Best Places to Visit in Macau

Macau is all about exploring historical landmarks, heritage places and mesmerizing locations that are packed with lot of glamour. It is a hub for wide range of casinos and no wander it is referred as a Vegas of China. Besides, it is an ideal destination to discover modern art and entertainment and this is the key reason why it attracts travelers of all ages and interests. Here we have discussed some of the most adorable places in Macau that you shouldn’t miss visiting:

Key Highlights of Macau

  • Macau Tower: This amazing structure was built by Gordon Moller and known as a key highlight of the city. It is 338m tall and if you want to see some spectacular views of Macau then go to top of the tower. The fully featured structure of tower also boasts about luxurious amenities such as lounge, café, adventure zone, cinema hall and much more. For adventure lovers, climbing Macau Tower is one of the preferred activities from where they can also try bungee jumping.
  • Rua du Cunha: This place is named after a very famous Tristão da Cunha where you can try different types of cuisine at one venue. The street features wide range of eatery shops like Seng Cheong Crab Porridge and Lord Stow. For food lovers, it is an absolute treat to visit this place and quench their thirst by indulging in mouth watering dishes.
  • Giant Panda Pavilion: This is one of the extraordinary sites in entire world where you can spot Giant Panda from very close distance. The pavilion features couple of indoor platforms, exhibit area and outdoor yard as an inhabitant of pandas. This destination remains open from 10am to 5pm but it allows limited admissions. So make sure you book your tickets well in advance.
  • Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre: This artistic statue symbolizes the respect to the Goddess of Mercury. It is manufactured from special bronze material and 20 meters tall.  The statue is placed on a dome shaped structure which is called as an ecumenical center. Further, it is a place where you can explore all the information related with Buddhism and his principles.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf: It is one of the largest theme parks in Macau which is spread over an area of more than 111,000 square meters. It features several restaurants, stores, amphitheatre, amusement park, nightlife and much more. Moreover, this place features more than 150 shops where you can spend some time doing quality shopping.
  • Senado Square: It is one of the well known UNESCO heritage site in Macau which displays amazing history of the city. This place is not just about offices, restaurant, pubs and shops but it also features several European style artistic buildings. Tourists prefer to visit this place during special occasions such as Chinese New Year that features lot of firework and dragon dance.
  • MUSEU DE MACAU: If you are done exploring plenty in the city, set aside few hours to explore typical culture and history of Macau. It played an important role of defense fort for several years and now features three different types of galleries. You can find a whole floor dedicated to pop art, traditions, festivals and historical paintings. There is another floor where you can discover exhibits about city’s buzzing life.
  • Ruins of St. Paul: Listed in one of the UNESCO heritage sites, it is destination you can consider visiting during day as well as night time. It was established in year 1602 and here you can see remains of Catholic Church which was ruined in year 1835 because of fire. It is an extremely spectacular sight to watch at the time of sunset and lots of crowd gathers to click some marvelous images of nature in their camera.
  • Kuan Tai Temple: It is situated in a narrow backstreet very next to the Senado Square. Here you will find Western structures integrated with classical Chinese architect that symbolizes the typical culture of Macau. The interior of temple is a key highlight here featuring unique statue, cunningly carved woodwork and structures in scintillating color.
  • Guia Lighthouse: It has received a status of UNESCO heritage site courtesy to its long history that dates back to old centuries. You can reach at this destination by simply taking normal walk on hillside. There is also an alternative of cable car to reach at the peak of lighthouse. This place remains open for common public throughout a year.
  • The Cotai Strip: It is a long strip that combines Taipa Island and Cotai Island thereby becoming an ideal destination for high rollers. If you are not interested in doing any form of gambling, then don’t worry as this place offers wide range of things for amusement. You can watch scintillating lighting shows, visit water parks and explore nearby hotels.
  • Lou Lim Leoc Garden: If you have visited Macau and haven’t seen the breathtaking scenery of Chinese gardens then you have missed a lot in your life. It is an historic garden where you will get an opportunity to see several pagodas and ponds. Macau is a city where you can find lot of incredible gardens which is considered as a perfect place to find out piece of mind.

Apart from some of the key places mentioned above, there is plenty to explore in such a fabulous city of Macau. You can visit A-Ma Temple, Mandarin’s House, Rua de Felicidade, Macau harbor, Opium House, Handover Gifts Museum of Macau, Lou Lim Leoc Garden, Camoes Garden, St Francisco Garden, Taipa Village, Travessa da Paixão and the list is simply endless.  

Macau is a kind of majestic city that you can’t plan to cover in rush. You need to dedicate at least couple of days to visit key highlights of this place and make your tour truly memorable. It is always handy to have some additional time as a buffer to explore maximum number of hidden gems of Macau.

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