Best Places to Visit in the USA

USA boasts about a diverse range of tourist attractions and it is extremely easy to navigate within the country on the virtue of its convenient transportation. From breathtaking coastlines, soaring skyscrapers to a scintillating metropolis, the USA is blessed with so many natural as well as artificial gems. When it comes to choosing the best time to visit the USA, you can pick any month of the year. If you are looking for best places to visit in the USA then here we have created an exhaustive list:

Top Tourist Attractions of the USA

  • Savannah:
  • Florida Keys
  • Arches National Park
  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Grand Canyon
  • Niagara Falls
  • Yellowstone
  • Asheville
  • Denali National Park
  • Portland
  • Las Vegas

Why you must-visit these travel destinations?

  • Savannah:

It is one of the most exciting cool places to visit explore in the USA in December that brags about Spanish moss and artistic houses at every point. If you are looking for a highly tranquil location in the USA then you shouldn’t miss Savannah. During the nighttime, simply stroll on the streets of Savannah to explore Colonial Park Cemetery, Bonaventure Cemetery, and Mercer Williams house.  Check out any USA holiday package and you will find this destination is listed in it without fail.

  • Florida Keys:

It is a unique range of islands that extended till the Atlantic Ocean from the southern corner of Florida. It is one of the highly preferred destinations for boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and other forms of water sports activities. Here you can also spot the museum and home of Ernest Hemingway. Florida Keys has played an important role in USA tourism as it attracts tourists in huge numbers. No wonder you will find it listed in the top places to visit in the USA in November.

  • Arches National Park:

Situated at Colorado River, Arches National Park is home to over 2000 stone arches. Apart from these, here you can also spot some other geological features including Balanced Rock. Outside the park, you can discover several famous outdoor activities such as canyoneering, stargazing, rock climbing, backpacking and horseback riding. It is one of the cheap places to visit in the USA in March where your kids will enjoy the best time of their life.

  • Miami:

A visit to the USA will remain incomplete without visiting the breathtaking beaches of Miami. It is difficult to describe the beauty of this place in simple words and you can only get to know it once you visit this amazing destination on your own. Whether it is warm weather, scintillating nightlife or pristine sea waters, there is a lot to explore in this majestic place. If you love spending time at beaches then Miami is one of the most recommended tourist attractions in the USA.

  • Orlando:

Whether it is Sea World, Busch Gardens or Walt Disney resorts, here you can get an unlimited supply of amusement. If you have kids or want to enjoy like kids then this is the best place to be. While been here, don’t forget to visit Legoland Florida and the amazing planet of Harry Potter. For kids, it is a dream place of their life where they get a chance to experience some of the unforgettable moments of their life. No matter from what part of the world you are traveling to the USA for holiday, Orlando has all the potential to make your vacation worth.

  • Grand Canyon:

It is a UNESCO world heritage site that has attracted travelers from different corners of the world. It is highly famous for its red hues and breathtaking panoramas that you can’t find anywhere else. If you want to explore real beauty and depth of Grand Canyon then it is recommended to stroll down to the extreme bottom of this incredible site. Your USA tour is incomplete without a visit to Grand Canyon as it offers you lot of insights about the history of USA tourism.

  • Niagara Falls:

It is one of the most popular USA tourist attractions that is recognized in the entire world for its extraordinary beauty. It is a combination of three different waterfalls including Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls and Horseshoe Falls. It is located in the state of New York and attracts thousands of foreign as well as local tourists every month. The boat cruise is considered as a key highlight here which is also listed in the top things to do in the USA. Niagara Falls is a vital part of USA tourism and more than 30 million visits this incredible destination every year.

  • Yellowstone:

If you are searching for one of the warm places to visit in the USA in December then Yellowstone should be on your list. The history of this destination dates back to the 19th century and it is also popular as the first national park in the entire world. Some of the key highlights of this destination include Geysers and Prismatic Spring. The park also features unique species of wild animals that are difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Yellowstone is also listed in the USA’s best vacation spots and you can consider visiting it with your entire family.

  • Asheville:

Asheville is one of the most sought after tourist attractions of the USA. It is a place where you will experience different sides of American culture. Some of the key highlights you can cover here include Ashville Botanical Garden, Biltmore estate and Carolina Mountain Trail. If you are looking for USA best vacation places where you can get close to nature then Asheville is a place to be. Food lovers have a lot to discover here. You can simply check-in at any popular restaurant and enjoy your favorite cuisine with craft beer. All these reasons make Asheville one of the most beautiful places to visit in the USA in January.

  • Denali National Park:

Covering an immense range of misty mountains of Alaska, this extraordinary park is a vital part of the best places for vacation the USA. It is considered as a heaven for mountaineers, hikers and bikers. No wonder you will see lot of adventure lovers discover several things to do in the USA at this amazing park. Even if you don’t want to do all these activities, you will enjoy the breathtaking scenery along with the rare wildlife of Denali National Park. In the vicinity, you can also spot Wonder Lake which will add an element of excitement to your USA places to visit.

  • Portland:

If you are searching for the most versatile places to see in the USA then come to Portland to experience its stunning offerings. Portland is extremely popular for producing regular drizzles that make a climate of the city extremely favorable for USA tourism. The city features several rose gardens and this is the reason why it is named as a “City of Roses”. Apart from natural tourist attractions of the USA, the city is also popular for several outdoor activities, microbreweries and restaurants. The city also features several shopping hubs that will keep you busy throughout a day.

  • Las Vegas:

After exploring all the natural tourist attractions in the USA, it’s time to pamper yourself in a vibrant culture of the country. Las Vegas is all about colorful lights, glamour, clubs, hotels and nightlife. Tourists from different parts of the world come to this city to try their luck in Casinos. With so much to discover here, you definitely need to allocate a buffer time to this destination on your USA holiday. The city also features several famous parks that are worth exploring during day time. After a day full of happenings, you can set yourself to experience the most vibrant side of the USA during nighttime.

What’s next waiting for you?

While been at the USA, you will get an opportunity to enjoy a mix of recreational areas, natural wonders and historic locations that a country ready to offer. In the coastal city, you can explore natural destinations while the city area is famous for offering a blend of urban and rural destinations. This is the key reason why tourists of all ages and interests keep this magnificent destination on priority during their tour to North America. The best places to visit in the USA mentioned above will definitely make your USA holiday an epic one. If you are planning to visit few more famous cities in North America then don’t forget to check our other travel guides.

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