Best Places to Visit in South Korea

South Korea is always seen as a futuristic high-tech country and on the other hand, it also has a thriving cultural background. This country has to offer you a wonderful experience of elegance as well as enlightenment. Rich heritage, exotic cuisines, enchanting islands, and many more activities are waiting for you at South Korea places to visit. And have confidence that this nation has the potential to impress you.

South Korea is rated as an exotic travel destination that welcomes travelers from all parts of the world to explore its extraordinary wonders. The choices are so limitless that you will get confused while making your final list of destinations to visit. You will come across breathtaking islands, buzzing cities, ancient villages and awesome natural vistas. Here we have listed the best places to visit in South Korea that covers both famous and untouched destinations of the country:

1. Seoul (Capital city of South Korea)

You will be fascinated by the City of Soule in many ways. Its ancient history, pagodas, and palaces coupled with futuristic architecture. People around the world come to celebrate the energetic nightlife of Seoul. Streets of Seoul have illuminating lights and boutiques which will make anyone shopping frenzy. Seoul street food is also the perfect introduction for lovers of food. 

Changdeokgung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Buhansan National Park, and the N Seoul Tower are some of the top places to visit in Seoul South Korea you shouldn’t miss out.

2. Gyeongju Palace

If you want to get acquainted with some of the rich cultural and historical tourist attractions of South Korea then Gyeongju is a place to be. The great heritage of this ancient kingdom has a history of old centuries featuring several relics, ruins and historical sites. You can make your tour unforgettable by visiting some of the UNESCO heritage sites in the vicinity.

Gyeongju has a nearly 1000-year-old ancient culture of the Silla dynasty in Korea. UNESCO has also approved it as a World Heritage Site. This place is adorned with ancient Korean architecture, Buddhist paintings, and ancient tombs. To take a sneak peek into Korea’s ancient culture and art visit the national museum and Bulguska temple. The artifacts and the magnificent paintings will demonstrate that era in front of you. This place can petrify a history and art lover immediately.

3. Jeju Islands

The stunning volcanic island provides all the natural wonders and places to see in South Korea to impress visitors. Jeju Island has the highest mountain peak in South Korea. Jeju Island has many green forests and vibrant landscapes in it considered to be one of Mother Nature’s miracles. White sand beaches and lava tubes are also amazing anyone in every way possible. There is a stone wall that is made around the mid-seventeenth century to protect the island from the storm. This wall is called “Grandfather Stones” crafted dedicated to gods some of them are still there. There is also a culture of diving women on this island. Legend has it in old days men are gone far into the sea for fishing for months. Women and children are devastated by hunger. So, the women start diving into the sea for seafood to feed their children. Today also you can see those diving women and enjoy those delicacies there. 

It is an absolute treat for nature lovers as they get a chance to explore the beauty of South Korea from a very close distance. It is spread over an area of more than 80km and considered as one of the top tourist attractions in South Korea. Here you can come across several sand beaches covered by lava caves, volcanic craters, botanical gardens and pine forests.

4. The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is the national border between North and South Korea. This place stands as a mute witness to the Korea conflict. Here you can see the intensity of the situation. It is a no man’s land but you can take a guided tour of these areas. There is a peace park ImjingakNuri theme Park, Infiltration Tunnel, and Joint Security Area are also popular destinations.

5 .Busan

This city is one of the highly delightful and best places to visit in South Korea. Consists of urban architecture, museums, shopping malls, and art galleries. Busan museum of art is a must-visit for art lovers. This museum has an entourage of contemporary art pieces and sculptures. Haeundae Beach and Songjeong beach are the most renowned beaches in South Korea. Filled with youthfulness these beaches have luxurious guesthouses for stay. Sailing and marine sports are also key attractions to these places. Never forget to visit Busan Aquarium which is near Haeundae beach. Home to 35,000 categories of fishes and other marine life.

Being recognized as one of the largest cities of the country, it is famous in the entire world for organizing the biggest International film festival of Asia. Some of the key highlights of Busan include the Jagalchi fish market and Haedong Yonggungsa temple. Moreover, you can spot several street food stalls and restaurants where you can enjoy some local delicacies of Busan.

6. Dadohaehaesang National Park

This park is a natural sanctuary where you can escape from an urban lifestyle to near to bare nature and its miracles. Dadohaehaesang National Park accumulated in 1700 islands and big rocks. Here you can also enjoy the company of some exotic species such as half-moon black bear, Hongo fish, and birds. The landscapes hypnotize the soul here. For mountain trekking and hiking, tourists love Heuksando Island. Hongdo Island in Dadohaehaesang National Park is a natural monument since 1965. Tourists are not allowed most of the places except seashores, hiking paths, and villages. Daily ferries to the island are also an extra charm to your journey.

