of the pristine towns in Russia that is known for its sunny weather and incredible beaches. Here you can also spot several unique species of flora and fauna which are difficult to find anywhere else. Besides, you can cover some other key destinations such as Town Theatre, Archeological museum and Anapa Lighthouse. Nature lovers, will definitely like spending some quality time exploring the wildlife of Anapa.

  • Ekaterinburg:

Whether you are a finicky traveler or a mature one, simply demand what you want and you will find it in Ekaterinburg. Here you can visit Deer Streams National Park to witness the lush landscapes of the city. Moreover, you can also try downhill skiing and country skiing to make your day full of adventure. Don’t forget to explore some of the greatest cultural tourist attractions of Russia along with monuments during your visit to such a mesmerizing city.

  • Sochi:

If you enjoy watching sports then you may have heard the name of Sochi which hosted the Winter Olympics in the year 2014. This destination is packed with lots of historical buildings, monuments and museums. If you want to experience the real thrill of mountains, caves, wildlife and waterfall at one place then Sochi is a place to be. There are several reasons that make it one of the top places to visit in Russia all around the year.

  • Kazan:

It is a cosmopolitan place where you can spot the integration of diverse cultures and religions. Kazan Kremlin is also listed amongst UNESCO heritage sites making it a must-visit destination in Russia. Moreover, you can explore some other highlights in the vicinity including cathedrals, museums and watchtowers. You can also discover several bars, bookshops, boutiques and restaurants to keep yourself busy during the whole day.

  • Saint Petersburg:

It is one of the largest cities and the most recommended places to visit in Russia. Saint Petersburg boasts about diverse kinds of sightseeing locations that are well enough to make your Russia trip memorable. The city is also famous as an ideal cruise destination, on the virtue of its favorable geographical location. It is one of the perfect tourist attractions in Russia to make you familiar with the typical culture of the country. The city features several historical landmarks along with old churches that are famous in the entire world because of their architecture.

  • Golden Ring:

Golden Ring is one of the popular things to do in Russia that provide you an opportunity to discover several popular Russia tourist places in an organized manner. The journey starts from Moscow and after taking a clockwise loop, it ends at the same location. During this all-inclusive trip to Russia, you will get an opportunity to see several fortresses, monasteries and churches. Golden Ring is extremely famous amongst foreign as well as local tourists who want to make the best out of Russia tourism.

  • Olkhon Island:

Recognized as one of the major lake islands in the world, Olkhon Island boasts about several sightseeing opportunities. The lush forests, steep mountains and awe-inspiring scenery at the island encourage every traveler to extend his stay here. Most of the local people consider Olkhon Island as a spiritual space and you can feel the vibes of divinity when you come here. Some of the key tourist attractions of Russia to discover here include coastal sand dunes, walking trees and Peschanaya Village. History lovers can visit the National History Museum that boasts amazing masterpieces that help you to recall some past memories of Russia.

  • Vladivostok:

It is one of the most scintillating cities in the world that features several Russia vacation spots. Vladivostok is surrounded by several bays and mountains that make it listed in one of the best visiting places in Russia. The city also features the biggest port of country thereby becoming a key part of Russia tourism. Vladivostok feature several cultural spots like concerts, museums and theatres and you will run out of time while exploring all of those. If you want to spend some time in peaceful surroundings then the famous parks and gardens welcome you to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

  • Yekaterinburg:

It is one of the versatile Russia tourist attractions that features several cultural as well as natural sightseeing destinations. Despite being the industrial city of Russia, Yekaterinburg has properly maintained its historical and cultural significance. No wonder, it has done such a large contribution in the tourism of Russia. Yekaterinburg boasts about more than 25 museums that are recognized for their extraordinary decoration and incredible artwork. The city features some of the famous dance companies and rock bands of Russia. Theatres, concert halls and libraries are worth checking out here as they feature famous events and shows on an occasional basis.

What’s next waiting for you?

The list of best places to visit in Russia mentioned above is all-inclusive and they will surely make your tour memorable. If you are planning a trip to Russia in the coming time then it is recommended to keep some extra days as a buffer. Being such a delightful country, you will be tempted to extend your holiday here for at least a couple of days. In case, you wish to explore some more countries in Europe then go through our other travel guides to get all the information.

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