Top Things To Do in Prague

Prague is the most popular city in the Czech Republic. It is adorned by beautiful Renaissance architecture and monuments that reflect Bohemian history as well as modern urban life. Along with architectural heritage, it is also one of the Czech Republic’s major economic and cultural cities. It has been home to great personalities like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Kafka, Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák, and Leoš Janáček. Whether you are looking for the best things to do in Prague in December or fun things to do in Prague, the city has got everything to offer you.

These are many beautiful views that you can explore in the city, by walking on the stone pathways and near the calm riverside. One can relax by having the popular Czech Beer and appetizing local cuisine that one cannot miss when you are in Prague. Here we have listed some of the best places to visit and the top 10 things to do in the Prague Czech Republic to make your tour memorable:

Look around the Old Town Square

This is where you find the beautiful architecture of buildings and historical streets, located between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge. You can visit any of the restaurants and admire the view of the square, along with that you can also walk around and bask in the street performances. When you are here, there are a few places that you can’t miss. It also a place untouched since the 10th Century, from the invasions that took place in Prague.

Explore the Prague Astronomical Clock

When you visit Old Town Square, make it a must to see the Astronomical Clock when an hour is about the strike. The mechanics of the clock are dated to be of medieval time and is one of the only functioning clocks after repairs. It was built in 1410 which makes it the third-oldest astronomical clock. Located on the southern wall of Old Town Hall, it’s one of the monuments that Prague shows to the world with pride. No wonder, a visit to this masterpiece is one of the best things to do in the Prague Czech Republic.

Have a look in the Old Town Hall

It is one of the most visited sites, located in Old Town Square along with that also having the Prague Astronomical Clock. While touring you will get the impression of the gothic architecture from the 15th Century as well as some restorations that were made in the 17th Century which were influenced by the classics and biblical themes. You can visit different chambers that it offers in addition to the prepared exhibitions that take place in the Hall of Architects.

Be mesmerized at Church of Our Lady before Týn

Also known as the Church of Mother of God before Týn is a 14th Century Gothic church that is one of the most prominent architects in Old Town Square. The interior of the church has the Baroque style, along with that it offers the visitors works from Renaissance, Gothic and early Baroque in the gallery. It is also the place where the astronomer Tycho Brahe’s tomb lies and has one of the oldest organs in Prague dating back to 1673.      

Amble on Charles Bridge

It is one of the oldest and strongest bridges that is still standing in the Czech Republic, built over the Vltava River to connect the Old Town and Lesser Town- Malá Strana. It has elements of Gothic architecture with reference to stones designs and there some statues along the sides of the bridge that were placed in the 17th Century. It has Bridge towers at both its end from where you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the city. It is a pedestrian zone, so you can enjoy a nice stroll during sunset and there are even stall from which you can buy some souvenirs. Capturing few selfies on the bridge with your dear ones is one of the fun things to do in Prague that you will enjoy here.

Experience royalty at Prague Castle

It is one of the most visited sites by tourists because it has been the house of the rulers in past as well is currently the official residence of the President. It is an important symbol of culture and the Czech state. It is also recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. It’s the largest castles with intricate styles, from the 10th Century Romanesque-style through Gothic modifications of the 14th Century with some renovations and repairs. It has a large area- Three courtyards within which there are many beautiful buildings placed like St Vitus Cathedral, Basilica of St George, Golden Lane and the Great South Tower of the Cathedral.

View the Jewels at St Vitus Cathedral

It is one of the most important temples in Prague, located within the castle grounds. With the religious service, it was also used for the coronations of the kings and queens. It can be the tallest structure because one can spot it immediately in the city. One will find different styles present in this cathedral-like, Romanesque to Neo-Gothic. It is also a place where the burial of saints, archbishops, sovereigns and noblemen were done. You can see the jewels of the Bohemian Coronation at the St. Wenceslas Chapel, which is the center of St. Vitus Cathedral where also lies the tomb of the Czech patron saint St. St John of Nepomuk.

Have a stroll in the Golden Lane

This lane was formed after the northern wall was constructed, so this area was used to build quarters for people in service to the castle-like servants, goldsmiths and marksmen. These dwellings were occupied until the end of 2nd World War. This lane is named ‘Golden Lane’ because some of the houses were occupied by goldsmiths. Hence, first, it was named ‘Goldsmith Lane’ and later changed it to ‘Golden Lane’. Even Franz Kafka resided in house no.22 for about a year. It a very picturesque place, do click amazing pictures around the bright colored houses. It is also called the ‘Street of Alchemists’ because there is a saying that ordinary material turns gold here, which is debatable among alchemists. All these reasons make it one of the best things to do in Prague in December.

Be Peaceful at St. George’s Basilica

It is located on the grounds of Prague Castle. It is one of the oldest surviving buildings that had some parts built-in 920 by Prince Vratislav I and was reconstructed in 973. You can find the presence of Romanesque to Baroque impressions in the church. There is the main apse, two steeples remain of the old structure, along with the chapel dedicated to St. John Nepomuk which was constructed in the 18th Century. There are also tombs of the Premyslid dynasty that are situated in the main nave. Among them, one of them belongs to prince Vratislav, father of St. Wenceslas.

Admire The Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall or John Lennon Wall is full of graffiti of Beatles lyrics. It’s like a shrine for all The Beatles fans. This contemporary art has been there since the 1980s and is a very popular attraction for the tourist that love songs from The Beatles. When you visit this wall you will definitely hear music. It is s symbol of freedom and western culture. Along with that, it has also been a part of many social causes.

Trek the Petrin Hill to see Petrin Tower

Petrin is located in the heart of Prague, it is covered with greenery- gardens and is a recreation area for people. The Petrin tower is situated right on top of the hill, so get prepared to have a small trek to the cast-iron tower. You can experience a great view from the viewing deck. It was built in 1891 and is similar to the Eiffel Tower. You can also enjoy traveling to the hill in a cable car.

Meet the Wildlife at Prague Zoological Garden

Prague Zoo was built in the year 1881 on the occasion of the Crown Prince’s wedding. It was opened in 1931 for the purpose of the study and protection of wildlife. It has around Five thousand animals from 676 species and around 132 are threatened species. It is listed under the best zoo list of Forbes and Tripadvisor thereby becoming the best Prague things to do.

What’s next waiting for you?

There are so many top things to do in Prague that you can experience, once you plan to visit this incredible city. It doesn’t have only historical monuments but beautiful and pleasing gardens and parks where you can relax. Now you know what to do in Prague get ready to have a tour because one cannot miss the art that this city offers.

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