Travel Tips for Solo Traveler

Solo travelers get an outstanding flexibility in terms of destinations they prefer to visit. They can think about doing things which they couldn’t done while travelling with friends or family. When you travel solo you have a luxury of travelling with your own terms and there is no one to take decisions for you. If you are thinking about solo travel then here are some of the most effective tips that you should follow to make things easy for you:

  • Experience matters:

Before planning for a long itinerary, it is recommended to try a short solo travel in your nearby locality. This will allow you to know yourself very well and you can list down different kinds of problems you are going to face during your long journey. A solo journey of couple of days at a destination of your choice will teach you several lessons and you can use this entire experience during your extended tour.

  • Start your journey early in the day:

Travelling solo means you can wake up early and plan to cover maximum sightseeing locations during the day. You don’t need to wait for someone to get ready as you will be on your own. If you are planning to hire a cab then it is recommended to share it with somebody who is going to visit same location.  Or else you can opt for public transport. This will save you significant amount of transportation cost and you can also get familiar with local people.

  • Emergency contact numbers:

The problem with solo traveler is that there is no one to look after them in case of emergency. So it is highly recommended to keep emergency contact numbers of your friends or relatives with you. If possible try to find out contact details of somebody you know at the destination of your travel. This will allow you to seek assistance whenever you face any trouble.

  • Learn local language:

You are travelling solo means you are highly vulnerable to local thieves and cheaters who are always in search of foreign tourists who are travelling alone. So it is always advisable to learn few common sentences in local language which will leave impression on people around you that you are not a stranger and you are very much acquainted with the locality.

  • It’s time to taste your potential:

Being a solo traveler, you can think about going to any extreme to test your physical as well as mental stamina. You have to keep both your body and mind active as you have to figure out solution to problem on your own. It is also your chance to get rid of different phobias which may have been haunting you since long time.

A solo traveler has to be extra cautious and remain well prepared when compared with other travelers. This will help them to get best out of their journey. Following above mentioned tips will definitely help you to plan your itinerary very well and you can finish your solo journey successfully without facing any of the hiccups.

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