Best Gardens to Visit in the World

Gardens are one of the best offerings of Mother Nature as a mere walk through a garden will offer you a memorable experience of your lifetime. It is an ideal place to stay away from the hustle-bustle of city life and spend some time in the vicinity of nature. You will mesmerize by its beauty when you are surrounded by blossoming flowers that ooze a nice fragrance. If you are planning to explore some of the best gardens to visit in the world then here we have created a whole list for you:

  • Lotusland: Montecito, California: The Lotusland estate is located in Santa Barbara and offers a 37-acre complex that combines tropical plants, cactus, succulents, and ferns worldwide. “Lotusland’s birth tale is as unusual as his survival,” writes Kendra Wilson, our contributor. “In the 1940’s Madame GannaWalska, a Polish opera diva with a lively love life and half a dozen Husbands extended an amalgam of two estates surrounding Spain’s Hacienda-style home. Finally, when she arrived in California, Walska focused entirely on constructing a theatrical garden at the recent end of her first profession and the departure of spouse number six. “
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden: Bangalore, India: The Lalbagh Botanical Garden dating back to the 18th century was formerly a private garden (and has been a government garden since 1856). The historical professor Ramachandra Guha, historian, and biographer who lives in Bangalore, explained: “Lots of huge shaded tropical trees and a magnificent antique glasshouse where Indira Gandhi divided the Congress Party in 1969.”
  • Peckerwood Garden: Hempstead, Texas: Peckerwood Garden conserves seven acres of rare and disappearing plants–many of them, throughout the last 30 years, have been plant-gathering exhibits carried out by architectural professor John G. Fairey from the high highlands of northern Mexico. Peckerwood is available to the public during regular days, an hour’s drive north of Houston. If you are searching for some of the best gardens in the world to visit with kids or family the this is the right choice.
  • Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Cape Town, South Africa: The Kirstenbosch has been one of the world’s most biodiversity planted gardens and a leading natural scientist kissing the Eastside of the Table Mountain (as a starting place for its climbers). The extensive property comprises unusual types of plants that have been grown since the beginning of the 1900s and almost endangered plants. Explore the ‘Boomslang’ treetop road from above or on the ground. Do not leave without viewing the magnificent sculpture garden that has Nelson Mandela’s breast and gorgeous, opal stone sculptures from Mambo.
  • Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal, Canada: The Botanical Garden of Montreal is located in the vast Parc du Maisonneuve, comprising part of the Museum District of Space for Life. The garden itself is home to ten greenhouses and thirty themed gardens and is a magnet for lovers of plants and specialists to gather together. The installation ‘Mosaiculture’ during the event also included huge triple plant constructions styled like animals. Edward Scissorhands, eat out your heart.
  • Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: This UNESCO heritage site is located just under the gigantic Jesus (Cristo Redentor) at the foot of the mountain Corcovado. In the heart of the city, the Jardim Botânico is an immersive rainforest experience with singes, palms, and over 140 unique bird species. While conservatories and restaurants are in use, only 40% of the plants here are grown, while the remaining land is covered by natural flora and organic mountain forest. Don’t miss collections of garden houses, including starving carnivores, bromeliads, and rare orchids.
  • Kew Gardens, London, England: There is nothing greater botanical than Kew Gardens, which has the world’s largest and most varied collections. The London Gardens opened in 1759 and formerly the Royalty Playground covers 130 hectares of sumptuous scenery, offering an excellent refuge from the capital’s rapid pace. Explore the Grand Bread Walk Borders of the Gardens, Temperate House, and Kew Palace, the smallest palace in the United Kingdom. Then go to the Treetop Walkway and enjoy a large view of the earth from 59 meters away.
  • Jardin Majorelle, Brazil: Located on a pristine boulevard in the north of the city, the characteristic blue, yellow and turquoise colors of this garden become all the more vivid. This was first the personal garden of Jacques Majorelle, the French painter, who bought it in the 20s and designed the garden for the sake of his lifetime. Sixty years later, Yves Saint-Laurent and his partner took over as the fashion designer. A set of unique cacti and over 15 North African bird species, it blends French cubism with traditional Moroccan architecture. Furthermore, the YSL personal collection of North African regional cloth and textiles with traditional Berber art may be shown in a stylish exhibition.
