10 Amazing Tips For A Solo Road Trip

Going on solo road trips is a fantastic way to re-discover yourself when you are connecting with the world. You will be able to develop a new perspective by exposing yourself out of your comfort zone. The statistical data from sources suggest that number of people preferring solo trip is on the rise. Some just want to escape from their daily office life, and others want to discover more about themselves. Whatever the reason may be, a solo trip is an ultimate way to learn, enjoy, and create an emotional connection with yourself that will bring change in your life – all you have to do is go on a solo road trip!

Solo trips are overwhelming and will be scary for some people. All sorts of questions and doubts will start to pop up in your head. But with all the necessary preparations, you can hit the roads easily without any worries. If you want to go on a solo road trip in the upcoming future, here are ten amazing tips on road trips that will help you to prepare.

  • Preparing Your Car

No matter what kind of transport you choose for the journey, make sure it is in top shape. If you have planned out the entire schedule for the trip – service your car one week before. In case you don’t have one, make sure you rent and maintain it before getting on the road. It is one of the important road trips tips that you need to follow to make your travel comfortable.

Check out for the cooling systems, air conditioners, oil maintenance, and importantly tires. Don’t hit roads without the extra spare tire. As safety comes first in traveling – it is vital your car is ready to drive miles for you. Get a cargo roof rack fitted; it will comfortably adjust all the excess luggage on the roof and provide you more leg space in the car.

  • Creating Schedule

Noting down the places, you want to visit in time margins before the trip is necessary. It will help you to enjoy every it’s and bits of mark points of the destination. You won’t have to run amok here and there, eventually not being able to delve into the spirit of traveling. Planning out beforehand will save you from unnecessary exhaustion of last-minute changes.

Besides that, you should Book hotels or B&BS so you have enough rest at night and try to drive during the day, not more than eight hours. Of course, you have to allocate time for photography and gazing scenes – without it; the trip is incomplete.

  • Packing Clothes

Packing light is best for solo road trips. Pack according to the schedule. If you are going to visit high-end restaurants or such places with locals, pack accordingly. Get comfortable footwear and clothing, especially for driving – you don’t want to be overstuffed and distracted due to it. Besides this, make sure you also pack some extra clothes and an umbrella to cope up with any extreme weather conditions.

You can carry your laundry stuff, so when you are staying at hotels, you can get them washed. Since it is your solo trip – you have the option to go all out on accessories. Wear what defines you most!

  • Packing Snacks

Now snacking during trips is indispensable! You need to eat and drink when you are driving miles without a stop.  Stocking up on non-perishable foods is a good option – it will save you extra bucks, plus no food wastage. Coolers are suitable for keeping drinks chilled.

It is crucial to stay hydrated, even if you have to take pee breaks. Don’t buy any salty foods; it will make you more dehydrated and tired. Nutritious meals like dry fruits, dry cake are better options than fast and packed ones.

  • Getting an Emergency Kit

Keep a car emergency kit for any unpredicted accidents or emergencies that include roadside hazard assistance, flares, and cones. Have a medical first aid kit ready too. Keep extra bottles of water and food packages. You are alone on the road, and it is best to prepare ahead accordingly. Additionally, make sure you have all the necessary medicines to deal with common symptoms like nausea, fever & the common cold. It is one of the highly recommended tips on road trips that you need to follow.

  • Mapping out Destinations

Whether you are an experienced solo traveler or not, you will need tools to reach the nooks and corners of your destinations on the road trip. Set up GPS before you start the car and not in between. Read maps to get familiar with street names and roads in case GPS gives away. Make notes of where you want to go and how much tentative time to journey. Google Maps is handy in such a case – it will help you with directions turn by turns.

  • Informing Close Ones about Your Travel Plans

Let your friends or family know your travel plans. It will work as an extra security measure in any case. You can handle out your schedule plan to them, so they will know where you are at the time. You can make calls to them once or twice a day and let them know about your journey. It would make your loved ones feel comfortable and informed while you are on an adventure solo trip. The word of caution – don’t talk on the phone while driving and keep your seat belts on all time.

  • Getting Back-up Electronics

Get a backup phone with you in case of any battery or phone mishaps. Carry a travel charger – you can also get a car charger with you. In case you are stranded between nowhere, it will help in contacting any emergency services. If you are planning on photography shoots, it’s best to carry extra camera batteries and accessories. Besides this, it’s recommended to carry a rechargeable torch as a part of road trips tips.

  • Get the Entertainment Stuff

Since you will be driving for long hours, entertainment is vital to keep you engaged on the road. You need to be alert and keep your mind running. Get your favorites songs on, hear podcasts, there are great deals of stimulating audiobooks to keep you excited. Good entertainment will kill boring times, keeping you away from sleeping. Moreover, nowadays most of the cars are equipped with apple car play or android autoplay. So, one can sync their phones with their inbuilt music systems and enjoy music seamlessly.

  • Having Fun and Not Over-doing Anything

The main point is to have fun! Don’t be over-anxious – it might be an overwhelming experience for you, but it is all part of the fun of going solo. People often tend to do mistakes like drinking too much, driving rashly, etc. In Fact, one should remember to be more vigilant and responsible while traveling solo. Sometimes things might not work according to plan; it’s okay; move on to the next stuff. Don’t overdo anything and exhaust yourself over petty things. Just keep moving ahead with ease! 

What’s next waiting for you?

The bottom line is that a road trip is only for you! It’s your personal choice to stay free and get yourself delved into freedom from all the worries. Taking advice from an experienced road trip planner is also a good idea. Keep home your negative baggage and pack light towards a lifetime of experience. And maybe the next solo road trip will change your life.

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