Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is a small country in Southeast Asia which has received a reputation of highly exotic travel destination. Whether you are a novice traveler or an experienced one, the country has a lot to serve your travel interest. From sandy beaches to incredible sanctuaries and historical monuments to deep valleys, you will find everything here to make your tour exciting. Vietnam is known for its unpredictable climate but summer months are considered as the best time to visit Vietnam to immerse yourself in its natural offerings. If you are not sure about where to start and which locations to cover then browse through the following guide to know about the best places to visit in Vietnam:

Top Tourist Attractions of Vietnam

  • My Son Sanctuary
  • Cham Island
  • Hanoi
  • Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Hue
  • Halong Bay
  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
  • Mekong Delta
  • Sapa
  • Nha Trang
  • Temple of Literature
  • Vietnam Military History Museum

Why you must-visit these travel destinations?

  • My Son Sanctuary:

It is one of the most remarkable tourist attractions in Vietnam where you can discover several unique architectures. It is also one of the famous world heritage sites that attract tourists in huge number every year. Once you visit this destination, you will come to know a lot about the culture and history of Vietnam that dates back to several old centuries. It is one of the highly recommended places to visit at Vietnam if you carry even a small amount of interest in history.

  • Cham Island:

This tiny island boasts about the spectacular marine life that inhabits lots of unique species. The island is also known for its spectacular scenery, where you can spend some quality time capturing photographs with your loved ones. Besides, you can try lot of water sports activities here including snorkeling, diving, swimming and spotting. It is highly recommended to stay at least one night here to enjoy some of the awe-inspiring sunrise moments in the morning. 

  • Hanoi:

The city has witnessed all the ups & downs of Vietnam and this is the reason why it is called as a place full of happenings. Here tourists will not only enjoy the buzzing lifestyle of Vietnam but also relish some of the historical architecture that dates back to the 16th century. It is one of the ideal tourist attractions of Vietnam to do shopping as you can discover several local shops and stores selling extraordinary items. Most of the Vietnam tour packages prefer adding Hanoi in their key highlight because of its versatility.

  • Cu Chi Tunnels:

If you are an adventure lover and yet to enjoy the most thrilling experience of your life then come at Cu Chi. These tunnels are constructed mainly for communication purposes during old times but now became most sought after destination by adventure lovers. Here you can spot weapon storerooms, secret doors, hidden routes that lead to canals and dark branches. If you have a courageous heart then you will definitely admire this exhilarating place in Vietnam. Adventure lovers often rate it as one of the thrilling places to visit at Vietnam to taste your physical and mental stamina.

  • Hue:

This is one of the most exciting Vietnam tourist attractions situated very next to Perfume River which boasts about an ideal blend of classic culture and modern trends. Here you can spot various structures constructed in contemporary style where you can take out your cameras and capture few awesome photographs while on the go. Besides, you can come across historical Citadel and several old age edifices that symbolize the perfect ancient culture.

  • Halong Bay:

Your Vietnam travel will complete only when you visit Halong Bay that brags about several sinkhole lakes, limestone caves, grottoes and much more. It is also listed in World Heritage Site where tourists gather to enjoy its marine cliffs, pristine blue water and natural topography. It is one of the indisputable tourist places to visit in Vietnam where you will get a chance to get extremely close to nature.

  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology:

It is one of the rare places to visit in Vietnam where you will find a plethora of things about ethnic groups. It has been an integral part of Vietnam tourism since its development in the year 1997. Several renovation and modifications are also done from inside and outside part of the building that has enhanced the beauty to a superior level. The creator of this amazing museum was also a member of the ethnic group of country and he has left no stone unturned to create this amazing masterpiece with such perfection. You can consider visiting this museum from morning till evening by paying entry fees.

  • Mekong Delta:

It is one of the exciting Vietnam tourist places where you can enjoy diverse kinds of offerings at a single destination. Whether it is a bird sanctuary, sugar cane groves, fruit orchards or floating markets, there is a lot to see here during your Vietnam trip. Mekong Delta is extremely popular in Vietnam for its production of rice, orchards and fishes. The rich farms of this location feed more than 33% of the countries population. All these reasons make it a vital part of all Vietnam tour packages that include short as well as extended itineraries.

  • Sapa:

Vietnam visit places are no dearth of natural sightseeing and you will experience it when you will come to Sapa. The misty mountains, hill tribes and rice terraces are all there to welcome you to spend some peaceful moments in the lap of nature. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy spending some quality time here while thrill lovers can experience trekking on the steep mountains of Sapa. The white waterfall is another key highlight of Sapa.  After a long day of walking if you get hungry then you can stop by at local restaurants to enjoy some unique local cuisine.

  • Nha Trang:

Vietnam tourist places are recognized for offering a relaxing holiday experience to tourists. Some key destinations like Nha Trang are really giving high contribution in Vietnam tourism on the virtue of their diverse offerings. Whether those are mountain for trekking or beaches for sunbathing, you can spot everything here to make a trip to Vietnam a memorable one. If you are traveling to Vietnam with kids then, you can spot several amusement parks to keep your family busy.

  • Temple of Literature:

Vietnam temples are known for their unique architecture and incredible decorative creations. The temple of Literature is not an exception to this and you will experience some unique vibes when you actually come here. The temple has a long history that dates back to the 11th century and it is worth knowing the past of this majestic place from local guides. The temple remains open 24 hours and you can also enjoy some other sightseeing locations in the vicinity of the temperature by opting for local transportation.

  • Vietnam Military History Museum:

It is one of the ideal places to visit at Vietnam if you carry interest in guns, machines, tanks or any other thing related to the Military. It is one of the most reputed museums in Vietnam where tourists gather in huge numbers, especially on weekends. Here you can spot several statues of soldiers along with ammunition. The collection is very extensive and it can’t be matched by any other museum in the country. The museum opens at the early morning but closes before 5 PM. So make sure you plan your journey accordingly to allocate sufficient time exploring the masterpieces of these fabulous Vietnam places to visit.  

What’s next waiting for you?

With such a diverse range of offerings, you will now realize why Vietnam attracts tourists in such a great number. If you are on a mission to make your itinerary one of the unforgettable experiences of your life then don’t miss any of the best places to visit in Vietnam mentioned above. If you want to know what are the most popular things to do in Vietnam then check out our other travel guides to get detailed information.

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