Best Places to Visit in Perth

Perth is one of the most sought after travel destinations in Australia which is known for unique lifestyle, serene beaches, breathtaking climate and cordial people. Though you can consider visiting Perth all around the year, springtime is a perfect period to visit this magical city in Australia. Some of the special events organized at the time of festivals attract tourists in huge number here. If you are looking for best places to visit in Perth then here is a comprehensive travel guide on Perth:

Key Highlights of Perth

  • Kings Park:

If you want a real experience of paradise in Australia then come to Kings Park. Here you can enjoy everything from spectacular coastline to amazing skyline. The park features several cultural events and ceremonial functions that makes it one of the popular travel destinations in entire Australia. Here you can enjoy unique flora along with an opportunity to get extremely close to nature.

  • Aquarium of Western Australia:

If you want to enjoy marine life of Australia then come to Aquarium of Western Australia where you can experience best time of your life. Don’t forget to take an underwater tour and enjoy unique species of fishes along with coral life. It is a complete family destination where you will also get an opportunity to try adventurous water sports activities such as snorkeling.

  • Rottnest Island:

It is one of the famous weekend gateways where tourists gather in huge number. You can reach this fabulous destination via bicycle and ferry to make your journey convenient. Here you can enjoy incredible marine life, serene ambience, pristine bays and breathtaking scenery which you may have not seen before.

  • Penguin Island:

If you are planning to visit Antarctica then you don’t need to go too far as you can find out similar kind of settings in Penguin Island of Perth. The marine life and serene coastline offers you ideal opportunity to sit and relax. Here you can spot dedicated colony of Penguins which is also home to some other rare species such as plants and birds. It is one of the most famous picnic spots where you can plan vacation with your entire family. You can consider visiting this park at any time during year except June to September.

  • Adventure World:

If you are searching for a place in Australia where you can experience ultimate thrill of your life then come to Adventure world. Here you can enjoy several key rides along with sightseeing destinations to keep yourself busy throughout a day. The park also features several unique water rides which are an absolute treat for water sports lovers. Avoid visiting adventure world during winter season as it remains close during this period because of unsuitable weather conditions.

  • John Forrest National Park:

If you want to taste a real wilderness of Australia then come to John Forrest National Park. Here you can spot more than 90 different species of birds and several unique species of mammals. You can find lot of greenery in this park along with breathtaking waterfalls which add an element of spice to your journey. The park gives you an opportunity to get extremely close to nature by enjoying unique flora and fauna.

Australia is always considered as highly rated tourist country and credit goes to the cities like Perth that have preserved their natural jewels with lot of dedication. If you are planning to visit few more incredible cities of Australia then check out our travel guide on Sydney and Melbourne to make your journey memorable.

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