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Popularly represented as a place of thriving villains in movies and being all about cowboys, Dallas, a city in Texas, a state in the United States is much more than the cliché representation and has a variety of experience and thrill ready to be served. The city lies along the Trinity River and is the state’s third most populous city having mild winters with brief cold spells and summers hot with moderate to high humid temperatures and the weather variations can almost be symbolic of what the Dallas places to visit have to offer from chilling thrill to the calm a sweet breeze brings after hitting sweaty bodies. The city has its own unique history of beginning a period of spectacular growth during and after World War II and was abruptly brought into the international spotlight after the assassination of US President John F Kennedy.

The city’s most common nickname is ‘Big D’ and is today a cosmopolitan known for its large concentration of restaurants, shopping centers and skyscrapers that create a striking night skyline. Ethnically diverse and beautiful having a charm of its own the city became well known in popular culture as the setting for a television drama series. Apart from the ethnic diversities it has a diversified modern economy as well and is also known for its cultural activities including opera, ballet, musicals and symphony concerts which always have a certain iconic allure. The city is symbolic, it represents innovation, opportunity and prosperity to everyone all over the world and our blog here is ever ready to let you indulge into a big box of the city’s striking architecture, striking nature and quintessential Texan culture.

Dallas is one of the most sought after travel destinations in North America. This incredible city has so much to discover and a lot much to boast about. If you are opting for Dallas tourism in the near term then you will definitely search for famous tourist attractions in Dallas. The city is blessed with several natural treasures and you will run of time to cover all these locations. Though Dallas travel agents and guides are there to make your job easy, you also need to plan things on your own. Here we have listed some of the best places to visit in Dallas Texas to make your job easy:

  • The Sixth floor museum at Dealey Plaza:

Located in the former Texas school book depository building the museum chronicles the assassination of President John F Kennedy. It gives out an intriguing walk through the history through a guided audio tour and one can explore the exhibits at their own pace taking as much as an indulgence they want of the past and delve into the life, times, legacy and achievements of American’s most popular presidents. The rooms contain well-used artifacts and showcase intimate pictures as well as interpretive displays enriching your knowledge and are the city’s most visited historic site. It is recommended to buy entry tickets in advance so that you can have a hassle-free enjoyable time.

  • Reunion Tower:

The downtown Dallas’s skyline has evolved over the last decades and offers a gleaming; an awe-worthy view which could be best offered and viewed by this 561 feet observation tower. The city’s most recognizable landmark and is also locally known as ‘The Ball’, the tower gives a fine dining experience as well along with a spectacular view of the city skyline. The observation deck lets you revel into a panoramic view of the city and also includes an interactive digital experience featuring information about popular landmarks, a live view of high definition cameras and many more. The exterior observation deck has telescopes with views in every direction. Literally! It is one of the ideal tourist attractions in Dallas Texas to capture some aesthetic and picture-perfect moments.

  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens:

Overlooking the scenic White rock lake this place is a must-visit if you want to get close to nature. A 66 acres area which includes 11 lush display gardens that offer seasonal color all year long is an eye-soothing sight providing a tranquil oasis where one is surrounded by the natural beauty of all four seasons. A great place for couples and families to take a picnic, enjoy great music, walks, biking and running. They also have restaurants as well as take bookings for various events. It is one of the fantastic escape and amazing Dallas places to visit from the busy city life and is soothing to the senses.

  • Perot museum of nature and science: 

Having innovative building structures and with kid-friendly features, this is one of the fun places to go in Dallas Texas opening a plethora of experiences. The museum includes interactive as well as interesting learning activities. A natural history and science museum consists of two campuses one in Victory Park and others in Fair Park. The five-floor house has 11 permanent exhibit halls containing state of the art video and 3D computer animation with thrilling life-like simulations for visitors to have a mind-blowing and ever etched experience. It serves as a living science lesson offering provocative illustrations of engineering, technology and conservation a happening experience that is not risking a miss.

  • Dallas world aquarium and zoo:

This astounding place is located in the West End Historic District of Downtown Dallas. The adventure here begins at the top of the rainforest exhibit which includes exotic species. The aquarium and zoo contain endangered animals and also display interesting marine life which includes blue penguins, jellyfish and Japanese crabs. It is packed with a wide range of exceptional creatures which would be a starry-eyed experience for both adults and kids.

Whether you are on a Dallas tourism for the first time or you are already been here, it is worth visiting this one of the incredible Dallas tourism attractions several times. Here you can spot several special events, animal exhibitions, and shows which are specially designed for kids. Some of the key highlights of Zoo include giraffes, lions, African elephants, and many more unique wildlife species. The zoo features monorail and Mini Train that offers you safari experience which you shouldn’t miss at all. It is one of the family-friendly tourist attractions in Dallas which is recommended by several Dallas travel agents.

If you want to experience stunning marine animals from a very close distance then there can’t be any better place than Dallas World Aquariums. No wonder, it is recommended by all Dallas travel agencies without any second thought. Here you will spot a variety of aquatic species including Indi-pacific fish, anemones, seahorses and coral life. The aquarium also features a glass tunnel that offers you a thrilling experience when you pass through them without any fear. Without any doubt, you will find this tourist attraction in Dallas Texas is listed as a priority travel destination by Dallas travel agents and tourist guides.

