5 Dream Jobs For Those Who Love Travelling

It has happened at least once in everyone’s life: to see everything differently and to have thought of making a radical change in your life. While working for another day in your office in front of a computer screen, in an environment of extreme routine and stress, the idea came to you to give up everything and travel the world. You are picturing steep mountains, full-grown forests, deep oceans and crystal rivers and lakes, with yourself at the center of all this travel fantasy. In this undoubtedly inspiring idea of ‚Äč‚Äčescaping from reality, however, a serious problem arises: How will you manage to survive? Check out our list of jobs for travelers.

We will answer this reasonable question with today’s article and with professional options that will offer you unique getaways but also better earnings for your easy living. Here you will find five unusual careers and jobs for travelers that invite you to try them. So, have you packed your bags?

1. Boat valet

It’s a dirty job, but someone gotta do it (and certainly not the wealthy boat owner). Boat owners who own yachts, catamarans and yachts are in constant search of experienced people who can park or transport their expensive boats in organized marinas to deserted beaches (while they themselves enjoy their private parties ). What is required: a professional Yachtmaster diploma but isn’t as scary as it may sound. In addition, this diploma gives you the opportunity to work 12 months a year as a regular speedboat pilot which is pretty nice.

2. Travel photographer

The influence of the internet has dismantled the ranks of journalists/editors/print designers (even for those folks in National Geographic). Still, it has not removed the trace of influence from photographers – especially those who specialize in image and video editing. Freelancer or permanent employee (agency, publication or site), the travel photojournalist is very high on the list of well-paid professionals of the genre for another significant reason: the existence of social media. You travel to any destination, you’re taking your shots, you upload the material to your account, and then you collect the money. So simple and one of the incredible jobs for travelers.

3. Flight Attendant

The life of a flight attendant looks impressive to anyone you ask. Unlimited travel around the world, exploring cities, cultures and people while working in an excellent environment, is something that pretty much everyone dreams of doing. In addition to the huge discount on a flight attendant’s airline tickets, there are also discounts on hotel accommodation and other beneficial services. Of course, the training of flight attendants is considered demanding, as well as their stressful hours that will sometimes force you into a more lonely life. But except all this, it’s still one of the best job offers for exploring the world.

4. Voice Actor

The profession of a voice actor has existed for a long time. Of course, the paradox is that it has not managed to become so widespread in the general public. It is a profession that gives you the opportunity to become creative and productive from the comfort of your space, offering you flexibility, comfort and a satisfactory salary. A voice actor can record the work with his own recording and mixing equipment and send the files directly to each of his clients. Usually, voice actors work with agencies that provide voiceover services, such as Voquent, which is constantly looking for actors to join its staff, offering quality voiceover services and good salaries to its employees, as well as professional development opportunities.

5. Travel agent

For the end, we kept the obvious choice of the travel agent. The job of the travel agents is to provide their valuable services to travelers who do not wish to deal with organizing the details of their trip, as well as to give advice on possible destinations. Working in a travel agency of any size will allow you to know by first hand all those destinations that you will recommend to your customers, through your own travel experiences.

The above mentioned jobs for travelers are only few among the lot and you will come across more of those while travelling.

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