Best Places To Visit in Goa

Situated in the Western part of India, Goa brags about its extensive coastline and serene beaches. It is rated as the most visited tourist attraction in India where tourists from all the corners of the world gather every year. Goa is highly crowded with a lot of foreigners and local tourists in the month of December. Are you thinking over the best time to visit Goa? Simply come here to celebrate the grand occasion of Christmas along with the New Year’s eve. Here we have listed all the best places to visit in South and North Goa in 3 days to make your tour truly epic:

  • Calangute and Baga beach:

Without any doubt, these beaches will be a part of Goa must-visit places in 3 days. Located only 5km away from Thivim railway station, both these beaches attract tourists to enjoy water sports activities. You can enjoy paragliding, banana ride, motor ride, boating and much more at pretty affordable rates here. Both these beaches are adjacent to each other and you can easily reach one beach from others by mere walking. Also, don’t forget to taste some of the unique seafood cuisine and kokan delicacies at these beaches.

  • Aguada Fort: 

When it comes to historic places for visit in North Goa, Aguada Fort is leading in the entire list. This place is only 15km far from the Panjim bus stand and referred to as the best heritage site in the entire Goa. It was constructed by Portuguese colonial at the beginning of the 17th century. Moreover, you can also visit the lighthouse and center jail close to this fort. It is quite easy to reach this destination through motorbikes, cabs and local buses.

  • Casino Palm: 

If you want to try your luck in casinos of Goa then visit Casino Palm. It is located in North Goa very close to Calangute beach. Once you enter this casino you will get a feel being at a Los Vegas. You can spend some time playing roulette as well as other online games here. The casino also gives you exposure to enjoy nightlife as it features several lounges and bars. It is listed in one of the most fascinating Goa tourist places and you will realize all reasons when you actually visit it.

  • The Church Of Mae De Deus: 

Goa is also popular for several historic churches visited by people of diverse communities. Besides this, the church features extraordinary Gothic architecture which is hard to find anywhere else. This fabulous property is also surrounded by picturesque surroundings that insist tourists spend some more time in the vicinity. It is recommended to visit this Church during the evening to enjoy some spectacular decoration.

  • Palolem Beach: 

If you are searching for a very silent place in Goa then visit Palolem beach. It is one of the less crowded beaches where you can spend some peaceful time in your life. Here you can also enjoy Kayaking at very affordable rates. On the beachside, you can also enjoy some mouth-watering local cuisine while enjoying the evening sunset. Check out Goa tour places itinerary and you will find this beach added in the list without any doubt.

  • Anjuna Market: 

There is a number of reasons why you will find this destination listed in the best places to visit in North Goa in 3 days. First, if you are a shopaholic person then Goa offers you a lot of exposure to get a memorable shopping experience. Second, the flea market at Anjuna is a place where you can purchase jewelry, beach clothes, trinkets, artifacts, paintings and much more. It is a buzzing market on Wednesday where you can bargain with sellers and purchase quality stuff at affordable prices.

  • Museum of Goa:

If you are looking for Goa tourism places that will allow you to dig into the history of the city then come to the Museum of Goa. It is nestled in the amazing village called Pilerne that makes you acquainted with the cultural heritage of the city. Here you can spot several books, exhibits, and paintings that perfectly symbolize the rich culture of Goa. Don’t forget to explore amazing offerings in the art gallery of this museum. The sculptures, artifact and other masterpieces of artwork will definitely mesmerize you with its extraordinary appearance.

  • Miramar Beach:

It is one of the most offbeat places to visit in North Goa for 3 days where you will have a lot to do in less amount of time. Miramar beach is a travel destination in Goa where you can enjoy morning walk at the time of sunrise. If you are an adventure traveler then you can try several water sports activities beachside including paragliding, banana ride, speed boating, swimming and much more. For shopping lovers, the local shops and stores offer several unique artifacts that they can take home as a souvenir.

  • Dudhsagar falls:

If you are searching for natural places for visit in Goa then Dudhsagar falls should be in your priority list. The scenery of this waterfall is shown in several Bollywood movies such as Chennai Express. It is one of the most sought after tourist spots at goa that you can consider visiting during the monsoon season from the month of June to September. You can plan a trek adjacent to waterfalls to make your Goa tour extremely memorable.

  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary:

You can separate Goa from nature and this is the reason why you will find Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary listed in some of the best places to see in Goa. Here you can spot a variety of wildlife species that are rare to discover in entire India. Some of the key attractions of the sanctuary include bison and tigers. The safari tours are also organized here that provide you an opportunity to enjoy the unique fauna of Goa from an extremely close distance.