  • Fondation Monet: The founder of the garden of visual art inspired his renowned series. The pond, with its beautiful floral garden, was immortalized by the non-profit foundation, currently responsible for the grounds. Regardless of the art enthusiasts; this Jardin is an Instagrammer’s dream, due to every innovative plant, from peonies to cherry blossoms and tapestries. Although technically not a botanical garden, there is a beautiful Monet-shaped water garden influenced by Japan. Such a local flow – to the consternation of the local people – has been transmitted and wisteria plants produce a beautiful hazy environment.
  • Adelaide Botanic Garden, Adelaide, Australia: The Adelaide Botanic Garden might easily be referred to as an oasis in the center of the town, but this is truly what it is – an oasis covering 123 beautifully manicured acres. The heart of the gem is Palm House, a Victorian glasshouse that was renovated and imported from Bremen in 1875. Go indoors and a selection of Madagascan plants will welcome you, many of them endangered in their homes. But don’t forget to overeat the Conservatory, erected in 1989, which is the largest glasshouse in the Southern Hemisphere, with a single span.
  • Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, Tromso, Norway: The Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden is one of the most exceptional gardens in the world and captures nature under unfavorable circumstances. Discover luminous blossoms from rugged cliffs or hardy breeds of Chile’s flowering deserts – from May to October’s first snow. Given the impact of climate change on the ecosystem of the Arctic, there is no indication that such plants will blossom in the wild. Time for June when you can get a shocking riot of color from ‘Rhododendron Valley.’
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn, New York: Those looking for some peace from New York City’s hustle and bustle might do well to spend a couple of hours in this green paradise. There are hundreds of species of plants in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, covering more than 52 acres. Every spring the Sakura Matsuri Festival is held where crowds flourish along the Cherry Esplanade. More than 70 trees flower. Silent areas, such as the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, the first Japanese garden created in the United States, and Shakespeare Garden, are equally remarkable, as are the flora (such as primrose and crocs) referenced in the Bard writings.
  • Longwood Gardens: Located in the US, this magnificent garden features several small gardens within its elongated territory and covers a large area of greenhouses. It boasts more than 10000 different kinds of trees and plants. Here you will spot a meadow garden which is considered as a most unique attraction. Moreover, you will love a walk over the walking trails of more than 3 miles that will give you a glimpse of the extraordinary flora and fauna of Longwood Garden. No wonder, it is ranked amongst one of the top gardens in the world to visit all around the year.
  • Spring Gardens Keukenhof: If you ever get an opportunity to visit the Netherlands then you must add this fantastic garden to your itinerary. It is also recognized as a ‘Garden in Europe’ and listed in one of the biggest flower gardens in the world. Here you can enjoy several boat and bike tours while passing through the rich landscape of the garden. Moreover, you can enjoy mouth-watering cuisine at cafes and restaurants located within the territory of the garden.
  • Gardens of Versailles, France: It is designed by Andre Le Notre, a very distinguished landscape designer who has left no stone unturned to enhance its beauty and give it world recognition. The trees you see here are brought from different corners of the country thereby making it an absolute treat to watch.  Besides this, you can spot several ornamental lakes, flower beds and bird sanctuaries that have become key attractions amongst foreign tourists.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens: Situated at the outskirts of London, this fabulous botanical garden boasts about a territory of more than 300 acres. Here you can discover over 50,000 unique plant species that you will hardly see anywhere in the world. While taking a stroll through amazing trails of the garden, you will come across several fantastic sights including Japanese Gateway, Waterlily House, Kew Palace and Treetop Walkway. Furthermore, Queen’s Charlotte Cottage is there to give you a royal experience within the garden.
  • Butchart Gardens: Canada welcomes travelers to discover its diverse range of botanical gardens and Butchart Garden is one of them. It is also recognized as a historical site where you can spot more than 700 different plant varieties. It features several ponds, exotic flowering plants and theme gardens. Besides this, here you can spot several wildlife species including peacocks, parrots, butterflies and much more.

What’s next waiting for you?

The above list of top gardens to visit in the world will definitely add an element of spice to your journey. Most of the tourists prefer to add beaches, monuments, museums and adventure parks to their journey when they visit a specific country but they avoid visiting gardens. They are definitely one of the most underrated attractions in the world which every traveler should add to his expedition. If you are planning to visit some other popular places in the world then check our other travel guides.

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