Being rated as the biggest national park in the country, this heavenly place houses more than 1700 small & large islands featuring creative rock structures.  Dadohaehaesang National Park offers you a chance to explore the amazing flora and fauna of South Korea. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to enjoy boating experience here while capturing some of the incredible views of the island.

7. Pyeongchang County

Pyeongchang County is a breathtaking experience for travelers with a basket full variety of South Korea tourist attractions. 180 K.M. far from capital city Seoul Pyeongchang County Is full of surprises. It has mountains, villages, farms, ranches, and Buddhist shrines. Mountains covered with snow here are suitable for skiing. Alpensia Ski resort, Yongpyong ski resort, and Donggang rafting are rock your world if you are an adventure sports fan. Odaesan National Park is the largest natural forest with mountain peaks, temples, waterfalls, and tracks for hikers.

Being referred as a destination equal to paradise, here you can pamper yourself in the incredible scenery. With lots of slopes and seasonal snow, it is a highly recognized spot for winter sports. No wonder, it is selected as a preferred destination during the Winter Olympics of the year 2018. Besides, this destination is considered as a real treat for mountain hikers who want to try an extreme adventure in their life. 

8. Suwon

Suwon is treasured by UNESCO as a world heritage site for royal Hwaseong fortress erected by king Jeongjo Korea’s 18th-century ruler as a shrine and military base. Suwon can overwhelm anyone with its rich cultural heritage and Korean villages with their traditional lifestyle. Gyeonggi Arts Centre is a hub for performing arts and anti-aircraft performance which includes indoor performances, concerts, ballets, operas, and musicals. Several exhibitions of all kinds of arts such as paintings, photography, sculpture art, and also outdoor performances. Haengung-dong Mural Village situated in Suwon city as an art project to create an ecological city. Artists came to participate here and leave their souvenir arts here. Different types of art wall art crafts decorated in murals. Entry to this one of the top places to visit in South Korea is completely free.

9. Seoraksan National Park

As we noticed South Korea has an abundance of natural beauty Seoraksan National Park has nature’s some of the best sceneries, waterfalls, and snowy mountain peaks. It has around 30 peaks in total and natural granite rock formations. Seoraksan National Park has traditional ancient Buddhist temples and Sinheungsa is one of the oldest temples in Korea. To experience the taste of adventure ride a cable car ride into Seoraksan National Park’s panoramic view.  

10. AndongHahoe Folk Village

Hahoe means “surrounded by water”. Hahoe village got its name for the Nakdonggang River by which side the village is established. This village in Andong still has all those ancient cultures preserved inside it. This village will take you to another era and it also can offer some authentic Korean cuisines. UNESCO is also awarded this village as a world heritage site. 

11. Boseong Green Tea Field

More than 1500 mm rainfall made Boseong Green Tea Field a green paradise. In the 1930s introduced by Japanese, this tea filed provide 40% of Korea’s entire green tea crop. Two things never to miss in your travel here are green tea festival and local green tea flavored ice cream. Summer is especially the best time to experience the Boseong Green Tea Field in July. Newly budding plantations and pleasant weather will mesmerize you. 

12. Seongsan Sunrise Peak

If Jeju Island is on your travel list then must add Seongsan Sunrise Peak in it. This wonderful tuff cone crater is created by a hydrovolcanic eruption nearly 5000 years ago. This peak is named SeongsanIlchulbong is open all year for visitors and opens before sunrise. There is a special ceremony held on New Year’s Eve. People come to see the sunrise here at the beginning of New Year as it is considered auspicious. 

13. Jinhae:

Are you planning to visit South Korea during the spring season then don’t miss Jinhae. During 10 days of the spring season, you can enjoy cherry blossom festival during which everything is covered in bright colors. Besides, you can enjoy some of the unique cultural performances including parades that attract more than two million tourists each year.

What’s next waiting for you?

South Korea has numerous mesmerizing adventures to excite you including all these above. Colorful festivities, traditional dances, ancient culture, etc. Moonlight tour to a heritage site Changdeokgung Palace, Royal cultural festival, Jeonju Heritage night tour, Goyang Autumn Flower Festival, Soul film and art festivals, etc. are the experiences to must have once in life. South Korea is full of surprises so, make sure to have a bucket list before you go there.  

After going through the list of the above-mentioned places to visit in South Korea, you will definitely start packing your bags. Remember, it is always recommended to plan your tour well in advance in order to cover maximum destinations in less time. So go ahead and browse through some very useful travel tips given on our blog.

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