Best Places to Visit in Jordan

Jordan is recognized as an offbeat travel destination and it is surrounded by some of the best countries in the world. It has Iraq and Saudi Arabia to its East while Israel is situated to its West making it a center of attraction.  If you want to explore all the top places to visit in Jordan, you need to dedicate a significant amount of time to your itinerary.

Jordan is one popular destination where most of the tourist plans to visit. Be it the historic place, sunset, or the food craving, Jordan is one lovely destination to explore. But often due to a lack of knowledge about the place they are not able to explore the real Jordan in many ways. This place is located in Abraian Penninsula and is one of the amazing destinations you can enjoy with your loved ones. This place is also said to be one replete that has UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many great hotspots which are not just popular because they are carved from the Nabataea ruins but also it is said that there are some locations where Jesus Christ was baptized. That sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, there are many such places that you need to visit.

All about Jordan:

Jordan is known to be holding a history that dates even 1000 years back. This place also reveals some of the exquisite charms of Ottoman, Roman cities, and Persian treasures that you probably must have not seen elsewhere. But remember, this place is not just meant for the historic visit but also there are some lively streets that you need to visit. Ababa on the red sea is one of them, or say the downtown area of Amman which is the capital of Jordan. There are also much modern art and nightlife scene that you cannot ignore. Here we have listed some of the best places to visit in Jordan that you should add to your itinerary:

Wadi Rum

This is one lovely desert landscape which is known for the mountains of the sandstone. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Jordan that also holds a good rock formation. This place was featured even as the backdrop in one known move of David Lean called the Lawrence of Arabia. This is one untouched beauty that people also call the Valley of the Moon. There are so many tourists who often visit this place to enjoy the dramatic sunset that you can of course enjoy after an adventurous off-road driving to the place. If you find yourself exhausted, then you can hire a tent and spend a night at the destination to enjoy a nomadic feel. 


Petra is another impeccable destination of Jordan that you need to visit. People also call it the piece de resistance which is an undisputed one. This place is unique and one of its kind. Between the red-hued desert escarpments, this destination is located at the country’s heartland. This place is said to be the ancestral capital of the civilization of Arabian Nabataean that has managed to increase the treasuries of the rock-cut solution along with the temples to the most crucial trading at the outposts in the region. This enhancing site is popular for the Hollywood blockbusters roles like Indian Jones. Besides, it has also come out to be hidden within the windowing size series passageways that are a real treat for exploring.

It is one of the untouched tourist attractions of Jordan that was remained unknown for several years. It is listed as a UNESCO Heritage site where tourists can experience different color patterns and structures of rocks. You can visit this place during any season as it remains open all days in the week.

Dead Sea

This is one of the unique places to visit in Jordan that you should not give it a miss at all. This place grabs the attention of not just international tourists but also the local tourists as well. People usually come here to look out for the mineral-rich mud which is also known for the therapeutic properties. This place has mud which mostly is used for cosmetic reasons and the price of the same is quite high too. Because of the good advantages the dead sea offers, this place should be added to your list of itineraries. The sea is located in a dry area and is said to be known for the saltwater. Besides, you may want to stroll on the salt-crusted coast of the sea and enjoy listening to the sound of water which shall make your day.

It is one of the key highlights spread over the borders of Israel and Jordan attracts several foreign tourists. Here you will get an opportunity to enjoy vibrant marine life and experience the unique phenomenon that lets you easily float on the water without using any special equipment. Moreover, you can spot several beach resorts in the vicinity where you can simply sit and relax.


Located on the border of Israel and Jordan, this is another place at the extreme edge which is known for the conglomeration of dust-caked with small dig sites. You might want to uncover the builds which are called Al-Maghtas which is one of the liked biblical relics that you can find on the whole Jordan River courses. Even UNESCO has tagged this place and no doubt so far it is one known pilgrimage site where Christians often visit as a reason for the Jesus baptism. Other than this, the spot also shows an incredible array of the religions like Christian and Jewish along with the constructions of Roman and monasteries that were quite orthodox for a long time.

Ajloun Castle

This is one of the famous Jordan tourist attractions where you might want to plan for the visit. This is a famous attraction for Jordan travelers that is atop mount Auf. It was built by the military leader of Muslim military leader Saladin. It was made as a strategic link in the defense that is now a tourist destination. You can enjoy the most astonishing view of the Valley Jordan. That is not it! Around the valley, you can see the desert area which is quite relaxing to see especially during sunset. It is design and construction that give a clear insight into Jordan’s historic essence. This place is popular for the commercial trading routes and also as a museum too.

Amman Citadel

This is another wonderful place where you can come across the cultural strands of the Jordan community. You must head out to the streets of warren that shall take you to the busy area of the capital. You can even see the frenetic souks mosaic and the mosque minarets echoes which together make it the known Balad area. You should also visit Abdali where there are some must-visit sights. There are certain landmarks which are popular too. Altogether this is one lovely place sourced with palisades, mosques, and churches which you may not see elsewhere.

It is located exactly at the center of Jordan and considered as the oldest inhabited city in the country. The current portion of the citadel offers plenty for sightseeing that mainly includes Umayyad Palace, Ayyubid watchtower, Roman Temple of Hercules and Byzantine church. There is still a significant part of the citadel that needs to be explored. It is one of the best things to do in Jordan Amman that you must add in your itinerary.

Mount Nebo

It is recognized as one of the top places to visit in Jordan thereby making it famous amongst pilgrims who gather here in huge numbers. Here you can spot the memorial of Moses and amazing peak that emerges over scenic valleys. All these offerings make it an absolutely unique sight to do photography which is one of the top things to do in Jordan all around the year.

Karak Castle

Karak Castle is a known sightseeing destination in Jordan that you may want to explore. This is one finest example of a military destination where you can come across tons of stories that took place. This place was built in the 12th century AD and is located within 1,300 meters elevation level. It is now considered to be one of the top notches Castle located in Jordan that has many fortifications done. You can also see the stables that are arched roof and the dark chambers which you must have just seen in your books. If further go inside you shall see a museum which depicts the struggle that happened between the crusaders and sultan Saladin. This place is also known for the carved inscriptions that Mamluk soldiers had once made.


Located only 50km away from Amman, it is one of the unique places to visit in Jordan where you can discover everything about ancient ruins. It is also referred as Gerasa that features Roman ruins of old centuries. Apart from exploring ancient history, you can also enjoy several valleys and hills here that develop spectacular views you see only on postcards. Moreover, you can spot pine, olive and plum trees that develop a picturesque landscape to be captured in-camera.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

It is one of the best places to see in Jordan that you must add to your tour. Several campsite activities can be organized here to add real spice to your day. Besides this, you can try cycling and hiking on a breezy day. This place is packed with lot of biodiversities and gives you an opportunity to watch several unique species of birds migrating in a large group. If you want to enjoy the stunning flora and fauna of Jordan then this is a place to be.

What’s next waiting for you?

Jordan is one incredible place where you can see ample of great spots and a lot of activities you can enjoy. List down all the places you early wish to explore here and accordingly plan out your holiday accordingly. Usually, the weather is pleasant here but to make sure you don’t become a victim of any bad weather, it is better to have an idea about the climate for the month you are planning to visit well in advance. This way you can save your trip and plan to explore all the destinations without any compromise. It is now time to wrap up all your office work and pan for the amazing journey to Jordan today.

Jordan has always remained as a second choice for tourists when it comes to tourism to Middle East Asia. After going through the above list of best places to visit in Jordan and the top things to do in Jordan, you may have realized what Jordan offers. Now you know what to do in Jordan, you can plan your journey with total enthusiasm.

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