  • Bom Jesu Church:

Located in the South Goa, there are several reasons that make Bom Jesu Church part of the famous tourist places at Goa. It is one of the most artistic structures you will come across in the city. You will be mesmerized by the amazing artwork and décor of the ceiling. It is one of the incredible masterpieces which is worth exploring from inside and as well as outside. The first floor of this amazing church is occupied by an art gallery where you can discover several masterpieces. If you want to know all the information about the history of the museum then you can hire a local Goa tour guide at a price of 100 INR.

  • Bogdeshwara Temple:

India is a country that follows diverse religions and no wonder you will find several temples, churches, gurudwara and mosques in this incredible country. If you are planning to discover pilgrims destinations of the city then you will find Bogdeshwara Temple listed in Goa must-visit places for 3 days without fail. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this temple as they believe that if they pray here there all wishes will be fulfilled. At the end of the year, the temple feast is organized here which is considered as a key highlight for foreign as well as local tourists.

  • Chapora Fort:

If you want to try all those creative moves which you see in Bollywood movie Dil Chahata Hain then come to Chapora Fort. It is one of the most fascinating tourist places in Goa that attracts a young crowd in huge numbers. While sitting on the walls of the fort, you can get the most scintillating views of the sea surrounded by coconut trees. Photography lovers can definitely push all their limits to capture some images which they can share on their social media accounts.

  • Naval Aviation Museum:

If you want to start the journey of your Goa tourism places from the Dabolim airport itself then don’t forget to miss this fabulous museum. It is one of the most recognized museums you will come across in entire Asia. The museum features indoor as well as outdoor sections that boast several unique exhibits. Some of the key highlights you will come across here include pilot outfits, armaments, protective gear, aircraft, ammunition, rockets, parachutes and much more.

  • Grand Island:

When it comes to offbeat Goa visit places in 3 days, the Grand Island will top the entire list. It is nestled on the Arabian Sea and attracting several young crowds to enjoy some exciting time in the vicinity of nature. It is located next to Vasco da Gama and you can take ferries to reach without any hassle. Adventure lovers will prefer doing several water sports activities including speed boat riding, swimming, snorkeling, reef diving, and scuba diving. If you love fishing then the guided tours are available that offer you all the instruments and assistance you require for fishing.

  • Arambol Hippie Festival:

If you are pondering over what is the best time to visit Goa then you have an answer to you. Come when the Arambol Hippie Festival is going to enjoy a memorable experience with local people. You can hear the stories and creative songs of Hippies to enlighten the whole spirit. The amazing thing about this festival is that tourists get an opportunity to enjoy dancing on the famous music of hippies.

  • Mambo’s:

After a busy day of visit to diverse places of Goa, it’s time to do visit one of the most famous pubs of Goa. Locate at the North Goa; it is one of the most fascinating destinations from where you can enjoy amazing scenery during the evening time. The club opens at late evening and it remains open till morning. It means you can do partying a whole night on a piece of loud music with total freedom. The DJ here is extremely cordial and he will not hesitate to play your favorite track on request. Don’t forget to try some local cuisine at restaurants while listening to retro music. If you are searching for one of the most buzzing places to visit in North Goa at night in 3 days tour then this is a destination to be.

  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary:

Without any doubt, you will find this sanctuary listed in the best places to visit in South Goa in 3 days. It is located on Chorao Island which means you have a lot to discover during your Goa tour. The sanctuary was named after a very popular ornithologist of India whose contribution is extremely high in preserving the wildlife. The sanctuary features some of the rare species of animals including black drongo and mudskipper.

  • Archives Museum:

Museums are considered a vital part of Goa tourist places and no wonder you will find Archives museum also on the list. If you are stopping by at Panaji then it is worth checking out unique offerings of this amazing museum. It is located at Patto Plaza featuring several extraordinary artifacts that date back to old centuries. The museum remains open only during weekdays so make sure you plan your itinerary keeping all the holidays in mind.

  • Reis Mogos Fort:

If you are a history lover and always prefer to dig into the ancient time masterpieces then it is worth visiting these famous tourist spots at Goa. Reis Magos Fort was constructed in the 18th century as a fortress during the war. You can consider visiting this fort any day of the week from 10 AM to 5 PM. Photography lovers will definitely have an exciting time here as they will get a lot of exposure to capture some epic pictures in their camera.

What’s next waiting for you?

Apart from the best places to see in Goa mentioned above, the city has got a lot to offer you. Don’t forget to add some more places to your voyage. Here are few Goa must-visit places to make your tour all-inclusive – Mapusa Market, Club Cabana, Aguada beach, Bom Jesus Basilica, Chorao Island, Vagator beach, MV Caravella, Bicholim, Butterfly beach, Terekhol Fort, Divar Island, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Tito’s Club, etc. The list of best places to visit in North and South Goa for 3 days is truly limitless and you will require a significant amount of time to cover all these places in a single tour. If you are planning to visit a few more popular cities in India then check out our other travel guides to make your tour memorable.

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