The Best Holiday Destinations For 2022

Are you planning a big holiday for 2022? Many people have set their eyes on a special vacation for next year, which is understandable with the pandemic causing so much disruption in regards to travel and so much stress in recent times. Many people have not had a vacation in a long time, so they will want to have something special planned for their next one. The possibilities are endless for a memorable holiday destination, so keep reading for a few ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration and encourage you to get planning for an unforgettable holiday next year.

Holiday Destinations

New Zealand

There are few countries that offer as much natural beauty as New Zealand, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoorsy-types seeking adventure. Not only does New Zealand boast incredible scenery, but it also has a lovely climate, friendly locals, and plenty of cool, progressive, and laid-back towns to explore.


The Great White North is a stunning part of the world with a lot to offer any kind of visitor. Natural beauty is in abundance here, and it is easy to be blown away by the Rockies and the National Parks. You also have many up-and-coming towns and cities in Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.


Hawaii’s second-largest island, Maui, is an ideal holiday destination for those seeking a tropical holiday. It is well-known for its stunning sandy beaches, Haleakala National Park, and friendly locals. It is a great place to come and unwind, so after the stress of the pandemic, it could be the perfect choice and do wonders for your mental health. There are fantastic Maui resorts that can take your stay to the next level and give you the best possible experience.


Many people will automatically think of going to London when visiting the UK, but this is not your only option. While London is certainly a great city, many people are visiting Scotland these days, and it is easy to see why! Here you will find wild and breathtaking natural beauty to discover along with the charming cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, which both have distinct personalities and are bursting with all kinds of attractions and highlights.

South Africa

South Africa is another good choice for nature lovers and a part of the world that is incredibly diverse. Here you can find deserts, forests, and beaches, which also means that it is a great place for wildlife lovers. In addition to its varied topography, you also have a range of interesting cities to explore, such as Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

These are just a few holiday ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration and get you excited about a big trip in 2022. The pandemic has stopped many people from taking a holiday in a time where a vacation is needed, so 2022 could be a big year for travel, and the above destinations could be ideal for a special, unique, and memorable trip.

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