  • White rock Lake Park:

The 1015 acres heavily used park is located northeast of Downtown Dallas. If you want to have a nice time enveloped within the arms of Mother Nature and want to add adventure along with riding and biking activities then this place is it! It houses a wetland, bathhouse center, museum, picnic areas, dog park, and pavilions available for rent, piers and boat ramps and is a complete package of fun. And bird lovers, this place should totally be in your trip list as one will find various species of birds as well and the weather along with the calmness of the water body just makes it a memorable experience. No wonder, the park is listed among one of the top places to visit in Downtown Dallas.

  • Nasher sculpture center:

A museum housing the Patsy and Raymond Nasher collection of modern and contemporary art and sculpture is a treat for art enthusiasts.  The building architecture is worth admiring as well and is symbolic of what surprises one is to be introduced to. They feature rotating exhibits and as well as have special exhibitions in its indoor and outdoor galleries. A visit here would surely assure you having witnessed great works of art along with some of the finest landscapes you would ever see. They also have a variety of events organized which the art lovers would surely not want to miss. Also remember, there is no admission on the first Saturday of the month.

  • Winspear Opera House:

The building engineered solely for the purpose of performance of music theatre and opera also has stages equipped for the performance of ballet and other types of dance is the 21st-century reinterpretation of the traditional horse show shaped opera house.  The theatre offers one of the unique experiences of watching an event and is also iconic of the Dallas culture and one must not miss it if you want to experience Dallas more intimately. It is one of the best places to visit in Dallas Tx where you can enjoy some offbeat performances.

  • African American Museum:

Containing lots of exhibits that explicitly covers the maximum of African American eras is definitely worth a visit if in Dallas. A spacious museum allowing you stroll at your leisure and indulge into the vibrant colors and eye-catching exhibits at your own pace is the only institution of its kind in the southwest which offers an exquisite and impressive collection of African American art and is a treasury of art and culture of the recognized black heritage.  They also have lectures, theatre and various other performances being conducted and you can surely join in one to have yourself more informed about the marvelous history they hold pride in.

  • Dallas Museum of Art:

Whether you are an art lover or not, you will definitely fall in love with the beauty of this mesmerizing tourist attraction in Dallas. The museum was constructed in the year 1903 and since then it has become a key traveling hub for foreign as well as native travelers. The museum features a diverse range of artifacts, exhibits and art collection that dates back to old centuries. Here you can spot both temporary and permanent artifacts compilation that gives you a perfect glimpse of American art. Dallas Texas tourist attractions are known for their extraordinary touch and you will come to know this fact while discovering every single item here.

  • State Fair of Texas:

It is one of the major events in Dallas that has a long history which dates back to the 19th century. The fair is organized at a large Fair park that features several entertaining highlights including rides, shows, landmarks, gardens and much more. The fair also features several live shows and competitions which visitors can join to demonstrate their talent in front of a large crowd. It is one of the best places to visit in Dallas Texas to add an element of excitement to your Dallas vacation.

  • Fort Worth Water Gardens:

If you are planning a Dallas tourism to explore its diverse wonder then you must add this destination in your itinerary. It is a unique garden that is surrounded by trees and high walls thereby creating scenery that is peerless. Here you can spot several pools, fountains and waterfalls at one destination thereby making your short visit totally worth. Every Dallas travel agency recommends tourists to visit this destination during night time to enjoy amazing lighting effects.

The more time you spend in this city, the more tourist attractions in Dallas Texas you will end up exploring. Whether it is solo travel or a group tour, the city doesn’t disappoint people of varied interests. No wonder, you will spot foreigners in such a huge number coming to Dallas for tourism and end up discovering its key sightseeing locations. If you are planning to visit a few more countries in North America then check out our other travel guides to get more information.

What’s next waiting for you?

Dallas tourist places provide one with terrific, memorable experiences which include a natural, cultural as well as technological diversity and our blog has listed the best possible places you should visit when in the city. There are many worth Dallas places to visit as well if you have more time in your pockets which include Deep Ellum, Texas Discover Gardens, Giant eyeball, Trinity Groves, Cedar Hill State Park, Highland Park Village and Frontiers of flight museums. And, food can never be left out when it comes to experiencing a complete connection to the city, so when in Dallas make sure you try dishes like Skittles Sangria, Honey butter chicken biscuit, Gooey butter cake, Beer biscuit and gravy, Macaroon gelato sandwich, Whisky cake, Low country shrimps and Cheddar Grits, which are few of the various exotic varieties the city has to offer and will make sure that your taste buds, as well as cameras, are pleased to the infinity! If you are searching for the best places to visit near Dallas then you can consult a local tour guide to cover maximum destination within less time.

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  1. Another fun excursion is Wichita Falls. Although some two hours drive northwest of Dallas, it’s worth it for those who enjoy a little culture as the town boasts a symphony orchestra, a ballet company, many professional theatrical performances, numerous fine museums, art galleries, and festivals.

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